That was what my medical report read from my Obgyn.

Fit to Fly

Infact my medical records and then my fit2fly too as questions were being asked sometimes when I had to fly just to ensure I was not a flight (medical) risk.

Something i had to fill with Aero many weeks back

I thought it was something to be real grateful for.


I mean, every single time I had a medical appointment, it was DRY lol.
My obgyn and I just dey gist about my work and all… Cos I never really had complaints plus all my test results always came back perfect, my weight gain was steady, my scan was always perfection, and so on. Infact, my obgyñ says a lot of PERFECT during our sessions.


Like I said, I have learnt to be absolutely grateful. For an uneventful pregnancy.

However, I have had some personal changes that have been very very VERY eventful. My goodness.

My boss said energy levels usually peaks with third trimester. At least it did with her. She was so energetic and stuff. But other trimesters, she was somewhat lethargic.

For me, my first and second trimesters were absolutely fantastic. My energy was high and several times it got easy to forget that I am even pregnant and wanna do some stuff. Even when my tummy started to show, it still didn’t make me ‘feel pregnant’.


I never had sleep issues, always slept like a baby even when the sleep conditions were far from perfect. I don’t don’t think I had so much of that amazing pregnancy glow, I was just the normal Eziaha. Pregnancy was super fun.

Enter trimester 3, my energy levels started to wane. For someone who is very zesty and effervescent, don’t even get me started on how terrible it felt to get really lazy and tired at all most times. As if somehow my mind/spirit was prepping me for what was coming, I had cut off a ton of activities once I entered December. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have even been able to keep up. Most nights, I would be absolutely LUCKY to have 4hours of sleep. Sometimes, I would get no more than 2hours. I had to laugh out loud when the midwife in my ANC said pregnant women are advised to have at least 8hours of sleep at night and then where possible, two hours during the day. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Dem dey tif am? Toothache wasn’t even helping matters. It is aggravated at night when you lie down so while I am supposed to lie down and just be still praying for sleep, the pain gets me up, then add the fact that I have to pee like thrice every hour and then you know that getting sleep became a real prayer point. Azzin I had to add it to my Shiloh requests oooo. Infact, I don’t stop praying about it. Several nights I am frustrated to tears.


And it gets worse when I see my darling hubby sleeping and snoring beside me.


But like he asked me today, ‘…What else can I do? If i can buy sleep for you even if i have to take a bank loan, i sure will…’ Hehehe

Some nights, I just start laughing. Cos it seems unbelievable. I mean, sleep? Ordinary sleep? Shouldn’t being pregnant be an opportunity to sleep very well at night and into the morning without guilt?


I recall getting in from crossover service at to 1 and was ready to sleep at say 1am. Omo, daz how sleep and toothache no gree until my hubs who stayed for the all night service returned at past 5 and then prayed for an anointed me. Daz how I managed to sleep ooo. And that was about 5.30am. Before then, i had bawled my eyes out lol cos at some point, i was very sleepy but the pain in my tooth didn’t let me be.

Like last night, I slept at 11pm miraculously ooo, and by 2am, my eyes started shining, tooth aching and then every 10mins bathroom breaks. I stayed awake till 5.30am and managed to sleep and woke again at 7 cos church is 7.30am. Walahi I was so groggy I was about to pray and stay home but first Sunday of the year? Missed it last year cos I was sick, wasn’t about to do so this year biko. My eyes were swollen to church. I was T.I.R.E.D. Thankfully, the communion today was for strength…

Sometimes when the sleep no gree, I put on light, and turn on the TV to see a movie or start playing Zuma or Solitaire abeg

But seriously, this holiday ehn, hmmmm, my eye see sontin ooo Loooool Loooool. Super super grateful for those days when I could catch some sleep in the morning. Most days I couldn’t so the days I could, I am just grateful especially for the fact that hubby would just arrange brekkie for himself without disturbing me.

While I do agree that pregnancy and all the work your body is going through can tire you out, mine got aggravated with my lack of sleep. there are days I have felt that my body is not mine… Crazy changes that just left me speechless. I wish I could pay someone to massage me thrice a day especially my feet and legs which sometimes were puffy, restless and painful. Especially RESTLESS. Tz actually called Restless Leg Syndrome. Thank God for the days hubby massages ooo. Elevating my feet helped a lot too.

Oh and the peeing… Ah!!! There was a time I even decided to stop any liquid from 9pm hoping I won’t have to go pee. Whosai!!!! The difference wasn’t much. I don’t even think it was this serious in first trimester. Some nights I go over 6times. Choi!!! If I could sleep in the toilet, I will ooo. They actually advice you to lean forward while you pee to ensure you fully empty your bladder but that thing doesn’t work ra ra. At least for me. Sometimes, two minutes later, I need to go again despite leaning forward so much. Hubs says he will drill a hole in the bed so I can be peeing into it. Loooool. That also makes me not wanna go out much. Cos I don’t want to be going to the toilet every second in a strange place biko. And that was my number onemk excuse when hubby, the absolute comedy lover, suggested we go for Nite of a thousand laffs. Omo, I no gree ooo but later I recalled one of my Pastor M’s post where she said she doesn’t exactly dig the kinda movies PK likes but goes with him to the cinema anyways. So I decided that I didn’t wanna be a bad daughter or wifey and I followed him.

Off to Nite of a thousand laffs

Thank God I did. I had a real blast. We sat close to the restroom so it was easy for me to go when I had to.

Pregnancy really does bring changes ooo. I hope to share more changes.
Physically and internally. Mine especially in trimester 3. No pregnancy is same, truly. But it really is a blessing, especially if your baby, like mine doesn’t stop kicking lol. Tz amazing to feel those kicks walahi.

Another thing that makes me super happy through some of these events has to be baby shopping. Haven’t entered market yet so all of it has been online, then a few persons have shopped for me and sent me pictures.

Titi says my baby will def know days of the week lol

Looking at the pictures make me so happy.

Soooo cute...

Awwwwwwwwn. And then I am super happy too when someone offers to buy my baby a gift. That is so sweet walahi. I didn’t even know people did that. I certainly have to do same for my future preggy friends. Not even baby shower but some people just asking if the can buy this or that and checking to be sure you haven’t bought it yet. Cool yeah?

Pregnancy and of course a baby is such a gift. I focus on that rather than the ‘events’ lol.

Moreover, none of these events have threatened anything or landed me in the hospital. Oh well, the toothache is landing me in the dental clinic cos I can’t deal. Was scared at first to lose blood as I wasn’t sure how safe it was but I have an all clear this trimester so the errant tooth is going off and frankly, aduncurrrrr….


But really, I didn’t say all this to whine or make this journey seem hard. Heavens forbid!!! I have heard and read some real unpleasant pregnancy stories so I certainly I’m very grateful for all these events… I’m just sharing my experience because I never hesperredit… And of course, yours can/may be a pregnancy filled with long nights of sleep… AMEN!!!

Like I said, every pregnancy is different. And after you pop, a lot of stuff would return to normal (with some discipline). I hear there are plenty nursing nights in my future as a new mom so I just wish I’m sleeping all I can now.

Anyhoosssss, that’s my really cool story. Also explains my AWOL on this blog… Partly.

Been thinking though, I should do a post on pregnancy etiquettes. Some people are just sooooo rude dang!!!


Frankly, I don’t recall ever saying anything even remotely derogatory to anyone pregnant around me before. Not even if I think she has added a ton. Infact I always think pregnant women are beautiful. But some people just open their mouths and spit out the first thing that emanates from their buttocks. And tz not an African or Nigerian thing, my Birthclub on Baby Centre that has more UK and US moms also complain of same. Haba!!!
Hunnay, if it aint complimentary, SHOVE IT!!!
I’ll be back with that…

Until then, before someone accuses me of being uncaring, Happy New Year darlings.


May GOOD THINGS continue to hit us all year round and may we all experience heaven on earth realities, Amen




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  1. I totally enjoyed reading this post and I wished it didn’t end. Had to go and read again. You will look back and cherish this experience. You will forget all the sleepless nights once you see your baby. I was all smiles as I read. Thanks for sharing. From MAMA to Mummy. The joy of every woman and gift to every home. Miss you.

  2. Awwwwwn…..keep on glowing my Darling mentor. You look absolutely fabulous in that picture. Plus, dnt spread that top (abi na gown) outside o, someone is eyeing it. Happy New year!

  3. Gwadddddddddd. I began sweating when I started reading about your losing sleep…me that like sleep like no man’s business. Haaaaaaaa, hyperventilation cinconvenience snow Whatttttt? Toothache kwa? Is dt a preggy symptom or is it chocolate causing ur own.
    Let’s not even go to d weewee part. I HATE when I hv to get up at night to wee. Heyyyyyyyyyyy.
    Well, the joys of motherhood compensates for d inconveniences, yeah?
    I cant wait.
    Meanwhile, u r lips r preggyluciousoooooo. I likey. They pouted well and appear like Angelina Jolie’s.
    I cant wait to carry baby #whoopwhoop#

    I like d drilling a hole in d bed idea by BJ. Very innovative. Lemme go and tell Tony. He shld get ready.

    1. Looooooooooool Booski. You are still all shades of crazy in this new year abi?
      And that Jolie comparison, I’m def keeping it. Hehehehe
      And me can’t wait for your own experiences ooo. You will so feature on this blog. Hehehe.
      Good luck to you and Tony and all the drilling.

  4. Laffs @ “whosaiii”… hahahahhaaha
    Dnt worry Mama, its only buh for a moment….. soon it’ll b ” omugwo tins”(hope I got d spellings ryt) and den u can slip for hoursssss…..
    I alwayz enjoy ur posts…

  5. Happy new year Eziaha! He crowns your year with GOODNESS and your paths drip with fatness.
    Give baby a kick for me, will you? Hehehe…and hubby a wave. Tell him God is watching him and all those “bright ideas” he’s got.

    God be with you ma’am.

  6. Happy New year and thank God for an uneventful pregnancy so far..
    Even for the eventful deal, we thank God, else there would be no amazing stories to tell us and even the baby when he/she is born… my mom’s stories still make me smile.
    God bless you and all yours bigly

  7. Happy New Year to three abi four of you !
    Sorry for the tooth ache, God is your painkiller and your strength.
    At times when I want to sleep that ‘s when the baby will choose to somersault, then I will be awake watching my tummy jyrate. *not easy
    Nne you look fabulously beautiful.
    Safest and Quickest popping #cant wait to see the little curie face here……. Hehehe.

    1. Uju mehn!!! So you too are baking a bun? Safe and quick poppin to you too hun. Hebrew women styleeeeeee.
      Lemme send u a mail.
      Lol at watching tummy jyrate. Middle of the night I no dey watch am ooo. I am usually too groggy to.
      Tz well sha

      1. No E’ dear, that was when I was preggy for my second son almost four year back, that boy can disturb for night when he was in the tummy.
        Amazingly he slept through the night after delivery, “na you go wake am self breastfeed am, i no send you”.

    1. Lol
      Looks like you have had a baby already Nkem. Must have missed it. Congrats sis. Can’t wait to be ‘reminiscent’ too. At least until we decide to go again…

  8. Lovely post. I can so relate. I was always hot and won’t be able to sleep. Hubs would be shivering under d duvet and I’ll just shake my head. I couldn’t wait to pop the baby so I could sleep. Baby came and d sleep didn’t improve cos, she wakes like 3times before dawn to feed. But, d joy I feel everytime I hold her is overwhelming! Mum says d waking at night would reduce.
    Safe delivery to you dear!

    1. Awwwwwwww the joy of holding her.
      Kent wait mehn
      Funny heat has never been a problem for me sha
      Just this cursed toothache
      And yup EEZ painful when hubby is sleeping wella beside u. Kai

  9. My favourite blogger! Yay! I’m so glad to read another of your blogposts. Hawt mama! Thank God for your PreggiE’ journey! He’s been faithful. Drilling a hole through the bed though and buying sleep! Hahaah. Mr. Olojo is too funny! And Yep, King D will definitely know the days of the week o. #EarlyEducation! Keep glowing dearie and continue enjoying your stress less pregnancy. Loads of love!

  10. Happy New Year Fab E’!!!! I join you in thanking God for an uneventful pregnancy. Yay for destroying gbogbo pregnancy myths people like carrying about!

    Can’t wait to hear about the silly things people say to pregnant women.

    Meanwhile, don’t get me started on this toothache marra. At least you didn’t have to fly with the pain, chei, multipliedpain.com. After plenty drilling and injections, I feel muuuuuush berra.

    1. Funny my pain peaks only at night so through all my flying, no pain.
      I imagine it probably gets worse at an altitude.

      Looking forward to feelin mush Berra biko

  11. Nne, you just scared the shit out of me with the toothache part. I have a very low pain threshold. I have a hole (cavity) in a tooth and it’s been aching since December. Been taking analgesics just because I was told that the tooth would have to be injected before refilling. The fear of injection on my gum (tooth, whatever!) has made me not go back to the Dentist’s. My dad has extracted 10 teeth or even more. You see why this babe is scared? Lord of Mercy! And I clearly remember the last tooth you extracted before now. I couldn’t read that blog post twice. Kai!
    The Lord is your strength sha.

    1. Pele dear. Toothache no be here.
      I don’t even bother with paracetamol. I don’t want to get addicted plus it hardly relieves and I can’t take a higher analgesic so I just deal jeje.
      And yup u just reminded me of the last tooth. He he he. This one though is closer to the lip so it will be easy to extract. Frankly I am not scared. The max two days of pain post extraction is certainly more welcome than the one I have been dealing with

  12. Happy new year dear. Reading your entire post, I wish I could physically offer some help. Just count down in gladness inugo?
    Talking about sleepless nights in the future…it’s not always the case dear. I remember after having my baby and my mum had a coinciding conference and couldn’t come till after a month, hubby and I managed alone, with my aunty coming to bathe baby but she never slept over. One good thing I remembered was the advice grandma gave to my aunty: feed baby late at night as the last thing after bathing and changing, never stop her from feeding; let her stop when she’s full. At times she fed for up to an hour but she started having 6 hours of sleep from 2 weeks old. So we slept at 12 am and up at about past 6 am and that habit never stopped, now at 15 months she sleeps through the night approximately 10 – 12 hrs. You can have this testimony too my dear. It is well.

    1. Wow thank you so much for sharing this awesome testimony.
      Awesome awesome awesome.
      Now I know something else to pray about.
      God bless you big


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