Hey yawl…

Cobwebs cleared on this blog.


Hope everyone is doing A-OK?

I am!!! Won’t even come here and complain about a thing. Haha.

Ok, wanted to swing in and say APPLICATIONS FOR TFS ACADEMY now OPEN.

TFS Academy is The FAB Sistership Academy, my online metoring Academy where I share my life with the Chicks who get in, and then get to answer their questions.

Hey, if there is something in me you like and wanna lean into, you wanna apply. Last time, I took 6, and I dropped one chick on the journey because she was too busy for us.

This time, just in case I have to drop one more Chick, let me take 7.

It runs for 6weeks and each week, we share on a topic. The six topics are

  1. Time management and Discipline
  2. A rich Bible study and prayer life akaSpiritual growth
  3. Relationships (Friendship and Mentoring)
  4. Effective slipstreaming using online resources
  5. Boooooookssssssssss
  6. Questions. Questions. Questions

The last one, we had TFS sessions Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 8pm to 10pm. This would most likely be same. EVERYONE has to be available, except the reason is valid. Plus weekends are for pairing and assignments, usually reflective of what the week’s topic was.

What is the criteria? Nothing much, just have a heart to learn, an aversion to excuses, and be ready to put in the work. If you are too busy in this season, please apply for the next one, ok? Don’t let me pick you, and then you now disappear.

If interested, send a mail to tfs@eziaha.com telling em a bit about yourself, your season and why you want in.

It really won’t be on a first come basis, because some of yawl won’t see this on time, BUT I will close applications by Thursday March 2, 2017, so we have time to collate.

Uhm, again usually, even though I read all entries, I do not form a part of selecting because I am too emotional and biased lol, so I have a team. In all though, I trust my team. We are all prayed up and everything, so we will choose only as GOD leads us.

Sell yourself good in the application hun, because I made the last set of Chicks share what TFS had taught them on Social media, and it just made my messages and emails start pouring over. Even phone calls. A lot of people are literally just waiting for this post to go live and they will apply.

I am super excited to share this because the last TFS ridiculously BLESSED ME kai!!! Even though it was a HUGE sacrifice, but it strengthened m y spirit. Nothing like pumping Chicks up with some Jesus passion, and shining light on their path…

Loooooooooove it!!!

Ok, so see you in my inbox. Serious Chicks only.

With love,





The next POWWOW with E’ comes up March 26, and this one will be for Chicks in business tagged FROM FREEMIUM TO PREMIUM. Come learn how to put some money on your God given talent and watch God bless the work of your hands. Literally my life and story, and i will have my friend, and the QUEEN of online business in Nigeria with me. She was one of those who encouraged me to go premium with my coaching, and I am so glad I listened. Details soon, but it costs N5OOO so you wanna prepare for it. As usual, just 25 Chicks, so plan ahead. So if you have been having challenges with how to monetise your gift without guilt, or maybe you have monetised, but you are just not making enough money, or even little, or you need help on how to market your business well especially online, then this is for you. Can’t wait.



So today, the funniest thing happened. Lol. My son was out of school last week because he had cough and cattarh and I didn’t want it to spread, so i let him stay home. Thursday and Friday were midterm so he was home all week. His teacher didn’t call ONCE!!! I was livid. Today, i literally went to fight. Haha. I actually tied my top, to show i meant business. Lol

Got there and as the teacher was smiling to see me, I just start dropping my vex, that is how she calmly smiled and said she called me DAILY but I no pick. Haha. She was calling with the official line of the school, that was why i missed it. We even had to go to admin, where they are corroborated her story, plus i checked my phone and saw all the missed calls.

Phew!!! I had to apologise. Good thing is i wasn’t rude when i stated my case. Morale of the story? Not sure!!! Hahaha. But just don’t be messing with a Type A mama. Loooool.

Plus i think this hot mama is gon’ be a topic at staff meeting this week. Haha

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