Can I just be real yawl and say that this year has been hard???

Good Lord. I feel like I have lived 3 years in these 3 plus months.

I have fallen short soooo many times than I have lost count of. And yawl KNOW me… Lil Ms. Perfect. Time manager per excellence, Discipline on fleek, The works. But I feel like since I had my second baby ElJohn, my life has been balling out of control. Now don’t get me wrong, my life has not been pathetic. It has actually been full, fruitful, exciting and very productive, but it has also shown me how TRULY WEAK that I am.

It has taken ALL OF HIS STRENGTH to achieve even stuff that was so breezy for me, like running on 4 hours OR LESS of sleep, to now even run on SIX hours without sleeping off occasionally. Lol

So, because I have been falling SOOO SHORT, I have found myself LEANING SO HARD. Gosh, I cannot imagine how totally RUBBISH my life would have been without the presence of someone that I have to lean absolutely hard on. Like, you guys with the way my falling short game has been strong, my LEANING HARD game has had to be nothing short of stronger. And that is the kinda balance that most successful Christians have. In fact, most spiritual people, including those who go to the dark side for powers use. The higher they go, the more ‘PROTECTION’ and support they need and go for. So, it beats me why the first thing a Christian lets go off as they start to get more successful is their time with God. The devil attacks that on purpose, cos he KNOWS that new levels of devils are coming your way so if he disconnects you from the one thing that really matters, you will not have the power to fight them devils.

Like, it is all normal. God takes us higher in the world, but He also expects us to go deeper in leaning on Him. Frankly, the next level will stretch you like crazy. And of course, that is normal… YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE (see Joshua 3 v 4) so you need a Guide or you will get lost along the way. It also keeps you from being proud.

So yes, even though my falling short game has been tight, it has also made my leaning hard game even tighter. But there is one game that has been SO WEAK and that is my POURING OUT game. I am not even proud of myself on that because there are various outlets the Lord gave me this year to POUR OUT from into His daughters but I have let the nuances that come with growth distract me.

But I repent.

Interestingly, I started this post on Saturday and then stopped to continue Sunday and in church today, my Pastor and Father, Rev Femi Oduwole talked some about the need to pour out. Like I needed another reminder. (I worshipped with my Rev at a different church today cos it had been a long time we saw him as a family so we went to see him)

I have learned and grown soooo much but I have been too busy for myself. Now, I am going to be very intentional about being obedient to all He called me to and pour into His other daughters so we can all grow and learn together. So yes Lord.


The FAB Sister’s Academy

Side Note: Writing this post pushed me to the archives of my blog to see what post to link us to to learn about TFS and I came across the WHO DO MEN SAY THAT I AM post. Wow!!! Now I know I need to go DATE EZIAHA again the rest of this month by reading my blog from the beginning. WOW!!! The post blessed me like crazy. Like, I needed to read that. IT WAS SO GOOD. Please read it here.

Ok but this is the post I introduced TFS with on this blog and the rules are almost the same, only this time, there are requirements

  1. I am taking just FIVE ladies.
  2. You have to be 23 or below and be a student or Corper
  3. Please have a teachable spirit. Don’t just apply for applying sake, Be serious too. I literally have NO TIME so please make this a worthwhile experience for both of us

Of course, if you have been in the Academy before, please do not apply.

So, like I said in this post, I AM NOT READY, but I gotta start because we must START BEFORE WE ARE READY!!!

Btw, it was Marshawn Evans who taught me that and I am so excited that she IS coming to Nigeria this year IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!! Pray yawl!!! P R A Y!!!

Ok before I digress, please send a mail to telling me about yourself, life, journey, story and why you wanna join in. Will reply all whether successful or not, the I will update this post when we are full, after which we kick off.

So please share word if you know any young lady who fits this.

It is time for this imperfect little girl who has been FALLING SHORT and so having to LEAN HARD to now POUR OUT.

So help us God

Kisses and have a blessed week Guys…



My apologies please for being awol here again. So blog had another issue. Infact let me not go into it. I had to pay AGAIN. Literally my FOURTH 20K payment. Instead of being mad, I am grateful to God that I have the money, AND EVEN MORE GRATEFUL FOR COACHE’SQUAD LTD meeting my needs and more. Who born me before? So, super grateful to yawl who have stuck around. Haven’t even opened the email for YEARS lol. Let me do that now.


I slept off RIGHT AT MY LAPTOP typing this. Lol. I wont even scroll up for typos. Forgive any abeg!!! No time for pictures too. This is a BRAND NEW LAPTOP and I haven’t transferred any media files yet.  Check my archives for what I look like haha. Speaking of which, i will allow the widget that shows archives in months so that you can easily navigate. Some of you had asked before but I kept forgetting. So off to do these two things now before i forget again

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