Today we get to tal’bout stuff relating to Labour.
Let’s start with the shorter one…
My Labour Playlist!!
While I laboured for KingDaveed, I had just two songs on repeat.
1. Miracle worker by Glowreeyah.
2. My audio Pregnancy Confessions from Supernatural Childbirth (audio book)
Back to back they played but more of the song. Just left it on repeat that whole day.
With this baby, I got 3 songs. Funny thing is as at June, I didn’t really know any of the 3. Today they are permanently on repeat from my phone and I feel like i co-wrote them. I will actually remove everything else from my phone so I have only these. Will reload phone later.
Labour Plyalist

1. Resurrecting by Elevation Worship. The lyrics are so powerful as it talks about the resurrecting power of Christ living in me and resurrecting me. My fave line has to be
Sooooo dang powerful.
Just knowing that my God has won the victory is enough to give me VICTORY in Labour.

2. Power flow by Monique
Since I discovered this song, I don’t think  I’ve played any thing else Nigerian lol. I feel like i know Monique personally. Just can’t get over it. Kai. His Power flowing in my and also saturating the atmosphere I am at is such a sweet guarantee that my Labour victory is sure.

My fave line remainsAgbanilagbatan oooo
Awonilawotan ooooo
Iwolatofarati…Pardon my Yoruba misspell.
I’m just thankful for a song with such power it reaches out of the screen and physically envelops you.
Thankful for Monique’s obedience to release it.

3. What a BEAUTIFUL name by HillSong United.
Truth is I probably can’t do 3 things without HillSong worship. A friend has worshipped in HillSong Church Australia before and she literally was ruined for any less authentic worship. Can’t wait to worship live with United especially. My fave part of the song are the lines preceding WHAT A POWERFUL NAME IT IS.

 I prefer Taya singing it though
Again it talks about the resurrection power of Jesus. You know, funny there was a time I used to pray for God to really show me in a PERSONAL way what the essence of EASTER really was. It didn’t seem like i understood it truly as we celebrated Easter yearly. So thankful TODAY that God has used lyrics of some songs to grant me that IN PART knowledge and understanding. JESUS destroyed DEATH. Wetin again remain??? And then i have access unlimited to that powerful name of JESUS? WOW.
Another song and worshipper who has driven home His resurrection to me is FOREVER by Kari Jobe. Not just the audio but the LIVE video is the most POWERFUL. Kari is so anointed. I wonder how many souls around the world she has never met but her worship has led them to Jesus. Ah!!!!
Tz not on my Labour playlist though but now i think of it, I may be adding Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli too. Funny I have only Kari’s live ministration of the song.
For now sha, just these 3.
Ok I’m definitely adding Holy Spirit cos He desperately needs to flood that atmosphere and I need to be well aware and immersed in it. Plus the medical team too.Ok so there you go… Four songs on my Labour playlist .
Giving no room to the devil and his spirit of fear by keeping a constant atmosphere of worship going around me.Now on to Part b of this post…
What’s in my hospital bag?
Ok so first thing to note is the hospital actually gives a list to the mom for her and baby. I’m registered in two hospitals…
The one i had KingDaveed in… one of Fashola’s Maternal and Childcare Centres super close to my parents’ home.
And a private one super close to my own home.
I’m having this baby at the second so I’m packed with thier own list as guide, and my knowledge and experience as a second time mom. Just two items extra though to make my bag MCC suitable just incase i deliver there and it can be easily bought in the hospital there jor. That’s the Nightingale which are like big sanitary sheets you put under you in the first phase of Labour especially cos some bleed (I did ) and of course we dont want the white sheets getting stained especially as Chicks stay rolling around during Labour from the pain or discomfort. Then  you also use it post delivery cos you are DEFINITELY crazy bleeding so it protects the sheets too even though you have maternity pads on already.
The second is a big Macintosh for added protection. Both I don’t have cos the private hospital didn’t ask for it.
*side story. Something funny about these two hospitals. The MCC is like a General hospital only better but still government owned so if course you don’t expect them to be petting you or a breezy fast antenatal session. I’ve got That’s at past 8 before only to be number 75 or so. Got there 5mins to 7 and I’m number 35 lol. Crazy stuff but that’s my first experience so my now experience at this private one IS SO DIFFERENT.
Here you come in and the Records people are Darlinging you and patiently responding to you. So sweet. Every step of the way, you feel premium care. If you forget your urine specimen bottle, they give another. If there is a problem,  they bend over backward to fix it. Took me sometime getting used to. They even have a storage for your hospital bag should you wanna drop it earlier so no matter where Labour hits, you are game to come straight to hospital.
But then again, price difference is clear.
At MCC with KingDaveed my bill was 17k plus, after an initial 10k deposit you pay compulsorily at Registration. Bear in mind I had crazy interventions ooo yet no increase in bill. Of course this excluded the blood hubby had to buy and various tests baby and I had to do. Plus my baby stayed a week in Neonatal ward yet we didn’t pay a dime for him though we got the drugs and drips and stuff but still…
A Cesearan section there costs about 85k at the time but now it has been reduced to 75k or so. And i must say, the Doctors, Nurses and Midwives there are GOOOOOOOOD which is why I was quick to go back there. But bear in mind I delivered from my parents home so proximity was in my Favor.
Today that hospital is FAR and on a traffic full route from my house and hubby no dey so it was wise to have a Plan b which became my A.
Here, vaginal delivery is more than double a CS delivery in MCC and a Section is 350k AND ABOVE. Hallelujah for HMO cos paying out of pocket iznur my portion biko. Lol.
But frankly both hospitals are an almost equal option cos I trust both, and I believe the Lord will help us choose.
Ok so hospital bag. See how gist has carried gist; but I know this info will help FTMs especially.
You are welcome…

I dont have a solo pix of my hopsital bag but you can see a sneak peek here

Peek the bag by the side of the swing

Soooo I have
1. Baby cloths including sleep suits(closed feet), play suits, vests, shirts and trousers. All about 10 items cumulative.
2. Diapers. 12 new born size. Huggies
3. Cap. Mittens. Socks.
4. Blanket and Cover cloth and baby towel and flannels.
5. Baby soap and sponge and combs.
6. Baby cream of which I use only Coconut Oil which is also what the hospital uses to wipe down the new born so I have a big bottle. Also big cottonwool.
7. Purit. Savlon is an option too but I went for Purit cos tz cheaper and does same job.
8. Surgical gloves and Jik. Both hospital requirements.
9. Maternity pads 10 and 8 disposable panties. No time to be washing nothing biko.
10. Toiletries for me… towel, soap, tooth brush and paste, deodorant. My makeup bag will go with me or be brought to me later.
11. New slippers. Got a super fancy flipflop and a plain one for bathroom.
12. Two wrappers and my hairnet. 2 Nursing gowns. Basically night gowns with front opening for easy breastfeeding.
13. Going home outfit for me. A simple gown that will allow for easy breastfeeding.
14. 2 Nursing bras. No need for breast pad cos milk won’t come in for another 2 to 3 days so…
15. Methylated Spirit for chord cleaning. VERY IMPORTANT to me. They keep teaching us how to clean to avoid infection.
16. Chocolates,Lollipop,crackers and wafers. And I’ve told hubby to buy me Meatza pizza (thick crust), a side order of the mini pizzas (chocolate filling) and Founders favourite Flavour (plus almond toppings) of coldstone icecream in coconut sprinkled chocolate dipped waffles. Yup to one day of decadence post delivery.
You can pack a book to read but I got e-books so no need for me…

Dunno if I’m missing anything out.
My charger,powerbank, adaptor, and earphones will be in my handbag at all times.
Ditto my hospital cards and id card in my wallet.
Btw we are a whooping 38weeks today
Even though i am just 10kg heavier, i certainly feel super heavier physically and I get more exhausted easily. Pregnancy is such a joy and a journey and i am thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!
And then my BESTO had her baby today too. My Doctor Vee is a mummy to a beautiful baby girl.
God is so faithful and if she lets me, i will share her testimony here
Good night yawl

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  1. I like how you aren’t leaving anything to chance and have back up plans. Christianity isn’t an excuse for tardiness.
    Your excitement is contagious and I can’t wait for your testimony to arrive. It will be a testimony and safe delivery and grace and favour rolled into one in Jesus name. Amen

    Thanks for sharing this journey with us by the way especially at a time when you have a lot on your plate and must be tired easily.

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