Hey yawl

So the past couple of days have been INCREDIBLE for me. I went to PHC

Touch down PHC

and Bonny Island for like 2weeks

Touchdown Bonny

and it felt so good to be out of Lagos and everything familiar and structured for a short while, but TRUST ME when I say I STRUGGLED with being idle haha!!! I even cried, until God checked my workaholic self, until my accountability partner (thank You Holy Spirit) Aijay, checked me.

Mehn, we gotta be careful where we get our identity from ooo. Satan is a bastard and just keeps tryna rain on Christian parade, but AMEN!!! He is risen and we are sooo seated with Him in heavenly places, far above all satan’s wiles, amen!!!

But before I get into the gist of today, can I just let out something that is on my mind a lot these days?

That is the absolute desire and goal of my life is to see my children walk in the ways of Christ. I just really want and pray that my children serve God with all of their hearts and minds in their generation.

Nothing else would matter for them. No matter how dark and dank the world gets, they will be ruined for nothing less but the absolute ways of Christ. I am committed to that cause, so help me God.


I say this because my walk with God just gets deeper and better and sweeter that I can NOT imagine my children not in sweet fellowship with Him. God forbid!!! This world is so rubbish, and getting even more so that they have to be IN CHRIST. AMEN!!!

Ok on to today’s gist. I just am absolutely in LOVE with God, and these days, not just because He meets my needs and keeps my family in good health, but I am so thankful for HIS CORRECTIONS. Every time I get checked by God, I feel like a CORRECT DAUGHTER.

Like He LOVES me so much He is correcting me, even though it hurts, or goes against what I would rather do. Ah!!!

Yes Lord, correct away!!!

I was really upset that POWWOW 3.0 had to be moved for reasons beyond my control,

Previous Date

and just before I started my sulk-parade, I had a dream. Straight up, God showed me myself, seated right in an exam hall, and writing a test. The setting was my Uni, with everything familiar I was still that HOT BRAINED First class student, BUT in this hall, I was as clueless as a fish out of water. I KNEW the answers but I was unprepared so I literally FAILED that exam, while others passed it. Ah!!! I woke up and was flat out in worship Like thank YOU Jesus, Thank YOU JESUS!!! You did CHECK your daughter BEFORE she totally went off.

Anyways, I just cast all my cares, worries and disappointments to God (throw in MONEY too), and was like OK God, WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? Show me, because I know You have a GOOD reason. Amen!!!

That reason started to come gradually, and that is why I am doing this post.

Lets start from the name

New date


God told me that this didn’t just mean that people who were doing stuff for free STARTED to charge and make money from it ONLY It also means that people who are doing their business FREE OF PURPOSE, and I do mean a keen sense of KINGDOM PURPOSE, get to move from that to not just Chicks in Biz but as PREMIUM MARKET PLACE APOSTLES.

Yawl KNOW the Word is HEAVY right? Like God downloads stuff into your mind, and then you have a headache and just go to sleep?

Like, I couldn’t believe God.

Then He started to EXPLAIN to me USING MY OWN LIFE what it means to not just build a career, but to be walking in purpose and your own CALLING… You see, the world has prescribed ways of doing things, but as MPAs, we don’t just jump into the world and mix in, becoming indiscernible. We are in the business world TO BE LIGHT!!!

Ah!!! Shine bright baby

Ok I need to take like 10seconds to speak in tongues because this is hitting me in ways I cant explain!!!

So we get to do our thing in such a way that, EVEN IF WE HAVE TO STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB, BE SEEN AS STUPID, SLOW, NOT COOL, etc., we STAY THE PATH

Ah!!! Cant wait for my first Color your world!!!

(Thanks Bobbie Houston). Even if it gets hard, tempting, testing, stupid and even impossible, we still do what He asks of us in and with our businesses, because He alone sits at top it all, sees the big picture, and has already worked ALL THINGS for our good!!!

You know, a HUGE business opportunity came to me recently, and naturally, I would have jumped at it because it would have helped MY BRAND/CAREER as CoachE’ PLUS I had been praying for and confessing it, but God told me to ask XYZ questions and be sure nothing would make me compromise my faith and values, and wham, the opportunity cat-walked away. Ha!!! I didn’t even have time to feel bad. I am just at a place where NO MATTER WHAT IS STRIPPED OFF ME, because I have GOD, I have EVERYTHING and really LOSE NOTHING!!!

You know what is crazy? There was this time I shared some testimonies concerning CoachE’ with my mama Pastor Mildred, and after she said her congrats and all, she quoted Joshua 1v9 to me and said the journey was going to be tough and so I need to be strong and very courageous.

At first I was like

‘Huh!!! Does mama get what I am saying? This journey wey don set finish like this? Haha”

but like Mary, I hid those Words in my heart. I don’t let prophecies waste haha.

And every time things got TOUGH, and they did get STINKIN’ TOUGH at times, I would remember that I was warned. I wasn’t going to compromise NOTHING!!! It didn’t matter how the world did it and it worked, if Jesus was taking me through another route that made ZERO SENSE to the flesh, hallelujah!!! I obey!!!

I am HERE for the GOD KINDA LIFE mehn!!! All of it!!! Plus He gives us witnesses to cheer us on that we are NOT ALONE, and there is victory on the other side!!! I see my witnesses in Joyce Meyer and Heather Lindsey, and Christine Caine a LOT!!!

I am constantly reminded CALLING not CAREER!!! And that a sense of PURPOSE has to undergird all that I do with my business.

Oh honey, this is not me saying I got it all on lockdown ooo. Nah!!! I am working out this salvation/purpose thing daily, which is why I am unbelievably THANKFUL for His corrections. I am human so I mess up, but God is so faithful mehn, and when I come to him with a pure heart, He forgives and restores me back to the path that has life in it.


That is really what POWWOW WITH E’ is going to do with these Chicks in Biz who turn up and go all in.

I am so super excited I can hardly wait. My notes are getting ready and I believe so is Steph’s.

So hey, if you really wanna run that business that puts you bang right in the middle of PURPOSE, while making money and having a deep sense of being a Market Place Apostle, holler girl. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I know that me too I am going to be so blessed by it.

It holds this Sunday, the very last day of April, that is the 30th at Lekki.

Email is powwow@eziaha.com and registration costs just N5000.

And hey, if you know any Chick who needs this, share with her. Or if you wanna sponsor someone who cant afford it, holler too.

And on another note, there is just so much coming from the stables of CoachE’ in the coming months that I cannot wait to share. Ah!!! Our God is so faithful it is almost ridiculous!!! And I think I am going to unveil one of it on my documentary feature on EbonyLife TV. Have that interview sometime next week and I am so tidying up loose ends.

Ah!!! Praise God.

Oh, and you know I started vlogging too? Find vlog one here

And two here

I am talking food, fitness and every fun thing in-between.


Totally enjoyed my time away,

but it sure is GOOD TO BE BACK.

See you at POWWOW in just a couple of days …

And cheers to walking in PURPOSE every single day of your life, and NEVER EVER QUITTING on the process NO MATTER HOW HARD IT GETS!!!

So much LOVE,





So anyone about to fly to Yankee to get Sarah Jakes new book, DON’T SETTLE FOR SAFE?

So thankful for e-books as I am copping my copy from Kobobooks this weekend. $17 only

Ditto John Gray’s I AM NUMBER 8

which I am getting for FREE because I have my LEGITIMATE WAYS though I would be HAPPY to BUY it.

I feel like they wrote those books because of me hahahahaha. Been closely following them so I couldn’t wait for both, and how crazy that both books were released SAME DAY haha.

Yup, those are my next reads



My Devotionals are both FINALLY coming out in May. Ah!!!

Another tool for warfare I cannot wait to get into your hands

The process has been crazy but God has taught me PATIENCE in His timings. Ah!!! We are THIS CLOSE to completing the App and so we would launch. also working on some other Author’s books to come on it. whoop!!! Let me just continue to FOLLOW JESUS. He is so faithful!!!

Oh, the Lord laid it on my heart that every Chickwho registers for PowWow 3.0 gets a free copy of the MarketPlace Apostle Devotional,

Foreword by DDK

which will be sold for N2500. Would send coupon numbers for redemption after they have been launched. Also pre-launch, we gte a sneak peek into both as we will have free downloads of the first 7 and 10/15 days of both.

Everytime i skim through the pages of the Devotionals, I KNOW why the Devil is fighting it. But Satan ntoi!!!!!

MAY 2017 is the appointed time and Hades gates and demons CAN NOT PREVAIL, amen!!!

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