Hey yawl…

Compliments of the season. I pray, like Mary, we deliver our God-given dreams which will bring JOY to the world, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Speaking of dreams, 2017 is going to be unbelievable!!! Personally, it is my YEAR OF POWER MOVES!!! As a Church, I can’t wait for the Word over the year which PK will drop at Cross over service.

I’m definitely hitting the year running. No time to slack. There is such a fire on my inside and grace for it all, and I’m not frustrating either.

PowWow with E’ 1.0 was EVERYTHING I prayed for. And more.

Was gonna share gists from it in this post but my POWER MOVES 2017 team says that would be an overload in this post. But if you follow me on IG and Facebook, I’m sharing some gists there.
A couple of pictures tho…

Not so clear but we had Nellies banana bread and smoothies from Somre foods

My Accountability Partner Ijeoma Ufomadu
My best friend Ogochukwu

Jesus tank sah…
With the success, i’m now even bolder and just like

devil, you know I’m not the one to mess with…


But we thank God for victories won, and move on to take down more mountains for our King…

Enter PowWow with E’ 2.0

This time, with a focus on the Stay at Home moms, themed from my fave Chapter in the Bible, Proverbs 31.

Verse 27b in AMPC says

‘…the bread of idleness, gossip, discontent and self-pity she will NOT eat’

Honey, all 4 breads, I have eaten before, in my season as a Full time Stay at Home mom.

But God used a combo of stuff to heal me, and help me fully immerse in that season, and then from that season, bring forth fruits.

I’m so grateful, honored and humbled to help 25 more women who are in that season on the path to delivering their dreams too.

All the frustrations you feel now, I have felt it. The only time I got teary at the P413 PowWow was when I was recounting the absolute brokeness I dealt with earlier this 2016. Brokeness, frustrations, idleness, gossip (hardly tho), self-pity, comparison, beef, vexing for your husband, etc.

Been ere’ Done tha’, totally healed and BECOMING…

This is so personal to me because I know how we don’t get so much love. Tz like we are ‘just stay-at-home moms’ in the eyes of many.

Ah!!! What a lie!!! What a powerful season!!!

This event is FREE because I would love to sow a seed into yawl’s lives. I believe God that every need is already met in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

So I will be sharing deep, intimate and very practical lessons from my life, listening to you guys too, and answering questions.

And as if that is not enough, my Pastor and Mentor Pastor Mildred Okonkwo has graciously agreed to be there too.

So super excited. Like hubs had to double ask me ‘Pastor Mildred is coming?

Yes she is oooo.

Ok, a caveat. Or two.

ONLY Stay at Home moms please. Not just stay at home wives. The ‘mom’ dynamic changes a lot and that is what we will be navigating. I know you may wanna save the info for the future but I pray the future brings you helpers when you need em, but let’s focus on women whose reality today reflects what January Pow Wow with E’ vision is about.

Secondly, if you are an ‘At-Home Entrepreneur’ with a profit-making business, or people-blessing ministry already, and you are running in your lane, this is really not for you either.

I need SAHMs who feel like their lives don’t count for much because they are not doing stuff the society sees as ‘important’.

But now, there is a way to be a part still, if those caveats exclude you, and that is to volunteer.

I will have 5 volunteers who first are a part of our prayer team, and then will help with logistics. Also, yawl will help with caring for their babies if they come with ’em. Will prefer that my volunteers are stay at home wives, but if I don’t get enough, I will take the single Chicks who apply.

I have volunteer rules though.

So, for my Stay Home Mamas, and interested volunteers, please send an email to powwow@eziaha.com with details about yourself.

You will definitely hear back from us, especially if I have more questions for you.

Share with SAHMs you know please… tz just for 25 Chicks so hurry!!!

Registration is now open!!!

Super excited for these Domestic Queens.

Had to use two color themes for this. Purple cos it signifies Royalty, and green because, fruitfulness.

Super symbolic colors.

Moving on to my online mentoring Academy, The FAB Sistership Academy.

Get details about the Academy in this Post. It really is an online and extended version of PowWow with E’.


So I am re-branding the vision with some structures to accommodate JUST 6Chicks for 6weeks. January classes start on Sunday, the 8th.

Our courses will run online, via whatsapp 3days a week for 2-3hours.

It will be an intense 6weeks (complete with assignments and all) so I am having a rigorous selection process.

I want to make sure comedians don’t get in. Or the ‘I’m busy’ Chicks. If I’m bringing my A-game, you better bring yours too

So interested? Email Application to tfs@eziaha.com with rigorous info about yourself and why you want to join. Then we will get back to you with our form and all. If your form qualifies you to be picked, we will then send you the 6week curriculum and add you to the group.

Will close registration when the chicks are complete


Oh TFS Academy is FREE by the way. At least for now.

So tell a Chick to tell another Chick who may need it.
Ok gotta run. Btw Special shout out to my POWER MOVES crew.

I love the women yawl are becoming. They were at mine over the Christmas holiday and literally spent the whole day, and got home late. We were brainstorming on the New year’s projects. Amazingly, they are all graduates from my very first online mentoring squad of 2013. Doesn’t God just rock??? Invest in people and they somehow come back to be blessings and helpers.


Jesus thank Sah. And thanks Teni Bimz and Dee. Thank you for being my Vision Helpers and Ladder Holders. Sooooo grateful!!!
Season’s greetings and Happy New Year in 2017 yawl…

Regular weekly blogging will resume in the New year.


Love yawl…


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    1. Hi love
      No ooo. So sorry. Dont intend recording powwow yet cos of its intimacy. Esp this one. Maybe as God leads us later

  1. your doing a very good job Dear. God bless you . glad i came across your Instagram handle. keep doing what your doing. your good at it. i pray i dont miss the march class.

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