Hey yawl,

This is my first post in the super amazing month of June so Happy New month lovelies. June is EASILY my best month of the year, for very obvious reasons.

My birth month yay!!!

Was this ONE WHOLE YEAR ago?

In one year, so much has happened that it is almost incredibz. Hubs was just saying that my 30th birthday was like 2seconds ago. Haha. (But that dude had FORGOTTEN what I wore for my shoot imagine)

Guess time truly flies when we are having fun right smack dab in the middle of purpose.

I have so much to roll out at 31. Ok not so much but a few good things. Plus I am planning a MAJOR photo shoot. Best part is that God is really running this shoot as I am spending so little, for so much, cos of FAVOR!!!

Yikes. I can’t wait.

Ok this is not why we are here!!!

Gosh I am over-the-moon excited about this month’s Powwow with E’ and TFS.

Ok brief info on both

TFS is my online mentoring academy where I take in 6 or so Chicks per session and closely mentor them through 6 topics/areas for 6weeks. All done via Whatsapp. It is a real trip and one of the highlights of my life.

Powwow with E’ is like a LIVE TFS, which holds instead for a couple of hours in a day, and I get to share some lessons from my life as the Lord leads us. Also, I have guests feature with me too. The idea is to hold this monthly but for now, I am spacing it out. This month would be our fourth Powwow with E’ and the third for the year. I LOVE POWWOW WITH E’ and I am so excited about the future of it.

Ok so this month of June, for both Powwow with E’ and TFS, the Lord has led us in a slightly different direction per the Chicks we are having on board.

Typically I leave the age open but this time, we are taking it to teenagers and Uni Chicks, aged between 16 and 20 ONLY!!!

Yup, we will be catching them YOUNG this time. I believe that it is really necessary that we do as that age bracket is highly impressionable and we can, a little more easily, drive something into them more effectively.

You know, some 5years back or so, I started my first online mentoring thingy, which we called MENTORING ON THE FAB LANE and most of the Chicks there were right in that age bracket. We ran it for like 2 years and today, I can’t even believe the growth in these amazing humans. The crazy thing is that they are my major team members now, and all that started from what they learned back then.


Something absolutely amazing about instilling values in them at that age.

So this month of June, Powwow will be with E’ and F, and we will be talking MENTORING & GODLY FRIENDSHIP from a young age.

This is like EVERYTHING to me. I can already tell it will be my BEST Powwow yet. That’s something I wish I had someone pour into me at a young age, but somehow, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya got my life ALL THE WAY TOGETHER from 16, and she gave me a SOLID foundation as i stayed (mostly) in her slipstream (and still do.

Pastor Bimz

She truly made me (us youths in TFOLC then) feel like ungodly friendships were the most uncool thing in the world, and even though I didn’t KNOW what mentoring was, she made me go after knowledge from the right sources.

That was what led me to Rev Femi Oduwole as he was preaching relationships at the time, then my current Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo and then Pastor Mildred and then DDK and then all the amazing 10,000 teachers in my life. That was also what made me be very VERY INTENTIONAL about godly friendships from a very young age. You could NOT pay me to make nonsense friends or hang out with nonsense people, no matter how popular they were. I deliberately went for godly chicks and today, my life is RICH and getting even better because of the right relationships, both in friends and mentors.

KAI!!! Thank God for Pastor Bimbo. I was 16 when I encountered her and my life CHANGED. I have my journals from that year and I KNOW that fire can’t go down.

Today, I get the privilege of pouring into people and how awesome for my 31st birthday. And then I get to do it with one Chick who has sharpened me in the most intense yet fulfilling ways, Funto Ibuoye.

One thing I daily strive not to be is led by the flesh. While it would be awesome to do something with your friend, you just wanna be led by God. Sadly, I have been flesh led in some friendships and have been burned, so if it involves a friend, I do everything I can to be spirit led and not emotion led. I recall sharing with my super amazing ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER, Aijay, about my theme for Powwow and just what God was saying. I knew I would have my friends this time, but it was unclear. Aijay just made a very casual statement – I think you should talk to Funto. She seems like the person to do this with you. The baby in my womb just leaped, and I knew THAT WAS IT!!!

Still prayed for some days, got my clarity, rang F and she’s game.

I am just LEAPING at the amazing lives that will be birthed and changed as a result of our meeting.

*insert a 23 second praise break here complete with hip gyrations*

So hey, if you live in Lagos, or can be in Lagos that day, send us an email to register, with a bio. Please you gotta be between the ages of 16 and 20, and must be in Uni or about to get in. If you are a graduate and are 20, nah. Let’s keep it to the pre-Uni and Uni chicks.

So date is Sunday, June 25 (4days before my birthday on Thursday) and will hold in Lagos. Will send addy to those who are registered. We are opening up to just 31 Chicks. Email is powwow@eziaha.com

And now, for those outside Lagos, I would love to mentor you too via TFS Academy. This would run for 6weeks, 3days a week, and 1 hour each day. I would have my friends too pop in and answer your questions on life, but especially on godly friendships and mentoring. Generally though, we would just be sharing our own experiences through life.

I am taking in ONLY 6 Chicks for TFS because I want to really be able to reach you, so send a bio to tfs@eziaha.com

Please make your bio rich with info about yourself.

If you KNOW any Chick who needs this, or have a younger friend/sister/relative, please tell them ok?

TFS will begin June 18, 2017, that is Sunday a week before Powwow, but registration is now open today, Monday, June 5, 2017, and then will close on Friday the 16th.

Powwow registration also opens today and closes Wednesday 21st, but if I get my 31 chicks before then, we will close up.

So TFS or Powwow, holler asap.

Powwow? powwow@eziaha.com

TFS? tfs@eziaha.com

Cheers to a friggin’ amazing week!!!





Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the App, spread word, and/or bought the 30-31-30 Devotional.

It is the feedback that trips me the most. Totally amazing!!! And my ios users, I am so sorry. Let’s just trust God that we sort that soon, just be patient. Oh and I had issues with the closing out of Over the Counter payments, especially when you click DONE but we have resolved it. Just UPDATE the App, and then all payment issues are sorted. Yikes!!! The joys of technology. Which is why I am thankful for feedback when you hit issues, so that we work on it.

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