Hello everyone. My name is Chidinma and I’m one of the ladies who had the privilege of being mentored by Mama Eziaha these past weeks. I’m super excited to share all that I gleaned from my 5 week stay in the Fab Sistership Academy. I came in weak but I didn’t leave the same way. […]

#On Raising Leaders: Bimbo’s Experience

I must say pouring into people,most especially those on our level or downwards can be a true test of one’s growth game. It’s like giving yourself a score card of how far you yourself have learnt and how serious you take your life. That was exactly what happened to me while mentoring Goodness and Ife […]

Hey girl, let me MENTOR you!!! (Email correction)

First, I am SO SORRY about the email issues. I am postponing the Mentoring to Sunday, Feb 17, 2019. Please email eziaharx@yahoo.com instead. So please read on for deadlines and all… Happy New month, Darlings, Ok so first, whogohost, my blog hosters, has been messing with my blog as they ran their updates and so […]

Whoop. Yawl can now apply for the next TFS.

Hey yawl… Cobwebs cleared on this blog. Lol Hope everyone is doing A-OK? I am!!! Won’t even come here and complain about a thing. Haha. Ok, wanted to swing in and say APPLICATIONS FOR TFS ACADEMY now OPEN. TFS Academy is The FAB Sistership Academy, my online metoring Academy where I share my life with […]