In class yesterday, Pastor Bolu who took us on CAREER SUCCESS was talking about how one time, there was a situation in his former place of work that needed laborers to do plenty lifting but none were forthcoming. Next thing he saw his boss roll up his sleeves and tackle the matter. Nobody told the rest of them to roll up and join him….

Did you know Baby, that you could ROLL UP on your own issues???

Like you can go all gangsta/agbero and go to battle with that matter currently giving you issues…

You can ROLL UP on the devil literally. Get into a bloody feud, have some injuries BUT still DESTROY him?

Let’s give some scripture content to this gangsta bloody battle…

Context: Garden of Eden. After they had eaten the fruit and God was distributing curses.

Let’s focus on what was told the serpent…

Let me use the Good news Bible…

I will make you and the woman hate each other; her offspring and yours will always be enemies. Her offspring will crush your head, and you will bite her offspring’s heel.”
Genesis 3:15 GNB

The serpent will bite our heel but we will CRUSH HIS HEAD!!!!

Now some versions pretty much use the same verb for the action

MSG says Wound-wound
NLT says Strike-Strike
KJV/AMPC says Bruise-Bruise

You see, I heard this phrase first from SJR last year.

She preached at Propel Activate in Atlanta and this was the phrase used on her flier post-conference. Now, Propel Activate messages are not available anywhere so I couldn’t even listen to it, had no frame of reference for the phrase but never quite forgot it.

Then recall that day I said I had to go downstairs and outside to battle? That phrase came to me repeatedly. A friend actually sent me a testimony off that post.

Very powerful. Kai.

Anyways, I told you that I didn’t have to pray long. My answer was quick. Then I just told God how He knew I was such a HOT MESS as are many of His powerful children, and He said, yet still gave us so much power against our messes AND THE ENEMY.

Broken bunch of humans yet so powerful against Satan.

That was when I heard HIM say because BRUISED HEELS STILL CRUSH SERPENTS HEAD!!!
(which was why I prayed for my friends that day cos I KNEW that despite all our issues, we could whoop Satan’s ass VERY WELL)

And at that point, I knew it was time to search the scriptures for more.

When it comes to the Word Study, I learned well from my Amazing Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. Armed with that knowledge, YouTube and YouVersion, I got to work.

Off to Genesis.

Was kinda shocked at all the many versions using the same verb. At that point, I knew English was being a hindrance. They missed something in the translation. Off to find the Greek and Hebrew root word.

See what I saw…

Others allege that the text actually contains similar, though different, words. Stigers argues that “crush” and “bruise” represent “a play on two Hebrew words that look alike, as though from the same root. But bruise is from *suph* , whereas crush is from *saaph* , an allied root…
Atkinson sums up:

“Whatever the exact meaning of the verb, the picture seems to be clear. To bruise the head is a picture of *fatal and final destruction* . To bruise the heel is a picture of damage, which is *neither* fatal nor final” (51).

Did yawl see that? To bruise *suph*, which is what the serpent does to us is yes bloody, but is neither fatal nor final. Meaning we can still get healed and still walk sef. But to *saaph* or crush, which is what WE do to Satan is not just going to draw blood but it is final and fatal DESTRUCTION!!!

I’m broken but still deadly…
I’m limping but KILLING…

You are broken but DEADLY!!!
You are limping but still with the ability to KILL!!!

Bruised heels, crushing heads.

And come to think of it, bruise my heel and I can still function, but Crush my head and I’m gone.

Sis, this revelation did me good.


Like I pulled my head back, squared my shoulders and rolled up my sleeves. I started to go into battles. Matter of fact, that same morning, I had cause to run into the toilet at DLA, sit on the floor and bawl my eyes off over something I knew God had answered IN A WAY I DIDN’T WANT, then cleaned my face, got up, squared my shoulders and rolled up my sleeves battle ready again.

Satan never hala…

‘Bruised heels’ moment don’t even affect the power to crush satan’s head to powder.

Na today.

Let me tell you sisters, CRY!!! Bawl your eyes out but roll up those sleeves on that issue and keep fighting. You in your BROKEN BEAT DOWN state can still wreck damage…

Again, na today???

We battle with prayers, worship (really WAR-ship, cos Jenn and Brooke L. literally give me a SWORD), the WORD, wise counsel and then some balls TO ACT on EVERYTHING He tells us.

That’s it oooooo, SISTERS.

I feel like this second season of our ZOOM midnight prayers is going to be a sleeve rolling, bloody feud season for us all but WHO IS NOT READY???? We actually may need to run 2 Zoom meetings per time now cos we are likely to have more than 25, especially if everyone is available but hey, shouldn’t it be so? More chicks, bruised but still DANGEROUS!!!

We need to stop being ashamed or feeling powerless cos of our issues, bruises and limps. Jesus is never ever going to be surprised by us. He knew all our issues and wahala before hand and still called us HIS own and gave us authority.

We need to know we have AUTHORITY not cos of WHAT WE DO but cos of WHO and WHOSE WE ARE. Its not Eziaha, It’s GOD. So I get myself and MY ISSUES out of the way, and do what i gotta do.

Like GOD AND JESUS are MY PEOPLE plus the Holy spirit?

See Squad na…

Abeg forget Satan.

Girl you have power and authority!!!

Giving up, weak chicks, I’m tired” no dey reign again. It’s so 1400’s/ Not even fit for a TIME MACHINE!!!

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get into battles baby, cos no matter how bloody they get, BRUISED HEELS STILL CRUSH SERPENT’S HEAD!!!!





Yesterday, my God blew my team and I’s mind. 200k got slashed off our venue price.

I recall walking into that venue and thinking I’ll Never afford this. But God heard us and gave us an UNBELIEVABLE DISCOUNT. At that point, I told God I was getting out of His way to do WHATEVER He wants to do.

Like we have confirmed all 10 Speakers, have almost 100 gifts from sponsors who have confirmed (and at least 50more gifts from unconfirmed sponsors so every Domestic Queen goes home with a SOLID GIFT), enough edibles to go round from sponsors, a crazy crazy hall I could NEVER afford easily right now, and an almost fully planned our conference over 10weeks to the date.

Excuse me while I keep crying.


This week Friday, we unveil speakers and open registration. I’m banking on my people to help me publicise this. My people being you who reads my blog.

You see, being a Stay at Home mom can be really frustrating, depressing and sad for MOST of us, but it can also be a JOYFUL and FRUITFUL season of strength. Which is why you MUST tell every stay at home mom you know. Don’t do it for me!!! Do it FOR THEM!!! I have NO DOUBT this will be the turning point for EVERY ONE who attends…

Have new fliers (which were a gift from someone) and new programs at CoachE’Squad Ltd.


If you have questions on anyone, holler at us via whatsapp 09055868614 or email coache@coachesquad.com

Let’s end 2018 healthier and stronger than we began it. Please share with any chick who may need it…

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  1. I just saw this and I am taking permission to adopt some of your phrases used. I practically love the analysis on bruised and crush.. More oil ma. Amen

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