This morning, I looked again at Omilola and Fela’s note to me at Do It Afraid conference. An autograph on the DO IT AFRAID journal.


Then I repeated it to myself. Then I stayed meditating on it, even till now.

Ok, good morning yawl…

My heart is so FULL it is about to explode.

Finally my APP is here and LIVE and this has been SIX months in the making.

I LOVE every single corner of it. I stared and stared at it all weekend.We kept going back and forth with last minute stuff, and it was a FULL weekend of working from the backend of it on the publishing process, and more.


FAB E’Reader


When God told me to build an App, I just obeyed. I didn’t even see the big picture or have the money for it, but I loved the idea of a Christian App full of healthy, clean and edifying resources.  Another avenue to be a Market place Apostle, in the publishing world.

A hub where you could just scroll through and be edified. I use a lot of Book Reader Apps because I read a lot of e-books, so this was exciting to me. I just knew that I would want Readers to have a very rich and easy reading experience, because I have seen some badly built ones, that just make reading poor and so discouraging.

FAB E’Reader makes for a beautiful and fun reading experience.

First the App size is just 24MB so it won’t take up so much space, or data.

Then the changing background colors on opening the App.

To the straight forward sign up (for first time users) or sign in (for older users)

To a secure password recovery process if you lose your password.

The Side bar has various sections.

  1. All Books: This is where every book available on the App for download will be, both paid and free, all arranged on a Book shelf, and you can choose how you want to sort books. For now, there are only free books, some preview copies until we put the paid books from the 29th of May. The download process is fast and super easy, and doesn’t use up your data

Also when we upload new books, all you need do to update is swipe down and New Books will load auto.

  1. After you download a Book, that Book now copies to MY BOOKS, on another beautiful shelf from which you can read your books.                                               If for some reason the Author upgrades or re-edits their books, there is a re-download option for you to get the updated one. After you have downloaded a book, you can read it even when Offline, You only need data to download Books.
  2. My ITEMS contain HIGHLIGHTS and BOOKMARKS. This simulates the highlighting or book marking experience you get with a hardcopy book, so that you can easily refer to anything that jumped at you while you read without necessarily going to open the Book                                              
  3. At PROFILE, you can change your profile details including your picture and all. That’s also where you change your password especially after a password recovery.
  4. ‘Notifications’ is where messages come to you, per example, you paid for a Book and after we confirm it, you get a message there.  It also comes to the drop-down menu of your phone. And then if there are new books, promos or any other detail we wanna pass to you, it will appear here too.
    1. Settings provide FOUR theme options to choose from. We have the NIGHT, DAY, NATURE and the FAB THEME, depending on your preference

We also have the About App and the Manual and FAQs which will further educate on how to navigate the App.

I am especially excited at the Reader itself, that is where you open up and read a Book. You have various font styles, colors, sizes, margins and themes to choose from, so you can just personalize your reading experience.

My fave theme is the black text on gold background. You can also choose to read books in a Scroll format or a Swipe from R to L format. Either way, the Book opens always to the last page you stopped reading.

You can highlight and share to social media or anywhere else too, and you can also bookmark.

There is a left side bar that comes up when you swipe the right end of the Reader, and that shows a Tale of Content which is hyperlinked so you can just tap and go to the Chapter you so desire.

Payment on the App is also easy.

We have two options

  1. You can pay online with your bank card and all. Payment is SUPER SECURE.
  2. You can request for bank details and pay either over the counter in the bank, or do a bank transfer.

Confirmation of book is automatic when you pay online, but takes 24hours OR LESS when you pay manually.

PLEASE NOTE THAT PAYMENT FOR ANY BOOK IS NOT OPEN YET ON APP till we are ready for pre-orders and orders. We wanted yawl to feel the experience first before putting up premium content.

Like the Rider of the App says, it a is FAITH HUB for ALL READS CHRISTIAN not just from Eziaha, but from Eziaha and Friends, meaning that I get to host other Books from my friends too, which is why I am launching with a couple of other Christian Reads and I am IN LOVE with every single Read on for now


  1. My amazing Mentee and CoachE’s social media executive has a Devotional for Teens, and we have on the App the FIRST 5days for free.  The complete Devotional will be up soon for a price, so all yawl with Teenagers, get on board. She highlights lessons from Daniel.
  2. Itunu Taiwo, the absolutely amazing Blogger at has two books up.    My Love Diaries which is an amazing Book that pushes us to fall in love even deeper with Jesus, and then Stolen Kisses, a Christian Fiction/Romance. Stolen kisses excerpt is up on the App and the full book will be available for download and purchase soon.
  3. Dumebi my booski has and excerpt of her absolutely beautiful novel Dirim’s man up too, and the full book is coming soon for a fee.
  4. Scarlet Cord is a Bible Character Study by a dear friend, Doyin, on the life of Rahab. It is a very beautiful and compelling read.

And of course I have my other books

The FAB WARRIOR Moms Devotional, my free 31 day Devotional for Moms, and My FAB Transformation Story,

where I share my weight loss story. I changed the covers for both.

And finally, my brand new spanking hot Devotional, 30-31-30 for FAB SWORDED CHICKS and I did an entire blog here to talk about it.

So if you want to have your book on the App, whether free or premium, you can shoot us a mail at and from June, we will be ready to do business with more people.


God is so good!!!

Am I slightly scared? Yes. The thoughts don’t stop

what if people don’t download it?

What if people don’t buy my books?

What if there are issues?

What if, what if, what if?

But I am running after everything God has asked me to do NO MATTER WHAT.

Do it Afraid, baby and deliver the future.

The App btw was built by a Chick, who is serving or just got done. Omolara Adejuwon. She was introduced to me by Funto and I cannot thank God enough for that connection.

Even though it took way longer than planned (the initial duration was 6weeks and we are now here 6months later), I am so excited at how it turned out. I LOVE IT I COULD EAT IT. At the end, Lara said

‘It was nice working with you as you don’t settle for less…’

Haha. At the time we started, she didn’t do iOS Apps, and frankly iOS costs way more, so I wanted to even start and see how it goes. I don’t even have an iPhone so how would I be doing reviews? Now though, she builds iOS Apps so GOOD NEWS TO ALL YE APPLE USERS, we will soon start work on it. Now let me make the iPhone money first, and buy before I now start to talk an App for iOS haha.

Apple users, go buy Android phones in the meantime jare…

Ok so that’s it on the App

The download link is here

Available on Android ONLY for now.

Please spread word and download, enjoy and give us feedback.


Gosh, God is so faithful!!!

Thank God.

YAYYYYY to the

FAB E’Reader App…. A FAITH Hub for ALL READS CHRISTIAN from Eziaha and Friends.


With Love, and a heart just exploding


5 Responses

  1. This – the “what ifs” reminded me of a part from my first book on purpose.

    The what ifs arent of God and I am so glad you conquered them.
    Keep launching out into the deep sis E!

    And for others who need it, Let me post the what ifs section from my book here and how to overcome it.

    I was hit by a pretty bad state of chills a few days after the first draft of this book was sent to my editors. And despite the good reviews, I still wasn’t satisfied. Something kept niggling at me. What if no one buys the book? What if the words actually turn out to be nothing worth reading? What if this whole thing ends up being an epic fail? How can a book that’s less that 60,000 words make a change in any life?
    Why don’t I have high sounding words bursting through my fingertips? Why are my words so simple? What happens after I release the book? Who even says that the book release will be a reality? And on and on my thoughts went…
    My human mind said… Everyone just might say your words were all trash. What if it all flops? Well, faith says it cannot flop because God is in it.

    Now let’s look at a passage God used to speak to me on this issue of stepping out into what He has called us to do.
    “Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, LAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP, and let down your nets for a draught.” –Luke 5:4-11, KJV

    I love the fact that Jesus said “launch out into the deep”. The physical deep can be seen here to mean the sea but in the walk of purpose, you can call it “the unknown”. Jesus said, “launch out into the unknown and cast down your net (what I have sent you to do) so you can catch a draught (have an abundance of reward).

    God may not let us see what He has planned for us but we can be certain that awesome rewards lie at the other side of launching out into the deep. Not just rewards in the form of material possessions but also in the form of elevation in ministry/our God-given purpose.

    Peter got automatic elevation into ministry all because he obeyed the words of Jesus to launch out into the deep. And we all know what God made of Peter afterwards; the fisherman became the bold one for Christ Jesus, testifying of Jesus everywhere he went – a great instrument for the advancement of the kingdom.

    You can never step into what God has in store for you unless you obey the initial command to launch out into the deep – a deep that you may not know where it leads to, but you are content to let Jesus know all the details. You just obey and launch out into the step He has shown you. There is a direct correlation between our stepping out into the step we see before us and our stepping into the revelation of other steps still to come. God cannot release babies into His vineyard, and it is in each step we take, that He builds, molds and refines us into adults ready to tackle the bigger steps He would place before us. The only thing that holds us back from taking the step we see right now is simply a bad case of chills, such as the one I had before I published this book. But God has made me see that where fear and doubt prevails, He isn’t there.

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