Hiyaaaaa people…
Choi. Some of you have no chill at all. Stalking me all over to blog.

No chill ooo

Doncha know ayam preggers? Loooool

But seriously though, I apologise for going AWOL. Stuff been happening and blogging took a back seat.
Anyways here am I now so let’s get to gisting shall we?

Happy Sunday everyone.
So is there anyone else who most times doesn’t pray on Sunday mornings?
Except my hubs that is. That dude wakes extra early Sunday mornings and prays for a LONG time. You see, dude is Choir director so he knows he has to be on point for choir sake.

But me?

Mehn, most Sundays, I wake late and I am moving on fast forward that I can’t seem to find the time to pray beyond saying THANK YOU JESUS the moment I wake. I just push my prayers to later in the day or night.

But sometimes if I have a funny dream, I take some time to cancel immediately I wake. Like this morning I had one. But I would like to make Sunday prayers a regular biko.

Speaking of dreams, God knows nothing pisses me off as much as someone telling me they had a bad dream about me, and then now try to scare me with it.
Happened to me last week and thank God for God sha, I just laughed at the person and didn’t say a word. Didn’t bother asking for details. It was UNNECESSARY!!!
And this was coming from someone who I hadn’t spoken to in ages. Look, tz OK to dream ooo but ur dream can be straight from the devil. Don’t come and be feeling all spiritual and prophetic. I’m sorry dude if you are reading this but the guy was like ‘abeg don’t fight or even be angry with anybody this period ooo. I had a very terrible dream about you blablabla’
Like I need a dream to tell me not to fight.
But let’s even check out the ‘angry’ part. So I should not be angry too? Wow!!! Or else something bad will happen to me???
No comment!!!
But see ehn guys, let’s say you have a dream about someone and you think God really is telling you something about that person, I’m too sure He doesn’t intend for you to go and scare that person. Sometimes sef you don’t have to TELL that person. You can pray abourrit and I’m sure God will direct you on what to do about it. A friend of mine once had her room burnt DOWN. Thankfully she wasn’t in. Cos if she was (and she was supposed to be asleep in it then and she says she pretty knocks off when she sleeps), the story woulda been different.
Twas after the event happened that a friend from church told her that she had a dream like that about her and a couple of them got together to pray for her. I’m pretty sure that prayer saved her life.
Oh and the ‘after’ of the room post renovation was soooo beautiful. And all the replacements of material stuff too. Hehehe. Talk about whoop’n da devil’s behind…

I once dreamt of a friend’s marriage. That she was going through HELL. Now we talk on BBM and all but never to details about her marriage and to the best of my knowledge, her marriage is going well. When I woke, I took the concern to God. I prayed and said God I’m not going to now call her and be prying into her marriage. But if there is something, please intervene and give wisdom to handle it. And IF you want me involved, then let her be the one to holler at me first, simple. And I shut up. She never did. So I knew the devil was just messing around. I dunno about you but if someone who is not THAT close to me comes to start asking me stupid questions about my marriage cos she watched AfMag, overate then slept and dreamt, I’ll be mad pissed and I’ll be watching you closely.

Now on the other hand there have been times I have dreamt of someone, prayed a similar prayer and next thing the person comes to me with a problem like what I dreamt of. Cos I have prayed, I already know what to say and most times, I have a scripture sef from the dream with which we pray and handle the matter then wham, problem solved and devil whooped again. Without spreading fear or giving the idiot devil anything to be happy about.

So please ehn, all these dreamers and fear mongers, even if for some reason God decides to give you a prophecy about someone through a dream, lemme just remind you what prophecies are for from the Word…

ICor 14:3
But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.

Did you see that??? Prophecies are to

1. Strengthen you (not weaken you with fear)
2. Encourage you (not leave you super discouraged)
3. Comfort you (not agitate and tension you)

That’s clear enough abi???

Now speaking of the Word, don’t you just LOVE it when you wake up with a Word in your spirit/mouth? Oh I LOVE it!!!
Recently, I woke up with this phrase resounding in my spirit
‘As I hear you say, so will I do for you…’
It was so strong so I decided to google and see exactly where it was mentioned in the bible

Numbers 14:28
Tell them, As I live, says the Lord, what you have said in My hearing I will do to you:

Oh it excited me. It really did. I’m BIG on confessions and speaking right. And as my time of delivery draws close, I’m even more careful what I say or let get said around me. If you talk rubbish, you realise I have started ignoring you. Sorry I don’t even explain why. Ike okwu adiro m biko.

But that scripture made me realise that I needed to even UP my game. With God sha, there is always an UP to go.

So now I talk out loud at every opportunity. God knows how many times people around me have said ‘what did you say?’ And I’m like ‘sorry I wasn’t talking to you’.
I just need to verbalise, even to my own hearing, what I want Him to hear and do. I don’t think it only, I say it.

Heather Lindsey is AMAZING

Infact one of my favourite scriptures is ‘all things work together for my good’
I say it all the time especially when things are going awry. I just repeat and repeat and repeat it. I don’t bother with how He will do it. I’m just interested in letting Him know that I TRUST Him enough to make even THIS or THAT work together for my good.

Ah!!! Papa Abraham

And trust me, it works.
If tz not positive, don’t let it come out of your mouth E’, cos He will hear it and then do it.

Still on this confession matter, I recently upped and moved to Lagos for delivery. It was one of the toughest things I had to do. We had say 3weeks plus till i left when we decided rather than stay in Bonny, I should be in Lagos where my people are and which is even more accessible to all. Those 3weeks, everytime I thought of it, I would either cry or come so close to tears. I desperately wanted to be in Abuja AND with hubby too. I would always ask hubs, ‘what will I be doing in Lagos until the baby comes?’ Especially as tz not like I was working and all. And with my tummy, I couldn’t now be visiting with the whole world. And hubs will be like ‘you will be blogging’ lol.
Even he was feeling the dryness on the FAB lane. My amazing hubby


Dude stayed encouraging me.

Frankly, I thought I would lock myself in and cry and cry and cry daily. I soooooo didn’t wanna be back to Lagos at all. I thought and thought about it.


It was a hard decision to make but it was also a wise one especially as a baby was involved and really, we know absolutely NO ONE in Bonny. At least the kinda support system I would need as a FTM (first time mom) and now bringing family to bonny wouldn’t have been the easiest to do cos of all the paparazzi to get there.ย 

But everytime I prayed, I would confess JOY and PEACE. I would repeat and repeat that I have both and that Lagos would work for my good. Everytime the devil tried to darken my thots, I would confess out loud to myself every positive I could recall. Interestingly, the week I was to come, a lot went wrong but thank God for the JOY confessions I had been making. I could keep my joy inspite of all the devil tried to do. I didn’t worry one single bit. Arrived Lagos safely and my people, things have been working perfectly for me walahi…

From the right hospital God led me to in the perfect location (and I should blog about the several I visited before making my choice and also hail the one I’m using now), to the right friends who both visit and then don’t stop calling to be sure I’m fine, to various baby gifts

Love love LOVE this gift from my sister. I set it up myself. Feeling very DIY

and financial favours, to literally directing my shopping to get the BEST deals and so on. My parents house too which is just absolutely comfortable, almost perfect for me and my sister’s house which is an amazing alternative. Lagos has been amazing!!! God has been too faithful. And I know it has everything to do with keeping my confessions right.
Awesome stuff!!! In one week, I achieved an awful lot and God has given me strength through it all. I mean, I’m in awe. Who would have thought… Those tears and fears were just in vain.

I truly really am excited. And joyFULL!!!


This week is another interesting one and I certainly look forward to it. Have to braid my hair tomorrow, have a doctor’s appt on Tuesday, lil neighbourhood shopping Wednesday and probably visit with a friend Khally who had a baby and a final not-so-major shopping by weekend after which we siddon dey wait this my tenant hehehe…

One day oooo hehehe

And just before I run off, lemme just update y’all on that awful toothache that used to keep me awake which I blogged about here https://eziaha.com/2015/01/04/pregge-diaries-uneventful/

So two days or so after I put up that post, that’s how I noticed that I slept without stress and pain that night. Infact I slept all through the night, not even waking up to pee and when I woke up in the morning, the first thing I said was ‘babe I actually SLEPT all night without pain!!!’
Walahi, it was strange ooo. Very strange. I had forgotten what it felt like to sleep very well at night. Then the HS just whispered to me that when it seems like we are praying and praying and praying yet nothing seems to be happening, that’s untrue. He is working stuff out. We may not see it yet BUT it will manifest soonest. I mean, I thot only an extraction would take the whole drama away but He showed me that He could take the pain away and give me good sleep.
Now there are times I feel the pain ooo but it has never been enough to keep me awake. Infact it has never been as bad as before. Ah! Those days when lying down flat was an invitation to pain. I would sit up for hours in pain and tears hoping for sleep to knock me off. And then the pain would wake me again. Ugh!!! Those days are so gone cos through it all, I didn’t stop praying.

Prayers work. God answers prayers.
Just wanna encourage someone out there to just STAY in faith. Don’t let the devil make it look like God is dead to your prayers. Afterall, when He turned Zion’s captivity, it was LIKE A DREAM.
Same God baby, if He did it before, He can do it again.
If He did it for one, He can do for another.
And when He does, it will indeed be like a dream…

Yes!!! See it and say it

Hopefully, I’ll catch y’all again soon. I hope I redeemed myself with this long post hehehe. Started in the morning ooo. Finished in the evening cos I got busy in between. But I had to do this today cos the harassment to blog was getting plenty hehehe.ย 

Have a FAB week err’one.
That’s Favoured.And.Blessed


Tani bring the hair conditioner ooo.

Ike okwu adiro m means no power for long talk…
(Learnt this translation thing from Dr N)

Mehn, I am sure my name will never be on a coke bottle.
Sigh he he he

The search is real

But really, I love what coke did with this. Tz brilliant marketing in my opinion.

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  1. yay!! i missed your posts ๐Ÿ˜› Thank God for you dear. Your testimonies amaze me. i tap into your faith ezi. i admire your faith level ๐Ÿ™‚ wish you safe delivery xx

  2. Mama you need to see the way my spirit was filled with so much JOY when I saw the post alert from you. I quickly dropped everything I was doing to devour this. This is smoothing to my nerves. Am so glad am not the only one that finds it difficult to pray on Sunday morning. Sometimes I even forget to pray at all but am making adjustments on that. Mama can u plsssss do that Numbers 14: 28 for me often . Let that be a gift from you to me. Awwwwww Baby boy has got lovely gifts already, that’s sweet. And mama didn’t add picture(s) for us. Not fair at all. Great post mama, filled with inspiration and God’s Words. It delights my heart to read from you. Muah!!!

    1. I’m not God hun
      I can’t meet every request hehehe
      And u are even lucky I put pictures at all. I almost didn’t cos I was tired jare.
      And yes we should adjust on Sunday prayers sha.
      Thanks for the love Ify

  3. Safe delivery mama. Am glad you have achieved alot since you moved back to Lagos and you will do more. Waiting for the big day. My regards to baby and Uncle B. Let’s start thinking of what to call you as soon as the baby arrives. Hmmm, FAB Mummy E’

  4. Thank you Mrs Eziaha Bolaji Olojo, Exactly the words I needed these nite. God bless you. I pray for Safe Delivery for you and I am looking forward to see Our Fab Baby/Babies.wink

  5. Safe delivery mama. Am glad you have achieved alot since you moved back to Lagos and you will do more. Waiting for the big day. My regards to baby and Uncle B. Let’s start thinking of what to call you as soon as the baby arrives. Hmmm, maybe, FAB Mummy E’

  6. My Sunday prayers werent so on point till I met a lady at an exchange program im in. She prays scatter on Sundays. I made a passing remark abt it on d 2nd Sunday. And she said there’s nothing as beautiful as committing the entire week to God, at d beginning of the week. Made sense. So my prayer session yesterday was on point. Im learning.

    As for coke, my name no dey bt I no de carry last. I am an Ada, by right and birth…Hehehehehehehehe. D first time I noticed d bottles in shoprite, I packed all the Ada bottles I cld lay my hands on. 17 in all. Tony said I started d year with madness. But he is lucky I found ONLY 17. Lolzzzzzzzz.
    Love you E’

    1. Yea that’s a motivation. That’s exactly what hubby does too. But somewhere in my head, I see Monday as the start of the week hehehe
      Loooool Ada is not on your birth certificate. So ntoi!!!
      By the way, I have seen Dumebi ooo
      If I see again I’ll buy for u and keep

      Love U boo

      1. exactly what i wanted to say…Dumebi dey… babe no buy all the dumebi bottles ooo and eziaha… ngozi dey ooo plenty sooo..lol

  7. Yes I missed your post! Its so important to say the things Gods word says,people who do not understand would think ‘o this person is proud’ Whatever thats their wahala.Thanks E.

    1. Wow
      Are there still people like that??? Been a while I encountered them so I’ve forgotten sef hehehe
      But yup tz their wahala
      The law of confession states that You just say what God has said

  8. Nne, the Lord is your strength. your next post is telln us baby has come. next post is this week too….lol.
    As for dreams, i had an awful one abt a family friend today i just prayed and cancelled it. i really dnt like dreamiing esp about people or any1 dreaming abt me jor. More than 3 people have dreamt abt me this year, when they tell me i just tell them to pray for me biko. there is power in prayers and positive declarations… see my post about my children on facebook. I need ur phone number ooo.. will send u a dm sha. Enjoy ur last preggy week, u r moving to ur next level darl. congratulations plenty!!!

    1. Lol. Very funny.
      My confession excludes a pre-term baby hun so this week and next week don’t qualify. Tz certainly NOT my last week but u can be sure I’ll enjoy every single day until the big day…

  9. Shame to the devil.he can never win no matter how hard he tries.we are covered we got praise on lips,thanksgiving in our hearts,victory all da way.concerning coke bottle I almost vowed not to take coke again until I find my name o .any of this 3 will be fine Valerie Nawemekhilu ihinosen or maybe my soon to b ex surname Edetanlen.but who m I kidding ,I certainly won’t decline free coke,whoevers’ name z written on it.
    Dreams ehn. Eziaha u hit the nail on the head.pray for that person rather than tell the person bad news forming prophet.whoever does this needs to complete his look with a bell n clown outfit.

  10. Nice to read from u. I would have happily done omugwo for u in bonny o since I stay here.hehehehe. At least I have 2 experiences. Hope u come visit soon with David.muah!

  11. eziaha you are awemazing…
    been a silent reader of your blog…feel like I know you…although I attend Coza I also feel like im a oart of DCC. ..love that you honour your pastors.
    started reading your blog when I was going through a lot. ..wnd I know that God used your words to speak me.
    love you. .dont stop writing.
    We’re praying for you..”Hebreww

  12. Where have been all these while ?????.
    Yipeeee ! to Lag, for Omugwo (pre and post natal nurturing).
    Thank God the tooth ache is gone, (had one last week was imagining how you ‘ve been coping), with the sleepless and banging pain at nights. Chai !
    Finishing grace and strength to you.
    Can’t wait oooooooooooooooooooo !

  13. woow mama mi you mean you are now with me in lasgidi gan?#dancingshokiandetigi#………..am so api maam. Been offline cus of the annual 21 days prayer and fasting in the winners family but am back and heavenly. have realllyy missed ya post and ma sistus on d fab lane mehn. ehen i remember telling u dat i will come do the omugwo bikonu,my place no one shall take o. You shall def deliver like the hebrew women no doubt and delivery shall be heavenly.I gat a job now mama before i go for service. Managin a massive studio now and also learnt photography. This year ehen mama i cant explain the wonders loaded for us o. you knw i luv ya mama.muaaaaaahhh and my kisses to my booo unborn babe.

  14. Happy New year E’. howdy? this post reminds me of something Pastor Poju said (besides, yipeeeeee! pastor Poju’s getting married. 2014 prayer answered). about magnifying the problems above our God. so many Christians have given the devil alot of power. I have a bad dream, holy spirit warns me to pray, I pray until my Spirit feels good- what happened to that process? why defeat the prayer by magnifying the situation in telling the person. I think major reasons people do so is becos we really don’t understand what it is to be an intercessor, and becos we just attribute so much power to Satan.
    that said, happy baby arrival prep(is that even a greeting?). God will perfect all that concerns you and yours dear.
    Emmm, when are we testifying from last year?:-D ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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