So how has motherhood been?


That was one of the first questions Pastor M asked me when she visited. My answer made them laugh.

‘It feels surreal. Sometimes I feel like someone is going to come and take him from me, as though he is not mine. It is too good to be true…’

My whole world
My whole world

Hi guys, wazzops????!!! Eku fuel scarcity ooo.

I have never been political on this blog but please permit me to be just today.



Expectations are HIGH mehn!!! Praying we start feeling the dividends tangibly soon because me I know say Baba go perform. wpid-img_20150415_223809.jpgKai, I LOVE MY PRESIDENT. There is indeed something regal about this man!!!

Can’t wait for GEJ to handover abeg.

Ok now to motherhood and all…

I didn’t want my blog to morph into all ‘baby and mommy’ talk so I have deliberately stayed away BUT I didn’t realize that a lot of you would REALLY want to hear about it all, incuding my birth experience considering all the emails I been getting. Plus I loved Sisi Yemmie’s post on Pampers Baby vs Huggies Baby I even commented there for the first time.

So strike a balance, shall we? I would occasionally run a ‘MomE’ Diaries’ series at least once a month. As per blogging, at least twice a week a new post would be up.

I finally realized why I didn’t blog as much these days. Quite a few readers have become more than readers and are now a bit into my private virtual life (BBM, twitter, back and forth emails, etc) and the more I communicate with them, the more it feels like blogging. Make una no vex abeg.

Ok let’s just do small random gists plus pictures on Mommyhood beginning right from that debate on SisiYemmiedotcom.huggies-vs-pampersI KNEW Huggies was some kinda  class statement in Nigeria so I made up my mind say na Pampers diapers I go buy and Huggies wipes instead. Gave my personal shopper aka My sister my list and when my stuffs landed, I saw Huggies and in a bigger size than NB. Choi. So I enter market buy Nigerian Pampers size 2. It has been good so far. Very actually and thankfully all the size2 diaper gifts I got were Pampers and not Huggies so I can’t really say I have Huggies experience until my lil Royal is bigger. But I have the Pampers Premium care Size 3 so I am itching to try that to know if it is that much different from the regular Pampers being that it is much more pricey. Plus the Huggies which my sis keeps loading me with lol. KingDaveed must be a Huggies baby by force.

Away from both diapers now, a friend gifted me Kirkland. I think she got it from the UK. My goodness, I almost threw out all my Pampers.

My perfect diaper
My perfect diaper

Kirkland was PERFECT. Even when full, it feels very ‘together’ and dry. Infact tz as regal as SaiBaba. And you know my Booboo is Royalty itself. I absolutely LOVE IT so I would be looking for it for the future when all my Pampers and Huggies supplies have finished. Anyone know where I can get it in Naija?

So KingDaveed is a Kirkland Baby hehehe.

wpid-photogrid_1430135120467.jpgMoreover, diaper rash is not so much the diaper one uses as it is the sanitary conditions you allow around your baby’s ‘confidentials’. Change often, use a barrier cream eg Vaseline and from time to time, allow his/her confidentials some fresh air. You shouldn’t have diaper rash with these precautions, of course, this goes without saying that some of these relatively cheaper diapers are a mess after just one pee hence their proclivity to cause diaper rash unlike Pampers, Kirkland and Huggies which are the three I can vouch for.

with anty ify one of my readers
with anty ify one of my readers

Before we leave this Diaper business, KingDaveed is 11weeks Tuesday 26th, weighs 5.9kg as at my week 10 immunization and is still wearing the same diaper he wore at birth. It still fits perfectly. I know how much I read that they outgrow them in 4-6weeks. Max max 2months yet we don dey clock 3months and we still on it. I recall a friend then who I visited with at 3months plus telling me her baby still uses the same size since birth and I was shocked. I even thought she didn’t know what she was saying as my godson Dabira moved on from NB pretty fast

My bestie's baby
My bestie’s baby

So different strokes for different folks mamas…

As it is with sleeping through the night. KingDaveed mostly sleeps through the night so long as there is not a lot of noise. Such a blessing. I recall a FAB reader, Uju I think, saying how her baby used to sleep through the night and I wondered how possible that was till I had mine. Ah!!! So grateful for that. Even if he wakes, once I feed him, he sleeps right back almost immediately.


Priceless, maybe you should come and sow a seed so Nirel will be sleeping through the night ooo.

Maybe it also has something to do with Royalty too. You know how Kings don’t wanna be disturbed and all. My booboo is just living up to his name, title and all…

But when awake, KingDaveed DEMANDS royal attention too ooo.

kiddies vids
kiddies vids
Attention Master,,, With his cousin
Attention Master,,, With his cousin

Hmm. Infact, Full time job

attention with daddy
attention with daddy

After he takes his morning shower at 6/7am,he eats and goes right back to sleep till 12 on a good day and 2 on a very good day. And then the rest of the day, short or no naps. Just tons of attention required. grandma says sheni na we give am KING so he has to be treated as one lol


So anything I wanna do better be done then or I might as well forgerrit. Thank God for his swing. It gives me some daytime respite.

Speaking of respite, I love how I have absolutely no skin issues too. I don’t use any of all these Baby creams and all. Original natural coconut oil all the way. Infact, I found this man who I now buy from. The smell is divine. He delivers within Lag and I am sure he can find a way if you are outside Lag. Zoom into the picture to get his detailswpid-20150519_120757.jpg
1k for this bottle.
Ok I had more gist but gen is off and I dunno how long my inverter charged for so lemme insert pictures and go to bed biko… Praying this fuel matter ends tomorrow since Mdam Ngo say dem don setlle. It is well with Nigeria, AMEN


E and my lil Royal…



Looking for a house in Lagos. Not too sure of where exactly but if anyone has or knows any good agent, holler. Some place central on the main land but if anyone has a free house on the island, holler hehehe. I am also open to advice and all. Yup someone is moving to Lagos for some time. eziaha@eziaha.com please, Thanks


Have a couple of baby things to give away to someone who really needs it. So if you know someone, holler. Festac and environs would be best. Cloths and toiletries mostly.

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  1. Hmmmmmm, in fact I’m coming with my seed o, Even now Nirel is still awake & Ariel has joined his baby sis, chai….

  2. I was so glad when I got the notification for a new post. Really great that KingDaveed is behaving like a royal that he is.
    All my friends use huggies diaper and baby wipes never thought to know why they do though.
    Will definately contact the coconut oil dealer, I have been in search of it (original) for my hair. Thank you E’

    1. Pleaae contact him ooo

      Forgot to even add that bit about hair and coconut oil.
      Plenty ppl around me use huggies too ooo just wanted to rebel.
      Thanks for enjoying it hehehe. Was happy to write too

  3. Wow. Congrats again dearie. I’m one of those who anticipate you Mom’E diaries. Please lets do it more than once a month abeg. Lol. I thank God for your life dear. God bless your home.

    1. And here to stay
      Frankly didn’t think about the fact that ppl were looking forward to it.
      Now I know 🙂

    2. Ah and thanks for the compliment boo. Tryna get my hotness back cos pregnancy darkened me walahi talkless of all the weight

  4. look who’s back…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You son is uber cute, and u do look great trust me. seems u lost all d small preggy weight immediately. How r u?
    I know I’m one of ur blog followers that dint keep in touch…..beeen busy but no excuse. wanted to send u a mail last week sef…………..I still probably would.

    1. No I haven’t lost it ooo
      Just small sha. Still on the matter.
      Must get my kimk body
      Thanks hunnay.
      And yup ds blog missed ya

  5. KingDaveed is really looking Royal and of course fab. Can’t wait for service to be over so I can pay his royal highness a visit. He has a cute smile too just like his mum…

  6. soo happy to read from you again…wonder how many times i’ve checked for a new post an saw nothing….KingDaveed has rili added to ur beauty i must say…
    keep up the gud work….

  7. Mom’E !, Mama’E’ !! E’licious !!! So I am not alone in this wavering thought……lol
    The day I gave birth I didn’t sleep all through the night, peeping at the him, could this be truly mine……?, unbelievable !.
    On many occasions these thoughts always flash-in ‘What if the owner of this baby came today and take this baby’ while taking care of him. I guessed it was because I took care of plenty babies, from age 7 to undergraduate till….
    The day he clocked one year I told my sub-conscious mind ‘This baby is mine forever’
    Yeaaa KingDaveed doing things in kingly manner, who disturbs a king while he is asleep?
    Thank God he sleeps through the night. If you want to know how long a night was ASK a mother with a ‘‘sleepless’’ baby at night .
    Welldone Dearest Welcome to the World of Motherhood !

  8. Expecting my baby very soon,but sooooooooooo into coconut oil cos I use it for my hair and mix it with my mosturizer,am definitely gonna use it for my baby,den I also hear ori (sheabutter)is good to use to avoid bumbum rash.Kingdaveed is growing to be a fine man.Godbless

    1. Yes ori is amazing.
      Will introduce it when he turns 3months.
      Ori and coconut oil

      Pls share with me when ur baby comes.
      Praying you a safe and supernatural childbirth amen

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