Three Parties with Eziaha, and YOU are specially invited!

It’s the final quarter in 2022, and while the year is nicely winding down, I do know there are still many wins in it for you. And to make sure that I do my own best to help you where I can, I am hosting 3 virtual parties to which I am inviting you specially. […]

Young? Wanna have sense and last long? Read this!

In this blog post, I don’t have any filters. Your emotions will want to be offended, but if you are wise, and want to last long, you will find the gems here. I am writing to us young people who are smelling success and suddenly want to be foolish. Stop. Read. Apply. Happy Blogging again!!! […]

‘esh; Setting Stay-at-Home Moms on Fire. Details within

***UPDATED*** As we said, the site will be updated regularly as the Day approaches. Here is the proposed program for the day, Sisters ‘esh Program Thursday, December 9, 2021 Doors Open at 9am Time Activity Person 9.30am Opening Prayer Chidinma Obodozie 9.35 to 10am          Worship Chisom Ekeke and team 10 – 10.05 Mentor Video 1 […]

Is it too much? (Dealing with my insecurities)

Holla holla FaithFam Yes, on Eziaha.com, yawl are my #FaithFam. On stayhomemoms.ng, we are #MommyFam On coache.ng, we are #FitFam So holler holla #FaithFam❤️❤️❤️ If you know me, you probably KNOW that I love love love Heather Lindsey. I lean in a whole lot to her ministry and its expressions and we have many similarities, […]


This post really comes from something I have been working out in my life especially in recent times, especially as I walk through what really is an INTENSE season, which frankly, I am not trying to make anyone understand, or seek human support above what is necessary. I take JOY and STRENGTH in the JOY […]

#On Raising Leaders…. Tolu’s experience.

Hiiii readers, My name is Oladejo Toluwa, Eziaha’s mentee . So, in April I had the privilege to mentor 2 ladies from the TFS Academy in March alongside a fellow mentee Chidinma. The experience was a major highlight for me this year, especially cos it’s such a JOY to be a part of someone’s ‘I […]

#On Raising Leaders…Chidinma’s Experience

My journey with tfs mentee, My name is Chidinma. I feel so privileged to share with others in TFS ACADEMY what mama E have taught, yes I applied it to my life and I have seen great results. we were assigned to mentor some ladies in tfs and the experience so far have been awesome. Before we started we […]

#On Raising Leaders: Bimbo’s Experience

I must say pouring into people,most especially those on our level or downwards can be a true test of one’s growth game. It’s like giving yourself a score card of how far you yourself have learnt and how serious you take your life. That was exactly what happened to me while mentoring Goodness and Ife […]

I looked up and I was STRIPPED

Hey people, Been ages I wrote here. Ok life has been intensely awesome. First, there was EKBALLO which was HEAVEN ON EARTH. Yawl I can’t lie I am so stinkin’ proud of me. And an already perfect program was made even perfecter lol by the surprise appearance by my Rev. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Imagine my shock when […]