Oh my gosh today has been TOUGH and it is not even 11am yet (at least at the time i started writing this). I have already cried like twice lol. Something happened with a Squaddie that made me feel so negligent and she opted out of my Squad. The painful part was she wasn’t even upset, and you know that’s when things are dangerous. In fact I spent a good time wallowing in all sorts of lies and deception from satan, questioning everything about my coaching, until the Holy Spirit helped me check my thoughts gone wild. Good thing is I called, apologized, compensated and she accepted.

Thank You Jesus.

Ok so today, let’s talk about something I learned from Lisa Bevere (primarily, but also Joyce Meyer, Heather Lindsey, Christine Caine, and Priscilla Shirer) about pregnancy and motherhood. You know, a friend of mine just had her second boy and when I asked her how she was settling into this new life, she said she actually thinks it is easier. That must have as well been the Holy Spirit speaking because that was something I also thought but was too scared to verbalise. I find that with this second baby, I am looking forward to not just a fuller life, but a richer, more balanced and infinitely more fruitful life. I am IN NO WAY scared of what is to come, but rather I am EXCITED.

One within and one without haha


Because of a story, and then a phrase I heard Lisa say…


So she tells this story of how she used to stay woke (lol) every night from 10pm to 2am working on her husband’s book which is now known as THE BAIT OF SATAN. The gist of it all was that she was pregnant at the time with her FOURTH son, and so she would do that after she had put them all to bed. Then she wrote her FIRST Book, OUT OF CONTROL AND LOVING IT while breastfeeding him, and since he would never detach, she would prop him up with pillows and then type over him. And Lisa has ONE EYE ooo. Real tears!!!

Out of control and loving it was her life’s reality at the time with FOUR Boys and i recommend for all mamas especially the moms of multiples who are Domestic Queens

And btw, the whole LIONESS message of Lisa Bevere was also birthed with the birth of her FOURTH son though the book LIONESS ARISING would come later.

And then she always ends with this phrase


Oh, I feel a need to add that they were not a rich couple (at least not as rich as they are now lol) at the time, so it wasn’t that cash was answering a lot of things for them. They were a struggling couple too.

Me, once I heard that gist, I threw away every excuse I was planning to have as my mommy world expanded. The best part of Lisa’s mommyhood is how all four of her kids are in the faith and totally responsible.

Her hubby and four boys

Yikes!!!! Help us Jesus!!!

You know, I still woke at night through this pregnancy to both pray and work. There were times I was running on 4 hours of sleep and go full steam the next day too (Please I am not saying copy me ooo, I am sharing my story). One day, I told Funto I think I’m crazy and she said THINK? No Ma’am YOU ARE CRAZY haha, bless her. I didn’t think sleep should take over my life because of pregnancy. Kai, Lisa kept me fruitful (obviously God used her).

But like I said, it wasn’t Lisa alone, Joyce Meyer Ministry actually went full steam at the time she was preggy with and delivered baby number 4, with teenagers at home, and not a lot of money either. I recall hearing her an Dave share the ministry story and I was just promising myself that sense is something I would always have no matter what lol.

Christine Caine just never stops. And infact took her first child from the hospital to Colour Your world conference (and she delivered through CS).

Shirer had given up on kids when she realized that she was pregnant with Boy number 3, Phew!!! But that pregnancy birthed her best seller LIFE INTERRUPTED. The way Priscilla mothers drips of  raw inspiration.

Heather Lindsey is someone even in our generation and so most of us have seen her become even more fruitful as her kids have come. I started following Heather about a year after Logan’s birth and I went into her archives. I couldn’t believe her growth game from singlehood to marriage to mommyhood, with a ministry and business to boot.

I recall her saying that right from the delivery bed, she used to reply emails (both babies born via a section too) and get work done still. Plus in all her laurels, her family and her kids come first.

Now, please don’t misread my heart, I understand that for some people, they have some medical emergencies that won’t allow them do much. I appreciate that, and this is not about them. This is me sharing my own story and the stories of those who have inspired me to take mommyhood as not just fun but a calling and ministry.

So there you go, Day 2, and these women have been my cheerleaders all the way, and right into my future. How can I be lazy please?

Not a chance baby

See yawl tomorrow darlings


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  1. I agree totally with you Eziaha. Plus we signed Glenn folks have no excuse. None at all. Here’s to less procrastination and more fruitfulness in Jesus name. Amen

  2. I agree totally with you Eziaha. Plus we single folks have no excuse. None at all. Here’s to less procrastination and more fruitfulness in Jesus name. Amen

  3. I love the phrase by Lisa. Growing up my grand mum would always say pregnancy is not a disease lol. So true. What place does confessing Gods word during pregnancy have in helping you stay fruitful?

    1. Hmmmmm will do a blog. Interestingly someone asked me to blog about my confessions too so a blog would suffice

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