If there is one thing that I heard continually in the academy, it is that my relationship with God has to be solid because once I get that aspect of my life right, every other aspect just literally aligns. CoachE’ said again and again the importance of deliberately creating time for God. My relationship with the Lord is not one that can be pursued casually or in my spare time. It is one I must actively pursue, placing it first above all other things.
TFS began a lifetime journey in my life and it will last forever. Before TFS, I have been thinking of how to just even start life. I knew I needed help but I didn’t know how; nothing was just working out, even prayer was war. I didn’t know my left from my right, my life was so scattered. I knew zero about how to study my Bible talk more of fasting… although primarily because of ulcer but then even if I manage to fast, it will be hunger strike all along but now, I know better...

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Hello Saints,

Like you know, I LOVE to mentor where I can. As much as God has helped me in my own life, and empowered me to help others, then I sign up to mentor them at God-grade levels.

In fact, one of my CONVICTIONS OF STEEL says;

That a major super power of my life is in both being MENTORED and MENTORING others. I am both a student and teacher for life because I believe in the absolutely transformative power of DISCIPLESHIP. I will submit myself to godly mentors and resources, while embracing the privilege I get to mentor others.

In the second half of the year, I had the privilege of mentoring a number of ladies, and they have graciously shared their experience, which we have put together in this eBook, so you can download, read, keep, and have easy access to keep referring to.

I know that you will find wisdom within these pages, and that you apply them as God leads you.

Now, you wanna scoot over to my Youtube channel as I share on 5 MENTORING MISTAKES to avoid.

Don’t Make These 5 Mentoring Mistakes, Please

I also have a video specially for moms which you wanna check out too

Cheers to all the wisdom you are learning and applying.

Your Sister,

I also mentor stay at home moms and we have a similar post like this on my blog here, so you can download and get in on their experiences.

Yay!!! Our first GDQ e-Book is here. (14 Queens share their mentoring experience)

Occasionally, I open up application for the mentoring academies, so you wanna stay close to the blogs and subscribe to our mailing lists so you don’t miss them.
We are closed for 2021, and will open again in 2022.

To join our GDQ mailing list for Stay at home moms

Hey, we have a few offerings at Jesus Girls’ Nation and I wanted to let you in on it, if they can help you or anyone you know and will share with in any way.

A better LEGACY, for today, for tomorrow, for our children

1st Stream: Sunday, October 17 to Friday December 24
2nd Stream: Sunday, October 24 to Friday, December 31
Both for legacy
Registration is open for both.
Email coache@coache.ng or whatsapp 09055868614

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