Hey girl, let me MENTOR you!!! (Email correction)

First, I am SO SORRY about the email issues. I am postponing the Mentoring to Sunday, Feb 17, 2019. Please email eziaharx@yahoo.com instead. So please read on for deadlines and all… Happy New month, Darlings, Ok so first, whogohost, my blog hosters, has been messing with my blog as they ran their updates and so […]

From mentorship to DISCIPLESHIP… An invitation to YOU!!!

Hey guys, how about we wrap up the year on this beautiful blog with this issue that’s super important to me and will be forming a core part of my 2019? But first, allow me some bragging rights… I mean, it’s only right haha (Barzzz baby. I did a rhyme right there) On Christmas night […]

President, Sweet Wives Association (The story behind hubby’s birthday)

Hey people So, this blog post is just to let yawl know that I am the undisputed president of the Sweet wives Association haha. First, it was Eniola my friend who said it, next my hubby on his birthday, and then my Rev Femi rings me yesterday morning to hail me. Yaaaasssss girl, YAAAAS. Ok, […]

Domestic Queens: Meet our 10 AMAZING #PowwowWithE’ Speakers and Emcee

I’m kinda shaking as I type this. It feels unreal. But hey let’s do this… On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, my God-vision (which we are in the process to trademark) POWWOW with E’ will be hosting 100 stay at home moms to a fruitful hangout tagged FINISH STRONG START STRONGER… We gave some pre-information right […]

This June, tz Powwow with E’ & F (Funto) and TFS info too…

Hey yawl, This is my first post in the super amazing month of June so Happy New month lovelies. June is EASILY my best month of the year, for very obvious reasons. My birth month yay!!! In one year, so much has happened that it is almost incredibz. Hubs was just saying that my 30th […]

Say HELLO to the 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB SWORDED CHICKS (Ist 10 Days)

Hello You Warrior Chick, The 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB SWORDED CHICKS will change your life. No, seriously I mean it. As I wrote it, I went into depths with God I didn’t even know were possible, and a new Eziaha emerged, swords blazing and everything. I even learned that Psalm in the Bible didn’t come […]


Phew!!! This morning, I looked again at Omilola and Fela’s note to me at Do It Afraid conference. An autograph on the DO IT AFRAID journal. Omi wrote MAKE SURE YOU DO IT AFRAID and Fela wrote DELIVER THE FUTURE. Then I repeated it to myself. Then I stayed meditating on it, even till now. […]

The 5K Christmas-In-D-Middle Promo with CoachE’

NB: The latest Vlog is here The NUMBER ONE MISTAKE people make when they want to lose weight… Check it out please… Ok on to the promo post… Hey Squad, I pray that you are alright, and walking in purpose. No other life mehn!!! So the Lord led me to do a middle of the […]