#MomE’Diaries… The 6month old journey so far

Mo ri re Mo ri re …. O SEMILOORE, Morire gba (abi what do they sing lol) Praaaaaaaiisssssse Master Jisos!!! Hallelujah!!! Call: Amem!!! Response: Amem!!! Umu Chineke, I just wanna thank Olisa bi n’eluigwe for the life of MY SON KingDaveed Oluwasemilore Somotochukwu Bolaji-Olojo who I gave birth to on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 has […]

MomE’ Diaries… Welcome to (my) Motherhood

So how has motherhood been? Hmm. That was one of the first questions Pastor M asked me when she visited. My answer made them laugh. ‘It feels surreal. Sometimes I feel like someone is going to come and take him from me, as though he is not mine. It is too good to be true…’ […]

Teaching us to say NO…

The grace of God has appeared to all men…teaching us to say NO… Titus 2: 11, 12 If I remember correctly, I was in 300level when this senior friend of ours gave birth and as expected, we were all itching to go visit and see the baby. Like a FABer said, babies bring out the […]

RandomlE' gistin'…

Hiyaaaaa people… Choi. Some of you have no chill at all. Stalking me all over to blog. Doncha know ayam preggers? Loooool But seriously though, I apologise for going AWOL. Stuff been happening and blogging took a back seat. Anyways here am I now so let’s get to gisting shall we? Happy Sunday everyone. So […]

#PreggE' Diaries… UNEVENTFUL!!!

Uneventful… That was what my medical report read from my Obgyn. Infact my medical records and then my fit2fly too as questions were being asked sometimes when I had to fly just to ensure I was not a flight (medical) risk. I thought it was something to be real grateful for. An UNEVENTFUL PREGNANCY… I […]

PreggE' series 1… On finding the PURRFECT antenatal hospital

                      Finally… Lol Been a long time coming but frankly, I think I’m starting at the right time with the right story. Was gonna kick the series off with a story on finding out I was preggers but let’s save that for later… Ok this […]