Purpose, Seasons and a GIANTSLAYER TURNS ONE!!!

It was Wednesday, September 16, 2015 when I started noticing a tiny, almost negligible growth right on his lower inner left eye. Slowly but surely, it continued to grow till it was SO OBVIOUS. People would always ask ‘what happened to his eye?’ and everytime I would say NOTHING!!! Finally, I decided to take him to […]

MomE’ Diaries… Welcome to (my) Motherhood

So how has motherhood been? Hmm. That was one of the first questions Pastor M asked me when she visited. My answer made them laugh. ‘It feels surreal. Sometimes I feel like someone is going to come and take him from me, as though he is not mine. It is too good to be true…’ […]

Teaching us to say NO…

The grace of God has appeared to all men…teaching us to say NO… Titus 2: 11, 12 If I remember correctly, I was in 300level when this senior friend of ours gave birth and as expected, we were all itching to go visit and see the baby. Like a FABer said, babies bring out the […]