Hello You Warrior Chick,

The 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB SWORDED CHICKS will change your life.

No, seriously I mean it.

As I wrote it, I went into depths with God I didn’t even know were possible, and a new Eziaha emerged, swords blazing and everything. I even learned that Psalm in the Bible didn’t come with an ‘S’.

*insert very surprised face*

The beautiful thing about spiritual warfare is that, BEFORE the battle even begins, we already have the victory, IN CHRIST. The twist is that a lot of times, we are unaware of this victory, but we have an enemy that is well aware, and so he rides our ignorance, which by the way is not only bliss, but also deadly. Spiritual warfare is real, Chicks, and it is no respecter of persons. The devil will come, no debates about that, but will he meet you ready for battle?

The 30-31-30 Devotional was written to put a SWORD, God’SWORD, in your hands, and teach you how to wield it effectively and practically. The mandate for this Devotional is lifted wholesale from Psalm 149v6

Let… a SHARP two-edged SWORD be in their hands

It is a 91 day Devotional, focusing on 3 areas of our lives; Wives (30 days), Chicks (31 days), and Moms (30 Days), hence the name ‘30-31-30’.

Cool, I know.

It gets even cooler…

Each day also ends with either a Prayer, a Confession, or a Project.

I am flippin’ excited and humbled to not just see what God will do in your life, but to be a teeny part of it. I have NO doubt whatsoever that a new you is about to emerge as we read, study and apply. AMEN!!!

And Congratulations.

What a time to be alive!!!

Now lift up your Sword Darling, and show the enemy the VISAGE of a WARRIOR CHICK!!!


The above is what I have in the ABOUT section of the Devotional, and it perfectly captures my thoughts.

Now let us start the blog the normal way haha

Hey yawl,

FINALLY My devotional is (almost) OUT!!! The first TEN days for FREE that is

Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!!!

This has been FOREVER coming, but God’s timings are perfect jor, so THIS is the PERFECT time.

The Devotional will fully launch on the 29th but pre-orders start 22nd of May.

Until then, You can download and enjoy the FIRST TEN DAYS for free.

Here are some of the Topics in those days…

The complete devotional goes up on ONLY the FAB E’Reader App

and it will be sold for N2500, 10USD or 8Pounds. You will be able to make online payments on the App too, for anywhere in the world.

Information on the App can be found in this Post,

and I will share more and more details of the Devotional as the days go by.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for all the info I will be sharing

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo and @eziaha

The download link for the App is https://goo.gl/bkwKcK and it is available ONLY on PlayStore for now.

And hey, feel free to share with as many Chicks as you know so that we, together can do damage to the enemy.

Super excited!!! Hehe.

With Love,


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