Hey beautiful people…

It is a BEAUTIFUL day no matter what time of the day you are reading this.

My goodness, picking right up from where I stopped yesterday…

Last night’s feed was a DIS=2DA=ASTER!!!

Lol. Hubby fed ElJohn ewedu and amala, and everywhere plus his cloths and the floor was full of amala and ewedu. I was too upset to take a pic.

I won’t let him feed next time cos I handwash and washing oil off cloths is HARDWORK.

Plus, hubby’s idea of something light for dinner was pancake and oats haha. Thank God I already had the batter in the fridge so all I had to was stir and fry.

Good thing both kids were asleep, and in their room so we had TIMEEEEE to ourselves, which is really something couples with young kids need to navigate. Sex with babies requires CREATIVITY lol and we had to talk about it at the last meeting I had with SAHMoms… housework is exhausting.

Ok on to today, I slept and woke at 5, besides the wakes to take Uncle KingDaveed to go pee. I couldn’t wake earlier cos my body no gree and my eyes were hurting. Woke this morning and the infection has spread and kept spreading, now steady tearing up, red, itchy and painful.

(Peek my half eye makeup lol)

Had to go get an ointment and drugs at the Pharmacy right after Cell meeting this evening. Plus, we also bought suya which was hubby and I’s dinner.

Ok back to morning. We woke,I made a smoothie for all

and hubs bathed the kids but we were late for second service, so we did third even though we got in while the second was on, but we had missed a lot. Hubby had a CELL LEADERS meeting. Church was DANG GOOD!!! Never Thought I would mean this when i say this but i ADORE Pastor Sam. Kai.

I didn’t finish my makeup though. The plan was to make up in church but I was on my second eyebrow when hubs rang me to come out and get ElJohn cos he had to leave. Well, thank God Daystar is so welcoming to all, including those with half eye makeup. Lol. Plus my hair kinda covered it.

Ok from church, we came back home, meanwhile we did church with Taxify cos Hubs said the car wasn’t firing as it usually would, so to be safe, we left it behind cos church is far and we didn’t want drama on the way. Ok we got home, quickly fed ElJohn. It was Apple and Carrot which we took to church but he didn’t eat cos he slept all through.

Afterwards, we quickly flew for ElJohn’s immunization, and then went for a dedication. The dude has a big neighborhood supermarket where I shop and his wife just birthed twins. It was a big party lol. I kept thinking of how much it must have cost, especially the plenty drinks that flowed haha. I had rice and meat and a bit of Chivita.

I hardly ever drink it but I thought to indulge. KingDaveed didn’t eat rice though and I wasn’t in the mood for fussing.

Came home to the match and lunch of pancakes for KingDaveed while Uncle ElJohn slept off as I backed him and I was sad that Croatia lost, and then we flew for cell meeting,

where I fed Uncle ElJohn his left over puree from lunch, but I added cereal (we do Nutribom cos it worked for KingDaveed and bonus points for it being CHEAP) after which we hit the supermarket cos I wanted to buy fries.

I hate packaged fries but I needed to make a compromise for this week cos it is FULL for me. Anyways, they cucu didn’t have, so I got a TON of cheeseballs, lol, then drove to the pharmacy, got the drugs, then suya which was RUBBISH kai, and came back home.

Dinner of moimoi for every one including hubby who said the dinner would be the suya ooooooooo. I didn’t have tho, but I think I will have cereal before I sleep.

I doubt I can wash cloths tonight which I prefer to do last thing at night, or even clean up the kitchen cos I AM EXHAUSTED and my eyes feel heavy and painful.

The Pharmacist insisted I slept off after I used the ointment and drugs and like hubby said, better to sleep well and then be fine later when I was protesting this stupid by force sleep eyedrop.

Ok I have a radio interview tomorrow morning to kick off a week PACKED with activities I just wanna faint… But God strengthens me.
You need to see my living room and kitchen as I go to bed… My sisters, I take pride in a clean kitchen but some battles you live to fight another day. My eyes actually hurt looking at the screen of my laptop. It is well.

Oh, I have to ring one friend on my mind tonight first before I sleep.

Good night mamis…

And hey, the flier is out for my Abuja meeting,

and I will do a proper blog Monday or Tuesday and then start to promote it. But feel free to share with SAHMoms you know in ABUJA!!!


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