Hey guys,

Good day?

Spent half of mine cleaning out my kitchen right after my help and I returned from the market. In fact, she was tired but I wasn’t and I kept thinking HOPE THIS IS NOT WHAT THEY CALL NESTING oooo lol

Just needed to really detox my kitchen as I hate load, and so I closed eye troway plenty things, and giving some out. I can be unemotional about load abeg. If I haven’t used it in a while, then it goes…

Got done and flew to the gym, while my son was sleeping.

Someone in my SavedFit&Pregnant Squad said my bump has  dropped but i think it is the pose.

Speaking of sleeping, see me concerned about if he will settle in quickly into his new bed in a new room after sharing mine for over 2years,

meanwhile it was me that needed to get used to sleeping alone. I’m used to cuddling dude all night as hubby is not always around, but last night for the first time in my bed, I slept alone. He did great sleeping on his own and the good thing is both rooms have an adjoining door so I can easily take him to go pee at night. I’ve dumped night diapers biko so I have to wake up 2 to 3 times to take him to pee so he doesn’t bedwet. Not a problem, but some days, which are few and far between, he pees on the bed so I have a mackintosh on too. I am thankful that we don’t do diapers again as one of my ‘mommy mentors’ told me to guard against having two kids in diapers especially since it is still money I use to buy even the diapers I wear at night. I quickly grabbed that wisdom and sharply night trained him too. But this is not about my parenting haha.

Ok so at the gym today, I am literally having a revival with my HERO Chris Caine. I can’t even count how many times I repeated ‘Gosh I just love you Chris’. Can’t wait to meet AND HUG her. I am listening to her message at SheRises i think, and I deliberately chose a 32minute long one as that was all the time I had.

If you know Chris, no one climaxes a sermon better or like her, so right at the end of the message, she enters another level and I just start speaking in tongues. Good thing I was alone today but there are days I have had company and I have gone right ahead praying. Of course not as  NUISANCE but loud enough for me to hear myself, and well if you are right beside me.

There was a season I would take my prayer journal and right on the treadmill, I would go through each prayer point. Once, my journal fell and the Gym lady came to pick it and made sure she took a good look into it before giving it to me. Haha. Like she just stays and stares at me while I pray. So funny. Some days, I just burst out laughing cos Lisa Bevere is being well Lisa, or I am AMENing cos TD Jakes is hitting all the right buttons, or his daughter is preaching up a STORM. I have had days of reading a book on the treadmill because I just couldn’t let go. Some days I just flow with worship and Elevation worship and Hillsong have two effects on me. It is either I am flat on my face or my hands are raised high. No dice on getting on my face but hey, trust my hands to go up in worship right there.


My gym time is just for Jesus biko which is why I love going. I deliberately leave some aspects of my fellowship with Jesus for the gym. On some days, maybe my phone or headphone is down, or wifi is out of service, I am forced to listen to gym music and their fave remains 39 billion for account. I swear I can slap Davido because of that song when I see him.

Ok gotta run people. Have to do some of tomorrow’s work tonight cos tomorrow is ANC day and I have more domestic work pending.

Good night yawl…

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