Pump. Passion. Energy. And a BRAND NEW YEAR!!!

Hey FaithFam. We’re cruising on the Throwback Lane this January. Lol. Today, I’m bringing back another ‘oldie but goodie’ post. If you need a reminder of why you shouldn’t dim the passion and energy you were feeling with the dawn of the New Year, you’ve come to the right place.   Hallos people,Happy Super Duper […]

ONLINE SHOPPING: A lifestyle factor that may be affecting your health.

Hey Blog Fam, Thank God it’s Friday, PS: This post was originally authored and published on www.coachesquad.com my online fitness site. So as the month is coming to an end, most of us moms are getting ready to shop for the new month. I love love love love love shopping and all the processes that […]

NO FOCUS (Gist from my CS birth story)

Hmm. I can’t forget how I felt. My ObGyn had opted for a GA for my Cesarean section and what that meant was I was going to be knocked out through the entire process. Awesome medical team that were with me in that theatre. They gisted with me, asking me questions until the effect of […]


Hey yawl So the past couple of days have been INCREDIBLE for me. I went to PHC and Bonny Island for like 2weeks and it felt so good to be out of Lagos and everything familiar and structured for a short while, but TRUST ME when I say I STRUGGLED with being idle haha!!! I […]