Pump. Passion. Energy. And a BRAND NEW YEAR!!!

Hey FaithFam. We’re cruising on the Throwback Lane this January. Lol. Today, I’m bringing back another ‘oldie but goodie’ post. If you need a reminder of why you shouldn’t dim the passion and energy you were feeling with the dawn of the New Year, you’ve come to the right place.   Hallos people,Happy Super Duper […]

TFS 2021 Mentees share their Mentoring experience

If there is one thing that I heard continually in the academy, it is that my relationship with God has to be solid because once I get that aspect of my life right, every other aspect just literally aligns. CoachE’ said again and again the importance of deliberately creating time for God. My relationship with […]

MEET THE FAB MENTEES…..Iloba Ruth AND Ukpebitere Blessing’s JOURNEY

My name is Iloba Ruth and below is my TFS experience I was invited to TFS by a friend and we both attended. I love the ‘sisterliness’ in the group, everyone was vulnerable and open to learning and sharing experiences. TFS was really practical. I have been hearing “study your Bible” without Knowing the ‘How’, TFS taught me in details how to do it and also opening my […]

MEET THE FAB MENTEES….Blessing Mayaki and Cliff-Ekubo Elsie’s JOURNEY

My name is Blessing Oziofu Mayaki and below is my TFS experience It has been a stretching, insightful, impactful and life changing experience all together for me in TFS Academy. I learnt so much within a short time and here is the summary of everything I learnt. 1. DAILY MUST/PLANNING YOUR DAY Being in TFS […]

#On Raising Leaders: Bimbo’s Experience

I must say pouring into people,most especially those on our level or downwards can be a true test of one’s growth game. It’s like giving yourself a score card of how far you yourself have learnt and how serious you take your life. That was exactly what happened to me while mentoring Goodness and Ife […]

LeadershipWithE’; How do I start mentoring/discipling people?

Hey people. Feels like ages I did a Monday blog. Missed it last week cos I didn’t have energy for what I wanted to write. Still kind of don’t have energy for that but I even know this post is what I should write today, so let’s discus Leadership with E’ Ok first, by God’s grace (haha), I qualify to […]


Can I just be real yawl and say that this year has been hard??? Good Lord. I feel like I have lived 3 years in these 3 plus months. I have fallen short soooo many times than I have lost count of. And yawl KNOW me… Lil Ms. Perfect. Time manager per excellence, Discipline on […]

This June, tz Powwow with E’ & F (Funto) and TFS info too…

Hey yawl, This is my first post in the super amazing month of June so Happy New month lovelies. June is EASILY my best month of the year, for very obvious reasons. My birth month yay!!! In one year, so much has happened that it is almost incredibz. Hubs was just saying that my 30th […]

#DoItAFRAID…Beyond hashtags

I didn’t even know it was a hashtag. I just know that this is something God has been telling me for say 5months now. I get a lot of comments and talks on how I am SUPER HUMAN, so energetic, so on fire, so disciplined, so etc, but what people don’t know is that for […]