Hey yawl

Happy Super Duper August. I am soooo EXCITED and EXPECTANT for August and yay, it is also my expected month of delivery, but I am hoping to tip right into September, as I am due last week of August. No hurries. Had a REDUCED MOVEMENT scare recently and the Consultant was quick to tell me that if he senses any probs, he will get this baby out asap. Haha. Should give that gist later.

Me waiting for the Consultant who i absolutely am in LOVE with

Anyways, this should be a short post, and hey, right in the footsteps of my mama Pastor M, I will be doing a #Fruitful31 blogpost every single day in August. Well if baby shows before then, I am relieved of this promise, but otherwise, everyday I will pop in here and share some thing from my life this year, on a wide range of topics, but it will surely show the patterns that lead to living fruitfully. So if you are a regular here and on Pastor M’s blog, August is gon’ be LIT for you blog-wise.

Super excited about it. Yay. So fingers crossed little bubba stays put till September 3. In fact, I’m crossing everything.

And yay, Sunday 30th was my bridal shower (I had just hit 36 weeks)

Saturday post workout pix

and if there is any term for it, I would say PROPHETIC. I will share that story in the cause of the month. God is just PERFECT walahi. He will take ANYTHING and use it for His glory, and will screw up your own plans if he has to.


Such a beautiful Father.

It was also my Gender reveal and if you can see the colors that popped out this balloon,

that’s what I am having. I will do a post full of pictures soon. I looked RAVISHING and my makeup was done by my BESTie Dumebi who came all the way from Ibadan, and also anchored it.

I thought the hair and makeup were just different and BEAUTIFUL. I literally wanna be pregnant EVERY YEAR cos this pregnancy journey has been a daily hit back to back.

Yikes. I have LOVED my son even more with this pregnancy

Ok so see yawl tomorrow with something beautiful. Yawl gimme tips on what to write about ooo.



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