Hey guys,

Ok just wanted to pop in quickly this morning and say that we have FIVE slots open for FREE for FIVE Chicks (ok this grammer won’t make my English teacher in secondary school happy but I am in a hurry biko lol). I will post to social media later today but i wantd my blog fam to get this first.

Ok so if you wanted to come for powwow and money was an issue, then yay to FIVE SPONSORED slots. Just shoot an email with details of what you do or intend to do asd a Biz Chick and we will holler back


And I have blogged TWICE about powwow here and here so please check both links before applying ok.

Date is Sunday April 30, at Lekki Lagos

Thanks and see yawl Sunday…





Oh and my 5K promo class is still open so jump in.

Lose weight with CoachE’ this May and June for half the price. How exciting, especially because Jesus knows I amalways hunting for cheaper deals haha.

Details here or email coachepromo@eziaha.com

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