Abuja Stay At Home moms, are you READY for Powwow with E’ 8.0???

Oh my gosh I CAN NOT BELIEVE WE GET TO DO A POWWOW WITH STAY AT HOME MOMS in Abuja!!! Yaaaasssss. Funny that the vision dropped right as I was enjoying the Shiatzu massage we had during the last one on my birthday With how CRAZY AMAZING that last one was, I knew I desperately […]

#FruitfulAtHome…Day 1: EXHAUSTED!!!

Hey guys!! So, I’m going to make it official pretty soon, (I am working on our fliers) but our next Pow Wow, THE 8thyawl, will be a hangout with Stay at Home Mom’s but this time YAAAAY!!!!! in D’BUJ. Yes, we are taking it on the road all the way to Abuja. Can’t wait to […]

The Story of POWWOW with E’ and DDK (all the events leading up to it)

Hey yawl… How is everyone’s Monday going? Mine is off to an amazing start. I am so determined to be SOOO DISCIPLINED this week, and brutally cutting off all distractions as much as I possibly can… So I wanted to share, as openly as possible, the story of POWWOW 5.0 with E’ and DDK. It […]

METAMORPHO-O with E’ & DDK: An intimate meeting for Stay At Home Moms

Hallo my Darlings, Ok so does anyone feel like a VERY FULL SPIRIT? Like this year is just doing me gish gish, that is a mixture of excitement, plus surprise, plus fire, plus discipline, plus seriousness, plus FOR REAL? Plus it all… It just looks like I year I wanna GUMBODY TO MY JESUS and […]

5 SPONSORED SLOTS for PowWow with E’

Hey guys, Ok just wanted to pop in quickly this morning and say that we have FIVE slots open for FREE for FIVE Chicks (ok this grammer won’t make my English teacher in secondary school happy but I am in a hurry biko lol). I will post to social media later today but i wantd […]


Hey yawl So the past couple of days have been INCREDIBLE for me. I went to PHC and Bonny Island for like 2weeks and it felt so good to be out of Lagos and everything familiar and structured for a short while, but TRUST ME when I say I STRUGGLED with being idle haha!!! I […]

Still warring baby… And we won’t STOP!!!

Hey guys, Hugs and Kisses all sround. April 1 and 3 will always stand out for me as really special days in my heart. Why? Because of the kind of God-encounter they were for me. I still recall how fired up in my spirit I was as I prepared for that meeting WARRIOR IN HEELS… […]


Hey guys Happy New week. Happy Monday. I usually LOVE Mondays because it just means I get a new week to make better choices in every area of my life, and live for Jesus too. It just breathes NEW LIFE to me, especially because it comes after Sunday, the most spiritual day of the week, […]

50 Random Questions… Blogger Tag

Hey yawl!!! I am in rare form today. This week has just been UNBELIEVABLY intense but what makes it all worth it is who is on my side… GOD!!! So far, His track record of winning is pretty perfect. The end!!! So I am so intentional about being oh-so-joyful!!! The JOY I have ehn, the […]