Supercharge your Mentee-game with these hot tips

Shalom Shalom Fam Today’s post is about MENTORING! I love mentoring and above all being a mentee myself. Having people in my life who hold me accountable and call me out on my crap is such a gift! If you have such people in your life please thank them lol. In my recent video HERE […]

Three Parties with Eziaha, and YOU are specially invited!

It’s the final quarter in 2022, and while the year is nicely winding down, I do know there are still many wins in it for you. And to make sure that I do my own best to help you where I can, I am hosting 3 virtual parties to which I am inviting you specially. […]

TFS 2021 Mentees share their Mentoring experience

If there is one thing that I heard continually in the academy, it is that my relationship with God has to be solid because once I get that aspect of my life right, every other aspect just literally aligns. CoachE’ said again and again the importance of deliberately creating time for God. My relationship with […]

MEET THE F.A.B MENTEES: The Journey of 3

Hey F.A.B Sisters, It’s always a privilege mentoring young ladies and also a great joy when i see the light that they illuminate even after the mentorship program. Today, we get to review the journey of 3 wonderful F.A.B mentees….. it’s going to be an exciting and refreshing read, so…enjoy!!! Faith Ogbotiti Shares Her Experience […]


This post really comes from something I have been working out in my life especially in recent times, especially as I walk through what really is an INTENSE season, which frankly, I am not trying to make anyone understand, or seek human support above what is necessary. I take JOY and STRENGTH in the JOY […]

God’s Warring Queens Academy ( Mentorship Opening for Wives)

Hellloooo sisters, this is going to be a very short post. I have some exciting news to share!!! I have opened up application in the BRAND NEW mentoring academy to SCHOOL WIVES in P.P.D.S PRAYERS in SIX INTENSIVE WEEKS. This is different from the regular GDQ mentoring as this will focus ONLY on prayers- the […]


My name is Esther Sylvester and this is my TFS experience. First, I would like you to take a chill as we drift through my journey as a mentee and I hope you learn a thing or two. It’s going to be an engrossing long read. “2020 is here! This year I need to be more […]


“Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose” This phrase has been a source of my bounce back in recent times. With my native name “IDIA” which means “one born to set/make things right”, I obviously need to set a lot of things right in my life before taking […]


My name is Victoria Bolarinwa. I am extremely grateful to God for creating Mrs. Eziaha and I am grateful to Mrs. Eziaha for moving in response to God everytime! Gosh! The fruits abound. I am naturally drawn towards a loving person and Mrs. Eziaha is extremely loving. Super know that she is disciplined and calls […]

Yay, the FAB SISTERSHIP mentoring academy is OPEN!!!

Note Before : I changed the email from eziaha@eziaha.com cos I’m not getting emails there so well so pls if you sent to that email, resend to eziaharx@yahoo.com Hey FAB FAM Gosh, I am so excited about this post because ONCE AGAIN, I am mentoring YOUNG LADIES not just stay at home moms. Phew. Last […]