5 types of “mentor figures” we all need

Hey people, So literally the MOST AMAZING assignment God has given me this year is DISCIPLESHIP. It has been a THING and half. Over the next couple days, the ladies in my discipleship program will feature on the blog sharing what they have gotten so far from the program and their private sessions with me. […]

#On Raising Leaders…Chidinma’s Experience

My journey with tfs mentee, My name is Chidinma. I feel so privileged to share with others in TFS ACADEMY what mama E have taught, yes I applied it to my life and I have seen great results. we were assigned to mentor some ladies in tfs and the experience so far have been awesome. Before we started we […]

Meet The DisciplE’s..Omowunmi’s Journey so far.

Hi hi everyone, I am Fatogun Omowunmi and this is a continuation of the post I wrote here. As you can recall, Mama E mentioned that we had personal meetings with her where we were allowed to ask her any question. This is part 2 of my session with her and I’m putting it out […]

Hey girl, let me MENTOR you!!! (Email correction)

First, I am SO SORRY about the email issues. I am postponing the Mentoring to Sunday, Feb 17, 2019. Please email eziaharx@yahoo.com instead. So please read on for deadlines and all… Happy New month, Darlings, Ok so first, whogohost, my blog hosters, has been messing with my blog as they ran their updates and so […]

A few tears 2018 brought, and their significance

Hey blog fam, I feel like I have 7 blogs to write before the year is over. Right now, I am trying to prioritize and see which one God would actually have me share, and which is just me being upset and moved enough to a blog post. Both important. One importanter. This blog though […]


Can I just be real yawl and say that this year has been hard??? Good Lord. I feel like I have lived 3 years in these 3 plus months. I have fallen short soooo many times than I have lost count of. And yawl KNOW me… Lil Ms. Perfect. Time manager per excellence, Discipline on […]

This June, tz Powwow with E’ & F (Funto) and TFS info too…

Hey yawl, This is my first post in the super amazing month of June so Happy New month lovelies. June is EASILY my best month of the year, for very obvious reasons. My birth month yay!!! In one year, so much has happened that it is almost incredibz. Hubs was just saying that my 30th […]

A great Cloud of WITNESSES

Therefore since we are surrounded by a GREAT cloud of WITNESSES… Hebrews 12:1 I love this scripture. Especially because of how God has revealed Himself to me through it in recent times through a series of experiences- Mine and others who have shared with me. You know there is something about your own RHEMA. Your […]

#DoubleDelight… Teniola and Dave testify

A happy new month is apt…. So happy new month my Darling FAB’ers… I pray this year is truly F.A.B for us all… All day, Everyday… Amen. Another double delight Sunday… Teniola I have not met yet but I feel like I know her… My sweetheart, I love how she is deliberately living for Christ […]