A happy new month is apt…. So happy new month my Darling FAB’ers… I pray this year is truly F.A.B for us all… All day, Everyday… Amen.

Another double delight Sunday…
Teniola I have not met yet but I feel like I know her… My sweetheart, I love how she is deliberately living for Christ and seeking new ways to grow… Loveeeeeeeet…
One of the first things she said to me when we spoke sometime last year, in the think of ASUU strike was ‘…I am graduating next year and I doing care what the devil tries to do or not with ASUU…’ I immediately respected her faith…
She said it with such sureness, I am sure the devil cringed.
Wham!!! In a coupla days, ASUU strike was called off!!! Hallelujah… He he he

One of my most vocal mentees (she already has claimed a ‘twinee’ in the group), she didn’t stop disturbing me till i kicked off the whatsapp group. Thanks babe for the push…
I am a tad surprised she sent me som’in short… But hey, tz short and packed…

FAB’ers, my girl Teniola Fasoro…

2013 didn’t exactly end the way i wanted it to but it ended just the way God planned it for me.
My name is Teniola,i will be 22years old in feburary.
Here are my 2014 plans

First is to graduate,i mean i cant wait. Not just graduate but be outstanding.

A better and more intimate relationship with God,i cannot over emphasis this.

I also want tew take a leadership course this year.

***oh I am just seeing this… Oya what are your options babe? Have you started making moves? Will it be virtual or real? More details please…***

Read more books,i love reading so this should not be a problem for me.

Am also praying that God settles two of my elder sisters maritally this year and also provide my family with our own acommodation.

***AMEN… You have started testifying already oooo… Yay***

I want tew be more open and allow people into my life,not just anybody but people who can help me be better like E’

***Lol, you got me… And I am excited about how you started filtering your friends…***

This year i want to be the BEST version of me,its all about God and being better.

PS: This year is strictly no boys,time will come for them.

***You and Frances are serious on this NO BOYS issue… Well, you know why I am sure, so….***

Teniola Fasoro,#teamJesusalltheway.

Thanks darling.
We are testifying already… Whoop!!!

My second F.A.B. testifier is one of my male readers… And the only male actually that sent me an entry, I think.
Dave is some one I would like to meet…
He just has too much FAB swag… It must come from being a music/studio/creative person… I totally love his job.
Somewhere in the body of his post, he will tell us how he joined the F.A.B. community… He he he

Without further ado, Davebeatz

Yeah yeah it’s Davidson Emmanuel aka
Davebeatz or Daveblinkz behind the ×××MIC×××× sorry in front of my phone typing this message.

I am a Studio Engineer and a Music Producer, a keyboardist and a singer. I come from Abia State. Nigeria west Africa, Africa.
I’ll actually like to thank you the fab Lady E for making this opportunity available for me and others as well to testify and also share our dreams.
I am really addicted to this blog, no joking. I make sure to visit every week… Used to be daily till studio work and stuff increased…

One of the remarkable things that happened to me in 2013 or late 2012 was getting in touch with ya blog. It really shaped my life in a positive way. I remembered bookmarking ya blog address in my friends phones. I don’t know if you could remember times without number I sent you messages on ya Facebook telling you of the impacts you’ve made in me. I remember one of
ya blogs that made me wept through the night #skillsoverswag#[swags alone would pay no bills]. Like seriously that’s still one of my favourite. One of the things that gladdens my heart is the way you start most times, you tend to start in one kind funny way and then “boom” you drop the message undiluted.

***darling, I totally remember those fb messages. Dude would read and send me feedback that were very insightful… Made me realize I was making a difference cos he truly took steps to better himself as he read… Thank you for all that darling,.. God bless you… And yes I also totally love that #skillzoverswags post. I was VERY miffed the day I wrote it. Apparently, anger is also my muse… I recall I was in final year then and some dude in my class had just done something that ticked me off to the max. He had so much swag and not much else… Eish!!! I picked up my laptop and did the post… https://eziaha.com/2012/08/11/swagz-alone-would-pay-no-bills-skilloverswagz/***

I know I’ve got lots of dreams which I
must tell myself the truth they’re
big, most times I wonder if its

possible but I know the God we serve,
Him all things are possible.
1. Will be about my career which is
my passion, don’t know if there’s any
other thing I could have done better. I
often tell my friends “there’s
nothing like getting paid in what you
love doing and what you could have
done for free”.
Music is my passion, my love. My desire and dream this year is that I become more well established in my music life. To become the best music producer and studio engineer.

(Shout out to Master Craft, Del B, Shezy, T Y mix, Sam clef. Their productions inspire me a lot.)

***aha!!! Be sure to be sending us download links here oooo. Big mighty amen to this…***

And again my ministry as a music minister, my desire is that God should increase his anointing on me so that any time I open my mouth to sing or lay my hands on the keyboard to play there should be an out pour of God’s blessings, Anointing, Open doors etc. And That RADIANT SOUNDS RECORDING STUDIOS (my studio) should come into existence.

***I am actually screaming this AMEN… This is so huge, I practically have goosebumps… The music ministry is one that is indeed a high calling to me. I love seeing real music ministers do their thing. Hopefully, one day, I will hear you live…***

2. ××My relationship with God××. That’s very important to me, I don’t wanna slack this year like I did last year, my prayer is that He draw me closer to Himself. And My relationship with people, my dream is that I become a blessing to people around me, a source of inspiration, A motivator like you ma’mah.

*Loool. This ma’mah he calls me makes me laugh… Amen to that. We have to keep inspiring people ooo… Inspiring them to Christ and greatness***

3. ××My house××. Abeg  its not too early if I have my own house this year. And its not too early if ride my first car this year hahahah.

***no it isn’t. At all biko…***

4. Blessings will chase me around. In fact no need of calling it a dream cos I’ve got the assurance within me.

These are big dreams o. But then if it’s not bigger than you, its not a real dream.

***Yes, we dream big because we serve a very big God…****

No PS, PPS or PPPS just like you ma’mah.
That’s the few dreams for now unless there’s a call for season Two. You are the best.
(Ma’mah about the pics pls add it to the previous ones I sent.)

***yup dear, I added the pictures that you sent…***

Thank you so much my darlings…
Teniola and Dave…
Both of you rock… Both of you I hope to meet one day…

Special special shout out to my F.A.B mentees. As much as you guys drain me sometimes, like today, and you guys make me roll my eyes with all the aunty E’ big sis E’ Mummy E’, I am enjoying every second with you girls…
Please drop all the drama… E’ is just fine. Biko…
I should think of a sanction for defaulters

Love you girls mega and thanks for the privilege of having me in your gorgeous lives and all the lurv…
Soon, I will start featuring y’all on my blog… I am also learning from you guys… Totally awesome experience…

Have a testimony filled week everyone…

11 Responses

  1. big dreams, big God! Doable? yes! and I am soo rooting for Dave as a minister through whom God’s anointing will flow, draw close to God and let His spirit lead you and I am pretty sure I will be worshipping God with one of your songs soon…
    wish you an awesome graduation soon as God’s foremost in your school Teniola and your birthday’s dis February ba? happy birthday in advance..
    ps; E, I nor talk say no boys o, if he come this year, he come. i got plenty to sort out before he does.lol… strangely sha, people for church dey prophesy into my life dey call me bride, me nor know wats up with that oooo…
    all in all,cheers to celebration of fulfilled aspirations by year’s end.

  2. Happy new month E’. Teni,amen to those plans o & Dave,I so love the big plan (house,car) & permit me to join you…..kai! Devil must cry & weep this year

  3. Amen to all your dreams Dave and Teniola. God will shock and do much more than ♈υ̲̣̥ ask or think. He fetches water ₩ɪ̣̝̇†̥ a basket to disgrace the bucket. He is the impossibility specialist. Chill Dave God has it all in control.

  4. Teniola and Dave will testify! Friend filter mode activated, very necessary in these times.
    Looking forward to gen gen beats and things Dave shall cook up in the studio kishen.

    Dave should join the #LA Family ooo. Sheck irrout here: http://thelafamily.org/

    PSP abi PPS 😀 – The Skill Over Swagz link didn’t work because the ‘***’ was embedded in the link. Fixed: https://eziaha.com/2012/08/11/swagz-alone-would-pay-no-bills-skilloverswagz/

    Have a Fabulous February Fab Family!

  5. Awwn..Great goals guys..God’s grace all the way..Teni,would love to be friends with you,yearn for a ‘positive-spirited’ person in my life!..First time commenting,so glad to be part of F.A.B Community!

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