#AugustFruitful31.12… My Labour Playlist and Hospital bag

Yay Today we get to tal’bout stuff relating to Labour. Let’s start with the shorter one… My Labour Playlist!! While I laboured for KingDaveed, I had just two songs on repeat. 1. Miracle worker by Glowreeyah. 2. My audio Pregnancy Confessions from Supernatural Childbirth (audio book) Back to back they played but more of the […]

#AugustFruitful31.9… Jesus, E’ and the Gym!!!

Hey guys, Good day? Spent half of mine cleaning out my kitchen right after my help and I returned from the market. In fact, she was tired but I wasn’t and I kept thinking HOPE THIS IS NOT WHAT THEY CALL NESTING oooo lol Just needed to really detox my kitchen as I hate load, […]

#AugustFruitful31.8… The next 10days

Hey yawl Week 2 and we going strong still. I’m typing this on the treadmill to pass time and even though I really reeeeeallly wanna gist you about my help that threatened to beat me but for my ‘condition’ , then ‘harm’ me in threat texts after she left, would rather type that from a […]

#AugustFruitful31.3…Of Reduced Movements and 38weeks induction

Ok so I have just returned from an Antenatal class where the Consultant, after reading my notes, said, and I quote… ‘I told you I would induce you at 38weeks right…?’ To which I am like EXCUSE YOU SIR, WHAT ARE YOU SMOKIN’ haha Ok I didn’t really say that but I am sure I […]

#AugustFruitful31.2… Pregnancy lessons Lisa Bevere taught me

Oh my gosh today has been TOUGH and it is not even 11am yet (at least at the time i started writing this). I have already cried like twice lol. Something happened with a Squaddie that made me feel so negligent and she opted out of my Squad. The painful part was she wasn’t even […]

#AugustFruitful31.1… Getting started

Hey yawl Happy Super Duper August. I am soooo EXCITED and EXPECTANT for August and yay, it is also my expected month of delivery, but I am hoping to tip right into September, as I am due last week of August. No hurries. Had a REDUCED MOVEMENT scare recently and the Consultant was quick to […]

31st Birthday. 31st week Bump. FIVE Chicks… Happy birthday to MEEEE

31… The magic number lol. How crazy cool is it that I turn 31 in the same week my Bump turned 31weeks. Ok, how crazy is it that Eziaha managed to keep off her pregnancy biz off social media for a whole 31weeks lol. Yawl recall how with my son KingDaveed, I literally went public […]

#PreggE’series… Between the Old cow and the Old wives’

Location: ObGyn’s Office Doctor: Mrs Olojo, today you have to take your tetanus injection Me: Oh really? Where? Hope not on my bumbum ooo (injection on the bumbum can paaaaaaaain) cos I will soooo cry Doctor: No. on the left arm. But this one you are scared of injection, you do know labour is painful […]

PreggE' series 1… On finding the PURRFECT antenatal hospital

                      Finally… Lol Been a long time coming but frankly, I think I’m starting at the right time with the right story. Was gonna kick the series off with a story on finding out I was preggers but let’s save that for later… Ok this […]