My name is Blessing Oziofu Mayaki and below is my TFS experience

It has been a stretching, insightful, impactful and life changing experience all together for me in TFS Academy. I learnt so much within a short time and here is the summary of everything I learnt.


Being in TFS Academy is a life changing experience,

This topic made me realize how scattered my life was.

Life itself is like a journey and in that journey, proper planning on how to get to your destination matters a lot. I realized how I was just journeying through life without a specific direction.

The daily ‘musts’ are like mini goals and these mini goals are the building blocks for our bigger goals, so if one is successful in achieving those mini goals, it is certain the big goals will be achieved, thus success is guaranteed.

It wasn’t really easy at first crafting my daily ‘musts’ and following them, but thank God it’s gradually becoming a habit.


We learnt about Time wasters and how to eliminate them, I already could identify my time wasters, but didn’t know how to eliminate them, but the lectures gave me insights on how to go about it and I’ve been applying it.


The fact that it is called Bible study resources does not really mean your study must be centred around the bible alone, it encompasses other materials like podcasts, Christian books, youversion, youtube, blog posts, google sites etc.

These resources give us deeper insight of God’s word, which in turn strengthens our relationship with God. Thankfully I have been engaging myself with different resources; it makes studying God’s word easy, adventurous and fun.


We were exposed to the importance of having a prayer schedule and crafting our confessions too

This is one aspect I really loved; honestly, I have never ever thought of scheduled prayer, I just pray randomly. But now I do and I’m so happy about it. A prayer schedule helps our prayer to be very rich and non-tiring; it helps to cover every aspect we want to pray about, not leaving any out.

We were also taught confessions, this was something I started doing recently and wasn’t so serious about it, but after the class, I was more intentional about it and I realize after taking my confessions, It always leaves this confidence in me and helps me eliminate negative energy, this is now an habit for me too.


The people you keep in your inner circle has a long way of influencing your life, either negatively or positively, so we should pick friends who influences us positively and we should learn to influence others positively too, because “iron sharpens iron”

As the bible also said, in Ecclesiastes 3:1

“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.

I understood that there is a purpose to every friendship and as such we should ask for help from the Holy Spirit to discern seasons rightly.


I learnt that we need mentors for different phases of our lives because they help guide us through this journey of life and help us minimize mistakes. We could also have close or distant mentors.

Distance mentors could be gotten through Slipstreaming on Social media platforms and other resources.

CoachE’ has really been a blessing to me, I loved how she was always realistic and how she balances her life (spiritual, physical, marital, family, business, etc). This is something I look forward to.

I want to say a big thank you to Mrs Eziaha for allowing God to use her and may God continually bless her and her family and strengthen her for more.

To Toolz and Chy, you guys were simply amazing and awesome, chai, I love the fact that I could relate with everything they taught and they were also being realistic too.

Conclusively, I learnt so much from TFS Academy and I’m still learning and practicing everything being taught, and it only gets better.

I love a particular phrase from CoachE’ which is, “Progress over perfection”. Even though I’m not where I want to be yet, I’m glad  I am not where I used to be, I’ve made significant progress and will continue to.

God bless Mrs. Eziaha

God bless TFS

My name is Cliff-Ekubo Woyindoubra Elsie and this is my TFS experience.

With a heart of gratitude, I want to say a big thank you to CoachE’ and her team (Tolu and Chidimna) for their time and effort in impacting my life.

I can’t believe it has been 5 weeks and I’m here writing about my own experience. It has been five Amazing weeks of impact, change and growth for me. I have really learnt a lot which I am applying to my life and I can say I am seeing great improvement.

I heard about TFS at a point in my life where I was just too comfortable where I was ( just waiting for life to happen, anything goes) but after passing through TFS Academy I have gotten a change in perspective, I have come to know that I have to leave my comfort zone, stretch (grow) but still maintain my lane.

Generally, I now understand the importance of time and how what you invest in yourself matters. My relationship with God has improved greatly (I had to step up my game, lol).

I also got to know that our motives in whatever we do matters a lot, always have good motives and a positive mindset.

Inside the Academy we had classes , webinars and assignments too. It was well packaged and I will be summarising it all here.

TIME MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTIVITY: in order to be productive we need to manage our time properly. You need to plan your day to be on track (having a daily must, to-do list, tracking your day) aside this you need to eliminate distractions (social media, engaging in unnecessary conversations etc.)

This wasn’t easy at first but with time I am seeing good progress. So now I schedule almost everything I Do and my day. There were times I fell off but I did not stop there. Progress matters a lot so I decided to keep moving and not give up.

SPIRITUALITY class was a game changer for me. I learnt that God loves us and we need to be intentional with our relationship with Him (spend time with God, don’t always be in a hurry and find time to be with him)

I also learnt about the knowledge and understanding that comes from using many versions of the Bible and other resources. (YouVersion Bible app is great for Bible study). Bible resources make your time with God fascinating.

I learnt that praying with the Word makes it more effective and not monotonous. Confessions are also really important too, now I do it every morning.

Having a prayer schedule which I learnt in the academy has made praying easy for me and enabling me to cover many areas I want to pray about.

I learnt about FRIENDSHIPS: how friendships come in seasons and the need to let go when a season is over. We need wisdom from God to know that. CoachE’ emphasized that Friendship comes with a purpose and….


She also taught that friendships can be abused and it brings unnecessary heartaches. This has helped me to start placing my friendship in order and using these friendships for the right purpose which relieves me of pressure and heart aches.

I also learnt that I need to work closely with God (He shows us all things). We were also given accountability partners (someone you are accountable to and that helps keep you on track) and it was a good experience for me.

Lastly MENTORSHIP: here we were taught about close and distant mentors. You need to work with God in picking your mentors. Praying for and honouring our mentors and how to maximize our mentors’ slipstream (podcasts, books, messages etc)

I learnt that God is our role model so we should not copy mentors or use them as standard for our lives (God is our standard).

Mentoring is not BABYSITTING, so you need to be responsible to learn and apply to your life. Familiarity is a No no in mentorship, respect boundaries and don’t take it for granted.

One of the major changes in my life is that I am more accountable, improving on time management and I am more intentional in my work with God.

Bonus point: I learnt that journaling (writing down) is important and it can never be overrated, it makes you to be intentional about things and for reference sake in the future.

Thanks CoachE’ Tolu and Chidinma for your love, knowledge and time, God bless you all and a big shoutout and thanks to my fellow mentees.

Indeed TFS is an unending experience because we keep stretching and growing.


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