Whoop. We have completed 40weeks yay!!!

Me this morning at the gym

Sooooooo thankful to my Jesus to have made it this far and literally in the way i prayed to. This pregnancy has been a DREAM!!!

See the difference lol… 37kg and 11kg addition in both

I am thankful that I have managed weight gain this time and have stayed fruitful all through too. Feel like celebrating with pizza BUT I fear weight gain for baby. You know these last days, if you are not careful, the baby will just stay adding weight and that comes from the mama’s diet.

Will eat pizza after I born biko. But my Consultant will induce me if I don’t fall into labour spontaneously at 41weeks so fingers crossed to see how that goes. I am believing to go spontaneously though. But enough of delivery stories, lets focus on the journey leading up to today where I have completed 40weeks of pregnancy.

I’m thankful for every testimony this pregnancy has both seeded and birthed. Gosh, I feel sooooooooo special.

I am also thankful for my beautiful and prophetic baby shower, my guests and my bestie Dumebi who planned it and came from out of town

Yesterday, I tidied up my son’s confession and I was just in awe of God. I love that God has a definite plan and purpose for us all RIGHT FROM THE WOMB.
I desperately wanted twin girls and prayed daily for that but God who knows Best chose to bless me with a Warrior KingDaveed and a Prophet… Today I picked up their WALL ART with their names on it and Anchor Scripture too and I can’t wait to reveal my baby boy 2’s name… I can’t get over Prophet Jeremiah though…Tani you are a FISH!!!

Looooove this Chick

Today my August Squad also ends and then my gym subscription too. I planned all these this way so that I don’t lose money in the gym, and not have to coach with a new baby. My next group online coaching starts in October so I look forward to a month off. Plus i would have BIG news then…

SavedFit&Pregnant is still running though. Plus meal plans for various programs are still being sold so we are still getting credit biko…

One of our services

Daniel fast meal plan, Diabetes, Cholesterol reducing, Nursing mama, Arm toning and Abs workout plan, and more biko email esquad@eziaha.com (had to market my business there haha)

Today I decided to wear a dress I wore at 14weeks and compare. Look at that!!!

Weight gained is MOSTLY bump… Yay

Jesus alone knows how many inches my waist went up by but my weight went up by 11kg yay.

I recall how I used to beg God to not let this baby show before EDD cos so much was going on, and I am sure He must have been laughing at me. KingDaveed was due Feb 23 and came March 10. A whole 2weeks later. Fingers crossed for this one, but as of today, I am ready to go. Ive sent my hospital bag to the labour ward, I’m mentally prepared, but I have ways of keeping busy to ensure that I am not waking everyday BORED that baby is not here yet. Happened with baby 1 and we are not having an encore. I will be super engaged daily with my life and 2017 plans while also writing down what God is telling me per 2018.

I have also started bouncing like crazy on the birth ball and doing the Baby mama labour dance haha

The lyrics of the song just make me laugh but dancing to it has been awesome. By the time you are done, the pressure no be here on the pelvic region. Like I need any more pressure??? I feel like I can’t even walk well anymore cos this baby has come down so much. With my gym days up, I am resorting to taking long walks (I’m talking like 2 to 3 hours cumulative daily), bouncing on the ball, doing some squats and lunges and of course, the Babymama dance. Haha.

I prefer this video though cos it is like a choreography…

I will miss the gym sha. Like a LOT.

We also just finally set up our guest room cos my mama and MIL need a place to stay when they come, and I am stocking the house up with food too lol. Not looking forward to long omugwo though. Haha.

One thing I haven’t done is get a dress for the naming. My hubby does the 7day naming thing and we have sorted the Pastor coming but I have NO DRESS. I would love for us to dress same as a family but I can’t be bothered to start sowing. I am fine in a tanktop and jeans I tell ya. But really though, I should think of getting something for KingDaveed at least. Anyone recommend a good kids tailor that can deliver a ready made trado? For me, I will probably wear this dress from my birthday. Hubby has a gazillion trads so no wahala. But for the church dedication though, we will be SLAAAAAYYYYYYYYYIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!

I am so glad that I also managed to keep this August challenge going by blogging daily and even after this is done, I will try to blog more often. Writing enriches my life. 5 more days to go and I have three posts down already. I know what I wanna end with so I have just one more post to think about. Should sort that out tomorrow or Monday.

Ok gotta run, literally. Wanna get to the gym, maybe take a short walk (done 2hours waddle today already) and then back home to do the baby mama dance. Haha. Hubby said they will chase me from the gym tonight cos actually i should have ended yesterday lol. Me that i am a sign and wonder in the gym. Dem go miss me!!!

Btw I also wanted to share two cravings I had with this pregnancy..

Fufu and Okro soup lol. I do Okro normally but the fufu love became real. This baby is gon’ love fufu..

And then coconut. I mean I liked coconut before but not that much. This time ehn, I will just break coconut and be eating. Good thing is I still watched portions.

I look forward to emjoying an exclusive  HEALTHY Nursing mama meal plan when I born.

Gosh I look forward to delivery and holding my brand new baby. God’s Prophet.

God’s Warrior King calling out God’s Prophet haha

I look forward to doing a photo shoot with all 4 of us too and as the only Queen among men. Haha.

God is so good!!!

Kisses yawl…


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  1. Can’t wait to hear the good news. Thank you for the videos.. already saved them…the fear of a big baby is really the beginning of wisdom ???…I’m going to start rocking to them

  2. Thanks for being so consistent with daily blogging. Your delivery will be a breeze by God’s grace.
    Looking forward to seeing the wall art for the boys.
    As per the anchor scripture, was it gotten before their birth or can be prayed and gotten while they are growing?

    1. Thanks love and Amen. I think it is gotten whenever. Both of mine have been clear to me before… First came to hubs and this second to me.
      I just think it really is something between you and God.
      Some singles already know about thier kids already…..

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