My journey with tfs mentee, My name is Chidinma.

I feel so privileged to share with others in TFS ACADEMY what mama E have taught, yes I applied it to my life and I have seen great results.

we were assigned to mentor some ladies in tfs and the experience so far have been awesome.

Before we started we have a schedule of how everything will run. 

Time management: We asked practical questions on how they spent their 24hrs.  it was really a great insight for them, as they never taught about tracking how they spent their time. In order to be more intentional about managing their time productively, we threw more light on the following and their importance.

1. Have a “to do list” to prioritize: you have to live off a list, it’s so important to your productivity, you can’t always remember everything you have to do, so it’s best to get a planner/diary or journal where you put down things you will like to see yourself achieve per day.

2. Start your day early/ Maximize your hours: most times you hear some people say oh am a night person or I’m a morning person, whichever one that works for you is fine.

3. Have alarms on your phone as reminder for tasks you are likely to forget.

4. Do not procrastinate the important stuffs

The good thing about this is that how you manage your time is dependent on you, so just do what works for you. As time goes on keep making adjustment to suit your seasons.

one of the mentee shared her struggles on how she leaves her house as early as 4:30am, spending most of her time inside the bus cos she stays a bit far from her place of work plus traffic issue, I shared with her how I manage to achieve some of my daily must using fringe hours, like I do most of my daily must inside the bus on my way to work because I may get to work and be too busy.

So I make use of that time judiciously. one of it is listening to a message, or reading my book for the month or my bible plan. The point is to make progress not just activity but being more productive and fruitful with your time.

spiritual life: having a prayer schedule, journaling and all. Prayer is really important and there is no substitution to it. We need to spend time with God, enjoy his presence, share our burdens and get to know his plans concerning every aspect of our lives.

I shared how at first I struggled so much to wake up and spend time with God, I battled with sleeping habit and how I have to ignore my flesh and spend time with God regardless of how am feeling. I wrote down the revelation God showed me while studying the word (scriptures).

Sometimes I just write letter to God, pouring my heart to him either am happy, sad, excited or going through any challenge, I just share how it’s doing me, if I have questions I ask him too and it has been amazing how God is so mindful of us. I also wrote down things the Holy spirit lays in my heart about my life. This is no joke;

God has revealed things to me about my life that I never would have thought of.  You can’t always want to but you have to be disciplined enough to do it.

Trust me your flesh will fight but the bible says we can’t be led by our flesh but by the spirit of God (Gal 5:16). I shared my prayer schedule and journal with them so as to help them write their own prayer schedule and also get a journal. Lest I forget I also record my testimonies too. This one really important, it has helped me a lot, when am faced with anything I just go back and read through my conversation with God, and I am encouraged. In all this the strength you need for all this comes from God and not by your power, so when you spend time with God that is where you receive strength.

READING: We talked about developing yourself through reading, how Reading will expand your mind and exposes you to lots of information. As you grow your spiritual life reading Christian books will help you too. Aside from Christian books there are other books you can read that covers other aspect of your life.When it comes to reading, most times you won’t always feel like doing it, but you need to. In becoming the person you want to be, I realize you have to pay less attention to how you feel, if you keep checking your feelings before you do anything then you won’t be able to do anything.

You need to train your emotions to adjust. For you to be more accountable when reading you have to give yourself target, let’s say i can read one chapter per day or two chapters per week depending on you

Reading blogs too helps. I started with JUSTUSGIRLSNAIJA.COM it was from there I got to know about and trust me it changed my perspective and helped me grow.

like eziaha will say, read according to your season. You don’t just read; you have to be intentional about it

Relationship and friendship: how you need to define your relationship with me and not to misuse it or allow familiarity to destroy it. Also knowing how to respect boundaries. 

Listening to messages and confessions: I shared some of the preachers I listen to, which are pastor Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo and Joshua Selman. I have lots of messages on relationship that pastor K have preached about and this messages have helped me made wise and Godly decisions, it has also encouraged me and helped me grow in my relationship with God.

Writing confessions is another way of speaking positive things into your life. Saying to yourself things you want to see in your life as if they already happened. 

In conclusion, there is no growth without deliberate action. You have to be very intentional about your life, you need to put some level of discipline on yourself to be able to see the growth you desire and you need to be consistent.

Starting something is not the problem but seeing yourself finish the process is the real deal. This is something you learn continuously; you can’t get it all perfect but you have to keep making progress.

Within this four weeks, we saw growth in the life of the mentees, they kept updating us about their level of progress, the things they have started doing and where they have challenges which we helped identify how to handle it and the effect on their life generally

This experience of sharing and pouring what we have learnt from Eziaha is priceless. I feel like this is just a way of given back to others what God have given me on a platter of Gold.

I hope that what I have shared will bless someone’s life here.

I am grateful for this privilege Thank you ma.



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