The magic number lol. How crazy cool is it that I turn 31 in the same week my Bump turned 31weeks.

Mama’s age and Bump age 31

Ok, how crazy is it that Eziaha managed to keep off her pregnancy biz off social media for a whole 31weeks lol. Yawl recall how with my son KingDaveed, I literally went public from Day 1 with this post, again on my birthday

almost 40kg added with this one haha

but for this, I wanted to see what hiding felt like. This post on BRAINWASHED definitely settles the fact that FEAR is NEVER a factor for me per pregnancy. God punish satan wella. Anyways, im proud of the first 31weeks but I am SOOO GLAD I AM DONE HIDING.

Recall i had a white romper to celebrate 30 and someone now gifted me a RED HOT one lol

I need a vacation just for this feat cos this is not me. So hey, the last two months will be all about my journey haha.

What I really wanted as I turned 31 was a photo shoot and even God wanted it because I paid NOTHING for all the dresses I used. Like God just used people to send me cloths or offer to sew for me.

Dress from house of Dora Kay

Will litter this post with pictures… and there are more on FB and IG @coachesquad ESPECIALLY on my preggy story…

look at GOD

Ok there will be more time later to talk all things pregnancy on the blog including CoachE’Squad’s about to be birthed baby that is SavedFit&Pregnant.


Phew. Thank You Jesus. But let’s cross our fingers for more gist on SFP because it is BIG STUFF ooo.

Now though, I wanna make two announcements here


For the next 3days, the 30-31-30 Devotional will be available at a birthday price of JUST N1000. So download the App if you haven’t and jump right in. Code is Eziaha31 (case sensitive).

You can pay online right on the App or pay by bank transfer. Just follow prompts as you click on the book.



****UPDATE: THIS IS CLOSED ALREADY BUT I DIDNT WANNA TAKE IT OFF THE BLOG incase anyone wants to team up and start theirs…***

So this has been so strong on my heart to do, and as Pita ministered at When Women Worship and sang LET ALL THE OTHER NAMES FADE AWAY, JESUS TAKE YOUR PLACE… I just knew that it was time to let go of some things in my life and just let JESUS be fully enthroned in my life. At the same time, Pastor M sends us in Chayil a link from Lisa Bevere on MAKE ROOM FOR GOD https://messengerinternational.org/blog/lisa-devotional/make-room-god/ which further buttressed what I knew God was saying. Then I started the process of letting go of many things, some painful, some not so, but I needed more room for JESUS so I did. Now, with more room I am ready to fill with Jesus. How? FIVE ladies. Simple. Can I get FIVE Chicks from my blog community who want to come together virtually (most likely via Whatsapp) for the sole purpose of prayer, bible study, and fellowship. Not gist and stuff like that. Just conversations on and about the Word. Share AUDACIOUS prayer points and keep each other accountable to ensure that we do not drop any faith ball. Chicks who just wanna be so full of JESUS? Send me a mail eziaha@eziaha.com and let’s go on this journey together in this season. Serious ladies please, not those who like sleep and excuses. Plus with the Hallelujah challenge over tonight, wetin we go dey do again midnight lol. I am excited guys, lets do this. Just a bit about yourself and I will choose as led. Like, I so desperately wanna be FULL OF HIM as everything else fades away. Like deer, I am literally panting for Him. I even joined RTWNG with Tolu Odukoya. Abeg, im having baby number 2 and I need to double in my fruitfulness and never diminish so we gotta heat up the fire within. SERIOUS CHICKS ONLY biko.


Ok happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee.

Dress by Teeshogs clothiers

August baby number two loading, and yup I will have a belated birthday party coupled with baby shower and gender reveal in July with a few of my friends.

So will it be a girl or another boy?

That would be POWWOW 5.0 with E’ and Friendssssss

Who knows? This may be baby number finale so lets party biko…

Can’t wait baby!!!


Dress by House of Tiphereth. Love it




Save your I SUSPECTED, I THOUGHT AS MUCH and NO WONDERS… I know you are skilled in extravagant clairvoyance but allow my moment of glory and vanity without chuking yourself in…

When someone shares they are pregnant, the right response is CONGRATULATIONS. Swallow anything not like so…

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  1. Yyaaaaayyy yyaaaaayyy! Congratulations Eziaha, I am so so happy for you! I am also happy to see that you have lived what you shared about pregnancies in your book; My Fab Transformation Story. You look amazing and your bump is so cute, it’s almost unbelievable that you are 31 weeks gone! Oh God, knowledge is good! I’m looking at the two pregnancy pictures and I see two entirely different people. Our twin girls on the way, amen? lol

    I am giddy with excitement and super happy for you. Good to know that I have someone very real to look up to when baby 2 happens.

    Happy happy birthday, you give 31 a whole new meaning!

  2. Double Celebrations Mama E’

    ‘Congratulationses’ … birthday and 31 weeks preggy . . .! ! !

    This Clean-Eating works all rounder
    You look Soooo ‘haaa-meezing’, rocking 31 weeks as though it is 3 weeks and one day

    Our God is awesome…. so happy for you Mama E’
    Blowing kisses from here. . . .

  3. Congrats dear Eziaha. I am glad for you. This is amazing news and so surprising. You hardly look pregnant and that’s a testimony to how far you have come in your fitness journey. Safe delivery in Jesus name. Amen

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