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So, this blog post is just to let yawl know that I am the undisputed president of the Sweet wives Association haha. First, it was Eniola my friend who said it, next my hubby on his birthday, and then my Rev Femi rings me yesterday morning to hail me.

Yaaaasssss girl, YAAAAS.

Ok, so why do I wear this title?

(I should apologise if the pix are jagajaga. Been working on this post all day. I’ve given up)

Let’s step it back a bit, before I talk about my hubby’s birthday and my PERFECT gift.

After my visa was denied and I was sure I wasn’t travelling again, I decided to renovate my living room.

Actually, we had planned to do that later in the year, but I was inspired to get it done that season. So, I took out a tiny fraction of my Yankee funds and being the very prudent woman that I am, I drew up a budget for the living room upgrade. I was going to be the brain behind the design, thanks to Pinterest haha.

So, I decided…


New clock (I knew EXACTLY the kinda clock I wanted)

Wall shelves

New curtains

Huge flower pot

Family portrait

Side and centre tables

Before now, my living room had just been a plain Jane.

Matter of fact, when we moved in, we didn’t have furniture for a whole year. It was my workout space lol.

We only had a TV set and curtains of which both were gifts haha. It was a year later we could afford settees and a TV stand. Now, 2 years after that, I figured it was time to move things to the next level.

Budget and list in place, I started planning.

Oh, I had lowkey asked him what color of wallpaper we will use when we are ready to renovate. I had gold in mind. He preferred orange so we checked Pinterest and found a few good designs. In his mind, we will get it when ready. Me? I had already got to work. He also said he didn’t think we needed a centre tables as our living room is small and we have kids who run around so a rug would be better. Again, he was thinking in the future, me I was making now notes. I quickly updated my list to reflect his desires.

I got our Carpenter to start work on the furniture then I hit Trade fair cos I thought they would have a lot but they had NOTHING. Quickly flew to Yaba on a bike and under the rain and the hunt for wallpaper began. My people, it was a TOUGH waka. Finally, found something like we saw in the picture (Side note, those wall paper guys have albums full of designs but a LOT don’t have those designs so they just end up wasting your time after you have suffered to look through those BULKY albums and made choices. I advise you just look at what they have in-store).

When I designed my home office, the wallpapers were from Mushin and cost a whooping 7k per roll.

This one, 3D sef cost N4000. Abeg buy from Yaba.

Once wallpaper was done, then curtains. That one cost an arm and a leg.

Side story: when we moved in 3 years ago, I had a really cheap budget for curtains. 30k. We didn’t even have the money. Somehow, God sent a blog reader to gift me that EXACT amount… N30k which we used for curtains around the house. Now only my living room curtains were costing WAY MORE. I still recall when God told me,



I wanted really nice curtains and I can’t say I found the exact one I wanted but the one I got came close. Didn’t have too much time again as wallpaper had taken time. That day, I got home at past 11pm. IT WAS CRAZY!!! It rained, I was commuting so rain beat me well on my way to, traffic was crazy on my way from and hubby had to even come pick me up at some place. Luckily, he didn’t care the content of my BIG Ghana must go. I just told him KingDaveed’s new school supplies and domestic stuff.

Every other thing was pretty easy to find.

I found the exact clock I needed close to home. Ditto the centre rug. Both were my easiest buys. Found the ornaments for the wall shelf in Yaba too. Didn’t find a flower vase and also thought against it cos my kids are SUPER ACTIVE so may just break it for me, or pull out all the flowers. Hid everything in my kids room.

For the picture, the Holy Spirit gave me an improvised method that works haha.

So, an enlargement would have cost me 40 to 50k per pix and we wanted to do 2 family portraits… One with Yoruba attire then Igbo. So, I instead got my Printer to print our pix on a flex banner, then got my carpenter to make a frame and nail it over it. All 3 costs me WELL under 2k.


With everything I needed ready, it was time to get a painter to install the wallpaper. The guy who did my office one was still saying he would need 2 days cos he had to screed and blabla. I said NOPE. This is a surprise. Come early at 6am so you have time and you MUST be done before 5pm so the carpenter has time to do his thing and we can clean and get every where set before hubby is home.

Paid the dude and a day before, I ring him to remind him and he says AH, DON’T I WANT HIM TO SLEEP? 6am ke?

I was so mad. Long and short, he refunded my money, cos he wasn’t even able to guarantee me a day’s job. Thankfully, the Lord led me to another who lives right within our estate. He doesn’t screed but scrapes with fuel and then installs, so it is a whole lot faster.

We agreed for a Thursday abi Wednesday.

I was doing DLA at the time so I wasn’t around to watch him work, but my Domestic Manager was in charge and I trusted her to manage them. He came in at say 6.15 but I had already left for School but I made sure to snap my living room before I left. I was fingers crossed he would be done. My carpenter was on standby.

By 2pm, dude rings me that he wants to be going. I say to where? He said he was done? I WAS SHOOK. He asks if I wanted pix. He sent to me and frankly, I didn’t immediately think it was my home.

Wow!!! What a transformation from what was in the morning. I believe the Lord truly picked out this Painter for me, and shut the door to the other one.

I flew home to see it live. Gosh I was SO HAPPY with his work.

Sent the pix to my team and because at the time, we were still working out halls and all for the Stay at home moms’ event in December, a few thought I was sending hall pictures to them haha.

Carpenter came in, did his own work. I was going to get the electrician to help with all the wire installation and TV bracket but the carpenter said he could fix it back. The rest he couldn’t fix, I figured we could just leave it for hubby. That was just the home theatre system anyways.

Well before 5pm, we were done and ready for hubby.

I sent the pix to my friends and team and we were all excited together

When hubby was getting close, I told him he wouldn’t BELIEVE who just moved into the just completed house beside us… I kept making a big deal of it so he too had heightened expectations. When he got in, I told him to come see the person in the living room, then switched on the light.


Like, twice, he walked out then came back in to confirm.

He was just discombobulated lol.

The next morning when he woke, he came back to the living room to check again that he wasn’t dreaming.

I was so happy at how truly joy filled he was at the whole thing.

Men are so particularly about the living room so I know he really wanted this upgrade, and here was his wife, doing it as a surprise to him, without asking him for a dime. We later did the second part of the wall

That feeling was priceless. And it didn’t cost me as much as it would have ordinarily cos I believe the Lord gave me ideas and led me to the right places. If you have followed Pastor M for a while, you would recall when PK wanted to surprise her with Joyce Meyer’s conference for her birthday and just stepped out on faith and God truly made it way cheaper. I believe God did this for me too, both for this renovation and the next surprise.

He made so much noise about it at work and on Facebook. All his friends were just hailing me. His colleagues called me to hail me and one prayed for me. All my friends were hailing me, but I moved on real fast cos I knew the real surprise was going to be on his birthday. That one was the one I now started to plan…

That one was going to BLOW HIM AWAY…

Then I prayed and asked for wisdom and ideas from God. Last year, he was just starting a new job and his old phone was just a joke. I got him a SOLID Samsung phone and cos he was in my sister’s house at the time, I planned with my nieces to give him. He didn’t believe it was his own for at least an hour. He kept asking me over the phone if I was for real haha. Two years ago, I gifted him the entire Leadership series from Daystar. Imagine, we now attend Daystar.

This year, he said he wanted an iPad. In Nigeria, it was going to cost N300k ish. Where I wan see that money lol. It was cheaper on Amazon but frankly I didn’t have that shipping time and I also didn’t have loose cash. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit told me to scrap that iPad idea and give him a gift that would truly reflect what he wanted to achieve this new year.

The iPad would have been for show, but surely, I could gift him something of SUBSTANCE? Yes!!!

So, hubby has planned to write some professional courses starting next year. Actually, he was to start this year but couldn’t. Aside from paying for them, he needs his own personal laptop for study. He had talked about buying one. I decided I would pay for the registration of the exams, which was NOT CHEAP as it was in Pounds, and then buy the laptop. Cost me about the same as the iPad but it was SUBSTANCE. It was a gift that said I BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS BABE SO GO GET ‘EM!!!

I didnt have the money either, but I had faith, peace and ASSURANCE from God so, now the planning. Phew.

First, I confirmed the price of the course from British Council and then asked my sis in the UK to come home with pounds for me so I give her naira. I couldn’t pay for him so I decided I would give him cash instead. An alternative was BDC but since my sis was right there, why bother? Before they give me fake pounds.

That sorted, laptop was next.

I needed to buy him a laptop he truly wanted. I got mine from Blessing Computers in Computer village and I have had absolutely no issues. So I decided I would go back there.

Now I needed him to go with me so I needed a story.


I recall a friend in Abuja had asked me about my laptop before and how she wanted to also buy from the same place which I mentioned earlier to him, so I brought up that story again and told him Imade sent me money for a laptop for her, but that please I trust his judgement so he should follow me abeg. Thankfully, he was on casual leave a certain Tuesday so off we went. We didn’t even drive cos he said he didn’t wanna be stuck in traffic so we took a bus and then biked all the way to CV.

Got to Blessing computer and see my hubby accessing all the systems carefully.

Finally settled for one which he thought would be perfect for her. I had also told him Imade was taking the same British council courses he planned to take so the laptop has to be one that works for it too. Thankfully, the one he chose fit my budget. Infact, he said he would come back next month and buy that same exact one for himself cos he needs a laptop desperately. I was like COOL haha. If only dude knows he is choosing his own laptop.

Then I asked him what kinda software and Apps she would need installed for the exams, which he chose and then they installed. I even rang Imade there and then asking her fake questions and she was along for the ride, thanking me and everything. Hubby had NO IDEA he was being pranked haha.

After the call, I tell him Imade needs a laptop bag, and he is like let’s go find a feminine one. I say NOOOOO, Imade is as masculine as they come so he should choose one that works for him and I am sure she would like it. He picked one I hated but which he loved and kept extolling so I paid too.

Then we went home.

Now for the presentation, I knew I wanted it to be done in the office so I rang one of his colleagues, Rita and told her what was up. She started laughing cos she said he had gisted them how I cucu carried him to CV on day he should be resting to buy a Computer for my friend blabla. She was in on the plan and got a few colleagues too.

Then I told hubby that Imade or someone would come pick it up on Friday so he needs to leave it at work for her as VI is closer for her. She was in Lagos for a training haha. Kai. But that she wanted me to put a few videos and messages for her before sending.

Again, he believed.

My sis had also sent the cash through him to me and said to him that she would call me for what the money was for. He said he even thought it was for me and was happy as it was the exact same amount he needed to register for the course, so I was like NOOOOOOOO, someone sent it to their people from the UK and it is easier for them to pick up from me than her. Infact, see me yabbing the person sef, that why not just send naira, what is the point of pounds, blabla.

So, I put the money right inside the laptop, sealed it back and he took it to work waiting for Imade. Meanwhile, I don plan am with his colleague. The gist was I would tell him when Imade was on her way then ring Rita after some time to say I couldn’t reach him and that he should call me immediately cos I forgot a DVD inside the laptop which he needed to retrieve before Imade shows up. Meanwhile cameras on standby to record. Haha. He acted out the script perfectly and was like how would he now seal back this laptop as no cellotape at work, but I was like Imade wont mind. She knows we already put things in it. Then he unboxes and opens the laptop only to see HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE and ALL THE BEST WITH YOUR EXAMS


I had put the money there too.

The video is kinda blurred and I had to merge both as that’s the only way it is agreeing to upload

For 15mins, my husband didn’t say ONE WORD. They were recording, throwing bants, yabbing him, etx. He said if he had said anything he would have cried. Crazy thing is he was suspicious of my moves that day, esp cos my sister and her driver were back and forthing his office for something totally different. He thought they were part of a surprise I had planned out not knowing his surprise had been with him all through.

That dude was MEGA GRATEFUL

Like he didn’t even KNOW what to say. He was SPEECHLESS even after he got home.


Sweet Wives Association President confam!!!! Where’s my badge??

But I wasn’t even done.

Saturday was his birthday gangan, so I rang about 5 of his friends from his present work, inclduing his best man and Rita for a surprise party at home. I got chocolate cake (it was sinfully good), small chops, homemade zobo haha and we cucu had chocolate lying around at home, then his fave, asun and peppered ponmo. Ewa helped me with them, while my DM did the zobo.

Guess what? His best was on his way but was stuck in traffic and it wasn’t looking good. I told him to turn back lol. But to call Bolaji who was surprised that he was even coming. Rita couldn’t come cos she came in late from an appointment. The remaining two cancelled, so only one could make it.

Guess what? The one that made it was the PERFECT company he needed for that day.

I told you I wanted a gift that was truly SUBSTANTIAL for NEXT LEVEL and Christian, a former colleague back in Bonny who also relocated to another job in Lagos the same time was Bolaji, and didn’t KNOW what my gift and purpose was, kept talking about all the steps he had taken professional wise, started his MBA, how he manages to stay fruitful. Waking up earlier to study, etx. EVERY GINGER HUBBY NEEDED FOR NEXT LEVEL. At some point, I had to ask Christian if this was his first time in Lagos FOR REAL and he said YES. Moved here a year ago for work and he had become a real LAGOSIAN.

Kai. I sat in on their talk for a bit and even I was gingered. Plus, they also caught up on their new lives and all. When he left, hubby was just PUMPED. Like, we had a deep conversation and he was just sharing with me his goal for this next year of his life and all the plans he will start to make…

Imagine if I got an iPad?

Kai. Now, I will buy him that iPad no doubt, but I am so glad I listened to the Lord on this one. I had friends in my area that I could have invited but I didn’t. I wanted professional thinking friends lol.

At the end of the day, the birthday gifts spoke to him in ways that truly let him know how much I love and am truly cheering for him.

After Christian left, he said he wanted to see a movie. I was tired abeg but per birthday, I had to oblige. He said MERRY MEN/YORUBA DEMONS and I said NOPE. Cos I am tried of movies with nice location, perfect camera angles, make up and costume on fleek but not just watered-down storylines but they actually promote vices, but we laugh and subconsciously let such immoral behavior into our system. I wasn’t sure if MERRY MEN was going to be like that but that YORUBA DEMON name put a check in my spirit. I had no doubt it was going to be funny but morals nko? Abeg. I had seen a few recently that left me empty and I was done.

We decided on NIGHT SCHOOL and what a PERFECT CHOICE.

And how crazy is it that Tiffany Haddish gets to act with Kevin Hart. They actually have history (not romantic) together so its like FULL CIRCLE.

Love Tiff and this movie has values, great acting, funny, nice costume and NO VULGAR OR DIRTY SCENE. Haba!!! I was thrilled. I am lowkey praying for Tiff that God keeps her pure and grounded just as she soars. Or that she stays… Cos God will play his part. Anyways, hubby LOVED the movie and thanked me for my OBVIOUSLY BETTER CHOICE

Another WIFE WIN haha

Then we got home and you KNOW a man has only one love language at night. Yes, I had fed his tummy, his mind, his spirit and now the day had to end the only way it had to end.

Gosh what a beautiful birthday this was. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF walahi.

There was a time birthdays for me were about cakes and photoshoots, which no doubt are all good. But today, birthdays are so much deeper, and are literally full of purpose for me, and I am glad I could celebrate my hubby like this.

Whoop!!! My bank account needs the hand of God though.

Ok, I wanna end this with a story

Two years ago, there was s season I camped daily on Heather’s blog. I always searched for keywords like divorce, marriage, and the likes.

No, I didn’t wanna divorce my hubby, but I was in a place that I didn’t like. I just wasn’t so happy. I knew I had made the right choice on a husband BUT truth be told, I felt stuck… In life, in marriage and more. So, I checked out Heather’s blog cos she too had gone through that season and she always encouraged us to FIGHT!!! She was transparent and shared about their fights, plan to divorce, lack of money, no job, etx. She shared how she fought, prayed for her husband, became a better woman, shut down negative friends and people, even controlled family interference.

I even checked out Cornelius blog for same. Their stories gave me hope. I knew I could make my marriage what I wanted it to be. I started to take steps. First, I shut down some friendships that weren’t helping. I started to read books. I practiced the SPIRIT OF SHUT UP. I prayed like a machine. I died to myself daily. I worked on ME not even my husband. I read books and articles on marriage. I put in the work. Today, gosh my marriage is my dream. I am not saying it is perfect but I am full of JOY. We settle issues in a mature way. I have seen my husband truly care for and love his family. He provides like crazy. Gosh. How CRAZY FAITHFUL is God!!!

If you are a wife reading this and you are not in a very good place, I challenge you to fight. There is so much information online you can fight with. Good godly counsel. Cut off wrong friends. Shut down stupid movies and empty social media and fight for your home. The grass is only as green as you work it.

May God continue to grant us wisdom as wives in Jesus name, AMEN

Longest post ever. Haha. I have another gist for yawl. Hopefully I can share this week.

Btw, just look at my 2-week results baby!!!!

Track with me on my blog www.coachesquad.com

I am sharing my entire journey to lose 10kg in 6weeks. Crazy I tell ya, but this WILD WOMAN knows how to live life on a CRAZY LANE

One last bit of info, so we had our very first ONLINE BIBLE STUDY in our ZOOM PRAYER PARTY GROUP and let me tell you guys, we let loose some WILD WOMEN. We studied Rev 12 and watched SJR’s WILD WOMAN then did a study together for an hour. It was STRAIGHT FIRE!!!!!!!! I am wrecked forever in a good way, and certainly WILD IS THE NEW SEXY. I wanna encourage any chick who needs more fire in her Christian walk to join us. Read this post for details however BEFORE joining us…

I am already excited for our next Bible study which I will share with them later this week. God is CRAZY GRACIOUS. He truly has my heart… FOREVER!!!

Let me leave you with one of my all time fave songs



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  1. This post gave me so much joy, God bless you mama. Also, I sent a mail re the zoom party two weeks ago or so but didn’t get a reply.

  2. This was so beautiful to read.
    Your husband is a superstar, anyone born in October is. 💁‍♀️
    ‘The grass is only as green as you work it.’ 🤔Wise saying.

    Well done with all you do. More blessings flow through channels than cups, as Pastor Poju would say. With cups, you at best get an overflow, capacity is the same. With channels, capacity is limitless.
    Keep living a life that speaks (good things).

  3. Woooooowza!!!! Girl!!! You truly deserve the award! Thumbs up and keep inspiring and changing lives dear 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. I have been a silent follower,just know I am obsessed with your blog.After reading this particular post I had to just comment because it is so precise for me. Thank you for always yielding to the Lord.

  5. Thank you baby for all you are, for all you do for me, for our kids and for the inspiration you are to the world. Lo.ve you, love you, loveeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  6. To say I’m inspired is an understatement! You’ve been amazing to me since 2014 when I first discovered your blog. Thank you for letting your light shine so brightly which gives others the chance to do so as well. THANK YOU!!!

  7. This story is so inspiring and am really touched. More of His grace, He is just starting with you. Shine on Girl, I love your transparency in writing and living. Happy birthday to your Hubby.

  8. This post is so enlightening. Could you kindly share some of the articles and books that helped you in fighting for your marriage? Thanks. God bless you and yours!

    1. I mostly googled. Then Heathers fighting for your marriage and Lisa’s the story of marriage. Then so many YouTube videos and interviews from both

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