It was Wednesday, September 16, 2015 when I started noticing a tiny, almost negligible growth right on his lower inner left eye. Slowly but surely, it continued to grow till it was SO OBVIOUS.

crazy I don’t have a picture but this was how it was

People would always ask ‘what happened to his eye?’ and everytime I would say NOTHING!!! Finally, I decided to take him to the hospital and their diagnosis just annoyed me. There were too many big names thrown around and we were passed from doc to doc until we ended with TWO consultants and err, surgery would be the solution right after they had done tests on the growth to determine what kinda growth it was, and then we were finally referred to LUTH.

Wooooooh, I just carried my baby and went home. Tests ko, LUTH ni. That was when I decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Nobody is knocking my baby out with any general anaesthetic and putting him under the knife to take out this stupid growth that kept increasing. I decided it was time to WAR. EVERY DAY, MORNING AND NIGHT, I would anoint that growth and speak to it, cursing it and commanding it to shrink and die from its roots and NEVER to come back. I also laid the referral letter before God and declared that I would NEVER have to use it. I speak over it everytime and for a long time, I did not notice ANYTHING. NO REDUCTION, nothing!!! Because I was always checking it everytime and I noticed it was even increasing. I decided to STOP looking at it aside that anointing. A long time passed and then one day, I noticed it was going down. I didn’t stop my confessions and anointing for about five months and then one day, almost like magic, I noticed that the growth was COMPLETELY GONE!!! (You see why i say you should stay consistent in fighting?) Azzin, COMPLETELY. As I rejoiced, God told me

‘…don’t you know you have a GIANT SLAYER on your hands…I mean, we are talking GIANTS here so what’s a STUPID growth?…’


You see guys, mothering KingDaveed has brought me joy unspeakable but what I really wanna highlight is how God used this GIANT SLAYER to just propel me into PURPOSE!!!


I realised i was pregnant at the same time I started my job with the UN. I stopped work and had to relocate from Abuja for reasons connected to his birth. My goodness, I was one heck of a DEPRESSED and FRUSTRATED mama. Yes I LOVED being a mom but my goodness, I HATED the fact that I was giving up a career of my dreams and all my friends were just moving forward and here I was stuck with diapers and breast pumps. Look guys, it was HARD. I cried a whole lot. I look back today and I am soooooo thankful I had KingDaveed just came into my life and reroute me from living a life that was anything BUT His PERFECT WILL. Gosh, I am sooooo thankful that I do not even KNOW what to do!!! All those days I spent being NOTHING but a mom have been days that have defined my very life today.


All the things God taught and told me about my future, I WOULD NEVER KNOW IF I STILL HAD MY 8to5pm. I recall when I looked forward to going back to work and EVERYTIME it just felt like all I was seeing was God’s BACK!!! No peace, No word, nothing!!! The day I threw my will and desires out of the window, my Jesus began to speak. I began to thank God for my portion. I began to embrace the season I was in.


I began to truly enjoy being a mom, stress, meltdowns and all. I stopped all my silly comparisons with my friends in a career because I understood that what God had called them to was their business and not mine and if I chuck my nose in my purpose. I would realise I do not even have time to compare. I didn’t let any pressure from my people get to me, and there was a LOT!!!


But as KingDaveed was approaching his first birthday, I felt like God was trying to tell me something. It was fuzzy but I just knew He was set to just say something. As I prayed concerning the photoshoot I wanted to do, God told me to capture my everyday life with KingDaveed in the pictures. I was so excited about the idea and I recall sharing with my bestie Booski and she just couldn’t wait for the pictures.

That frame was a gift from Booski. LOVEEET
That frame was a gift from Booski. LOVEEET

You need to understand that for the better part of KingDaveed’s first year, it had just been BOTH OF US. We had wayyyyyy too much memories together and God wanted me to make the shoot about it.

Yup, he went EVERYWHERE with me
Yup, he went EVERYWHERE with me

And right in the middle of the shoot, God told me

Eziaha, it is time for you to move to the NEXT SEASON OF YOUR LIFE…


If I tell you I didn’t understand what God meant, I lie!!! But even then, what I knew was little and so over the next couple of weeks, God started to REALLY explain SEASONS to me, how what I thought was merely a ‘low output season’ for me was actually a HUGE part of His PERFECT PLAN. That time when my whole life was consumed with this little human here, He was in it.


Can I just take a moment to really appreciate two of my besties who would LISTEN to me as I exhausted their credit time after time just running them through what God has told me and gosh these girls would listen, make sense of it all for me, tell me how much I was ABLE to do ALL that He had told me to do. Valerie and Dumebi, you girls are ROCKSTARS!!! And I do mean ROCKS and STARS. I can’t even begin to deserve you girls. Nah!!!

And just to make sure I had the time to pursue all that He called me to do, He sent me a homehelp literally from heaven.

My lil chef

(Almost) All my routines with KingDaveed, she took over. I can wake up and just go sit before God downloading for the first 6hours of my day knowing that she got KingDaveed covered.

My prayer and prayer room partner

I can pull allnighters studying and fleshing up the business ideas God has given because I didn’t have an exhausting day. I could actually reach more ladies as God brought them to me because I didn’t have to be consumed with KingDaveed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still spend an awful lot of time with KingDaveed

somedays, we just don't wanna smile
somedays, we just don’t wanna smile

but God had to teach me that it was OK to leave him with her and work for my new season because He was watching over him/them. Diaper changing, bathing, washing, feeding (aside breastfeeding which I intend to carry on till he is at least 1yr and half, just incase you are wondering), rocking to sleep, etc, Nkechi handles it all and that’s because God has moved me from that season. I occasionally slide in and do some of these but it is now Nkechi’s to handle.


Sometimes I wonder the direction my life would have taken if I didn’t conceive at the time I did. Would my roots have gone as deep as they are now? Would I have started my own businesses? Would I have been hearing God as I do now? Would I be working on the things I am working on now? Would I still be stuck in a season that was less than His PERFECT WILL? Would I be frustrated or nah?

Look, I am so thankful for KingDaveed for all the above and more.

My church buddy
My church buddy

KingDaveed also made me LEARN FIRSTHAND what it meant to have compassion for people with kids. Look, I am ashamed to say that I was that chick who if I was in a bus, especially when I was in school, going from Lag to Ibadan for example, I would AVOID any row that had any baby or child. I just didn’t care for children, especially if they DARED to not be still. And then there were days I would have to take a bus with KingDaveed because I really couldn’t afford to take a cab and it would HIT me!!! Imagine someone doing that to KingDaveed???

African mama


I went with KingDaveed to the market everytime when I was alone and I recalled how I wasn’t exactly nice to women who were backing their kids and carrying two or three market bags. I walked in those shoes and I LEARNED compassion. Now, I am constantly looking out for that woman who I can help in what little way or the other. I have become that chick who would quickly strike off something from my shopping list so I could be a blessing financially to some mama who REALLY needs it. I literally enter the market looking for ONE mom to help in whatever way I can. It made me soooooo thankful for what I had especially when I start to even remotely complain, because my eyes were opened to women who could BARELY even feed their kids. I mean, God used KingDaveed to give me a real perspective check.


Back to the giant slaying story. When God told me that, it stirred something in me. It stirred a GIANT in me too. I knew I couldn’t afford to stay slacking as I mother this boy. My A-game has to be on fleek, spiritually.

You best believe this boy will LOVE JESUS like crazy!!!
You best believe this boy will LOVE JESUS like crazy!!!

I had to grow. QUICKLY!!! As the last born myself, God had to teach me to make my decisions concerning MY SON as HE LED ME and not let ANYONE ELSE’s opinion affect me, NO MATTER WHO. It meant I had to really download from heaven concerning XYZ before my mom’s opinion came in and I had to learn how to put my feet down on my decisions.

TheBIBLE had to be my GUIDE
TheBIBLE had to be my GUIDE

Azzin, I say my NO and MEAN IT!!! Being a mom to this GIANT SLAYER just matured me quickly. I had a destiny in my hand, literally and I am determined to raise him truly in the way of God and not according to the world. I have to keep firing prayers into his NOW and his FUTURE. I couldn’t afford to slack.

BIO goals haha
BIO goals haha

I feel like a truly different Eziaha. The old Eziaha went the moment I became a mom. God had to use Him to re-route my life and place me on the right track. I feel like an EZIAHA on PURPOSE!!!

Purpose, right in the middle of the 'ordinary' like cooking
Purpose, right in the middle of the ‘ordinary’ like cooking

Just bang in the middle of all that God has called me to do and be. I truly feel like I can take down the GIANTS that await in this new season of my life. I truly wanna lead a Proverbs 31 life. I feel really privileged to mother this GIANT SLAYER and by God, I would not trade any of my seasons, past, present and future, for ANYTHING!!!


Gosh, I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I cannot wait to look back at these pictures next year as KingDaveed turns TWO and see just how far God has brought me from this season now and maybe, just maybe He may be ready to take me to the next season of my life. I know God, He moves on fastforward especially with me and so I have to RUN, literally AFTER what God has called me to do.


No time baby, no time!!!

And hey, I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to Olaedo. Without doubt, she has been the BIGGEST MOMMY INFLUENCE in my life. She has taught me sooooooo many things both by words and by actions. And to think I met her off my blog. I am just thankful she obeyed the prompt to send me an email. She has held my hand through my pregnant days to when KingDaveed was born and afterwards. She has taken me in and just poured into me. I haven’t seen anyone mother like Ola. Her kids are just BEAUTIFUL and no I don’t mean only physically.

Ola has ALL our pictures and doesn't wanna send to me...
Ola has ALL our pictures and doesn’t wanna send to me…

I am just excited at all that they will grow to be because Ola is a SUPER SOUND GODLY mama. Ola, you are an absolute treasure!!! I love you with all of my heart. Thank you soooooooooo much darling. Thank you.

And this will all make sense later but I am grateful first to mama for bringing DDK for Warrior In Heels.


Two different people had told me about DDK and how we have A LOT in common and so I go look for her on Twitter and her bio interested me. Anyways, I didn’t know what to expect but as DDK opened her mouth to give the WORD, I knew EXACTLY why my spirit had been soooooo excited about her and the program. She’s my new best friend now (she doesn’t know yet but soooooooon) and I am amazed as to how often I now say ‘…like DDK said…’ haha.

Just like Dee… lol

DDK is sooooooo vital for this season I am in now and mehn… DDK answered almost EVERY question I had, it was surreal. I have truly never had a moment of listening to someone where I am at the edge of my seat, leaning in as far as possible and cupping my palm in my chin. img_20160408_040736.jpg

I have NEVER had that posture listening to anyone. It was like DDK was talking to ME!!! The connection I felt with DDK was CRAZY!!! She talked about Seasons, Apostles in the marketplace, commonizing the ‘ordinary’. She talked about some of the stuff I had blogged about in recent times but still, they HIT me.  In fact let me not talk too much. But if you ever have an opportunity to hear DDK minister, RUN THERE!!!

Lemme end with a funny story. About KingDaveed. There was this one time we came in from church and I told my help to snap me just before we entered my home but KingDaveed kept making her shake so I took him in and closed the door. Soon I stopped hearing his movement behind the door but I didn’t bother. After our snapping, we came in and guess what Bro KingDaveed was doing? He had gone to my fridge, which he had recently learnt to open, brought out my tomatoes which were in the lower compartment of the door, and pressed all of them.

My fridge scatterer
My fridge scatterer

Hahaha. It was soooooo funny. Ah children. Silence is very very suspicious.

And this is me side-eyeing that chick who recently gave KingDaveed some money and on the envelop wrote ‘Bro KingDaveed’ I couldn’t believe it. I laughed sooooo hard. Haha. Crazy you!!!

Motherhood is an amazing amazing gift straight from heaven.


My bestie just popped out baby number 2


and I told her that she better name him Jonathan because frankly, I think she may have just birthed my baby’s covenant ‘Jonathan’.


I can NOT wait for more and more babies from my friends especially those with whom I am in faith. Just get ready to have your life changed FOREVER if You let Him be GOD even in your parenting.

My workout interferer lol
My workout interferer lol

This post took a different turn than I thought it would. But I am happy it did. Looking forward to re-reading it when KingDaveed turns two and being just FLAT OUT AMAZED by GOD!!! AMEN…






Loved meeting everyone from my blog at Warrior in Heels.

Dee and Glow
Dee and Glow

I was amazed at how many of you came.

Eujay came with her bump!!! WOW!!!
Eujay came with her bump!!! WOW!!!


Finally met Ezi. She came from Anambra
Finally met Ezi. She came from Anambra

Cant wait for all the exploits God will do through us all. amen!!!


I tweet a lot these days. Follow me there @eziahaA so we can stay connected. At least that way you know i am still alive even when i do not blog. lol. And Facebook too. Eziaha Ajaero. Email eziaha@eziaha.com and IG eziaha


Someborry tell my hubby to learn this our pose quickly ooooo


Then I love this picture too. Just look at that transformation


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  1. These days I find myself saying “God sha…” A lot but when u look over your life how won’t u just be amazed? I know the feeling….Motherhood quartered me. I listen more for God in everything now. It’s a humbling assignment.

    Well done darling. I see ur growth.

    1. Not even halved, quartered!!! It ‘reduces’ us to wholeness. What a privilege…

      Ah mama who won’t grow when they have you on their side…dishing out the ntoi sometimes ???(not the kind we reserve for satan ooo) but ultimately nurturing and pampering us to become the kinda woman (person) Jesus is proud of. Thank you so much mama.

  2. My first ever comment after reading almost all your posts since i first found your amazing blog.
    I love how you make me look forward to great things both as a woman, wife and mother (all soon to be).
    God bless you and your family richly.
    I’m really looking forward to meeting you.
    Love Eby
    See how great people’s names start with an ‘E.

  3. Exploded spiritually and shrunk physically. Sounds like the best exchange to me. Congratulations, mama. We await to cheer you on and learn while at it.

  4. Inspiring as always. I love love love reading from u. I became a first time mom like 2wks after u and each time I read ur posts it seems like you’re talking right at me! Thanks for being such a blessing, u mentor me even without knowing it.

      1. Yes ooo, uncle KingDaveed, has a nice ring to it, lol. U’re doin a great job wit him, he’ll turn out to be a powerhouse like his momma. God bless u

  5. It’s great reading ur blog. Great job. Am a stay at home mom for now, to two wonderful kids. I know how it gets. I won’t say I love it because I don’t have ANY help but I try to enjoy each moment. I read ur blog often. I don’t comment but I thought. …today, I should tell u what an amazing writer you are. Nice connecting with you.

  6. I honestly thank God for your life. I thank God that you allowed him to work with you at his own pace. Most of us get frustrated cause we want things done at our time. We want what we want and that’s it! Lool. We forget God is the master planner, he has his way of doing things. At times, we directly or indirectly fight against our own destiny. We desire for something so strongly that we can’t even hear God telling us it’s not our way. There is nothing as beautiful as allowing God to take control. We never can go wrong with him. We all have our struggles, we have what we deal with or what we are trying to leave behind. May God give us the grace to completely surrender to him in Jesus name!
    Plus I have to add, king David is all shades of awesome! May God continually bless him and use him greatly!

  7. Haha God is bringing yawl out haha
    Eby I am looking forward to meeting you too. Let’s believe God for that.
    And yes to great people. E and K sha. Haha

  8. Awww boo
    Do you wanna email me let’s connect. we need to do something about this help matteroooo. I can even drag some of my babies and we can come and babysit for you for one day. Or Three. Oya holler. Do you live in Lagos?

  9. Finally this post is up!. And when I thought I was just going to have a great time swooning over the photoshoot pictures, I get ministered to through what you wrote about seasons and purpose!!.. Double the joy!.
    You are such a blessing.. You give me mummy goals. Hahaha. Seriously. You do…
    Have a great day.

    Oh, PS:..
    Your love for pictures reminds me of me.?
    I can’t wait to meet you.❤❤ We could have a picture taking party.??

    1. Picture taking party??? I’m innnnnnn!!!!!!!!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

      Haha at mummy goals. Thank God for that love.

      I love you darling

  10. God bless u more eziaha. I always look forward to reading your post. Continue to be a blessing dear. Can you please blog more frequently.plsssssssss

  11. Yippppeeeeee! See us standing close to our God-mother and name sake.
    She was just leaping for joy and making unusual movement throughout the program… especially during worship.
    Chai. ! ! ! DCC can worship God ! ! ! ! !

    Thank God I didn’t miss the program, was worried a while ago, won’t we attend DCC #JustUsGirlsNaija before I ‘pop’, and God did it, #WarriorInHeels came up for us.
    Soo happy to be there and seeing you there so amazing. . . . .

    KingDaveed the GiantSlayer …. sure will love, fear God and scare devil of his territory.
    Nice job you are doing.
    Motherhood is a heavenly and divine.
    Faithful E’ ! you kicked devil’s butt on that eye issue…..
    Thank God for faithful mum’s like you, impacting on us all.

    Your transformation…. ! ! !
    Kim K’ is just a learner, achieving this look without capsule or going under knife…

    Well done dear.! ! !

    1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I have a God daughter and namesake in oneeeee!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I am going to ring you and have a screaming fest!!!
      And yup DCC can worship Good Lord!!!

      Thanks Eujay darling. We are glad you got the opp to worship before Eziaha makes her grand entrance. We are counting down. I can’t waitttttt to meet her!!!

  12. Truth is I can honestly perceive from my spirit what the next phase would be. I could literally feel God’s presence as I read this post and an erupting joy from my spirit. Am glad u have found purpose Eziaha, there is nothing as beautiful as being on God’s will, u find peace and fulfilment. Congrats love, go and be what u are called to be and enjoy the ride to the fullest. It’s well with you and kingDaveed.

    Hugs sis.

  13. Wow. This post was such a lovely read. I am in awe of your devotion to living a purposeful life. You remain an inspiration and a great example to us all.
    Your hubby aka Akum is blessed to have you as his wife. KingDaveed is also blessed to have a devoted mother as you.

    May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.
    Well done dear.

    PS – Pls join snapchat so we can see more of you and Kingdaveed,lol.

    1. Oh I thought that was for Periscope??? Lol. Nne I am already at my limit with Twitter and fb lol
      Thanks boo. Thanks for the kind words. Thank God

  14. Reading the part about me, I almost teared up at all you had to say, till I got to the part where I have all your pictures and burst into laughter. I remember them almost everyday and I will send them… I promise :*
    You know, like I’ve told you before, I’m super glad I chose to obey when He said to reach out to you and now, I see why. I know, with all certainty too, that we haven’t yet witnessed the best parts of that story.
    You are a wonderful human being, super passionate about all the things that matter and as effusive as your hugs, lol.
    I love you, my darling and I’m glad you’re part of my family.
    I could actually picture you with your hands on your chin, while listening to DDK… you love to learn and you have a very teachable spirit. That’s always a delight.

    1. We. Are. Family!!!
      Yay!!! Hope my name is in the will. I want the XX with a quotation lol

      Awwwwwwww. I love the teachable spirit. I pray to keep it.

      My pictures ooo

      1. Hahaha. Nne, i nwekwa anya ukwu. That XX, eh… I’m holding on to reaaalllll tight. One teeny weeny corner reserved for you anytime, though.

  15. Your life and ministry is so inspiring. I was just discussing with my hubby this morning of how we have lost the simple beautiful values of life, especially motherhood and how it directly impacts the next generation. Well done. Will follow you closely

  16. Wow…You know seeing this transformation gives me so much joy…at least between 2010 and now? You have grown into this amazing and strong woman…reading this brought me close to tears cos I know a lot of we aspiring mothers are learning the joy of parenting in the right way.
    Eziaha God bless you so much for inspiring generations.
    God bless KingDaveed; my birthday mate…hahahaha waiting earnestly to meet u one day…

    1. Lol see Hope speaking like someone who is an aunty lol.
      God bless you too darling and wow he’s your birthday mate. Awesome

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