My name is Victoria Bolarinwa.

I am extremely grateful to God for creating Mrs. Eziaha and I am grateful to Mrs. Eziaha for moving in response to God everytime! Gosh! The fruits abound.

I am naturally drawn towards a loving person and Mrs. Eziaha is extremely loving. Super know that she is disciplined and calls the shots but I see how she loves hardddd! Like extremely hard.

Before I joined the academy, she would always have answers to my questions. How much more when I became a mentee.

It is the love in her heart that made her pour into us so richly and she even told us that in the mentoring season we are priority to her.

One of the major reasons I applied was the need for me to be more responsible and more disciplined. I learnt in so many ways and learning doesn’t really run its course until it has been applied.

In the first week, I learnt how to get the best out of my life.

To get the best out of one’s life, it starts with the daily habits that now accumulate into the whole. Being productive is a game changer.

I learnt that it’s best to plan the next day, the night before. In fact, if I don’t get to plan your day, the previous night, I should take the initiative to do so when I wake up in the morning.

It’s better than just accepting what’s thrown at me because I don’t have a laid down plan.

At first, it might seem rough to follow through thoroughly but as time goes on, through consistency one will master it. I also learnt not to beat myself up for not achieving all that I plan to.

That I should learn to dust the feeling, and get the work done, knowing fully well that no one will get the work done for me. To also keep in mind that I am a work in progress.

Our first assessment was to audit our day. When you do this for lets say three to four days in all honesty, you’ll see what you focus your attention and time on, most of the day, what you need to keep and what you need to adjust or change.

As a result of the different spheres of life we all belong to/relate with, we all have varying things that we must do. Also, it changes as time and season does, thus, it is really important to know when to shake things up.

In the academy, I learnt the importance of daily musts.

Essentially, daily musts are the most important things I must do each day in response to my goal in several areas for example spiritual, personal/mental development, social/emotional growth, career, family, per season and so on.

I also learnt about accountability. Accountability did many things for me; two of which are: One, it gave me a “respect yourself enough to do what you said you will do” and get someone to keep me accountable by asking “Hi Vicky, by now, “you’re about doing this and that, right?”

Accountability is not for show off, rather it’s to let a helping hand pull you when you try to slack or get casual.

To get the best out of accountability, we were encouraged to be transparent and honest. To really build trust, be committed and bring our A-game always.

We’re not robots. The aim is to make the relationship mutual and symbiotic. It doesn’t have to be forever. It can be time-bound and with a goal in mind.

In week two, we began to learn on spirituality, being more effective and all, so as not to be overwhelmed. I learnt the importance of a prayer schedule, crafting my own confession and the use of technology.

A prayer schedule gives structure to what I pray about each day.

I want to pray for my family, each sibling, each parent, each child, each business strategy and structure, each friend in my circle, my Pastors, leaders and teachers, my sphere of influence, my activities, intercede, needs and requests, everything basically.

It might get overwhelming. Despite a structure being put in place, we are to yield to God to lead us. For example If I decide to pray for my business and family today but God lays it on my heart to pray over another family or someone’s business, I should by all means, yield to God. A prayer structure guides, but God leads.

I also learnt about crafting my own confession. Our words are powerful. God’s creative force and power is in our words. In the academy, you won’t be given “your” confession.

Rather, you’ll recognize what it entails and you’ll do the work. I realized each one of us had differing confessions based on what our expected manifestations are.

Concerning prayer, I learnt something great. Mrs. Eziaha will practically pray about everything ranging from a distraction, a need as important as people cooperating to achieve something, prayer to remember something that needs to be remembered, prayer for the strength to be intentional. She prays about everything!

I learnt that It’s all about our dependence on God.

If there’s something in my life that’s not working, it’s not time to be casual and laugh about it. Do something about it, if it’s that important to me, I should seek counsel, pray. declare God’s word and then expect it to work.

Concerning, the use of technology, there are varying options: I learnt to use the Youversion App, Echo App, Audio Bible. I also learnt to use what’s important to me and not put myself under the pressure to use them all and all of their features.

In week three, we delved into friendship: how to navigate, importance of friendship, offering value, being a friend and all.

I learnt not to neglect your friends, show up. and be genuine. Also to be bold enough to ask for a friendship that I want. To nurture the relationship and stop overthinking what people think about me. To purify my own motives.

Friendship is intentionality. To be intentional about keeping in touch, being very deliberate and to actually reach out. To be committed, sensitive and pray for my friends.

To deal with offenses and pain, serve them, be loyal, loving and vulnerable. To not take my friends for granted by trivializing what I have.

In week four, we had the session on mentoring and slip streaming. In this session, I learnt that it’s really important to honour and respect those who have been placed above me. A mentoring relationship should not be one-sided. It’s not just about what I have to receive.

It’s important to apply principles I have learnt. Pray for them. To love on them, give to them. Nurture the relationship. Ask questions with the right intentions, not because you want to poke nose but because we sincere care or honestly need an answer.

There are several other lessons I learnt that I haven’t mentioned, a few of them are;

1. If you wait for perfect conditions, you won’t get anything done.

2. Don’t compare yourself with anyone
Start where you are and with what you have, push yourself and also go along with grace. Work with what you have and give in your best. Be faithful.

3. You get better while you’re at it. You improve as you progress.

4. Fight discouragement and seek help from God.

5. Don’t be lazy or casual.

6. Don’t have a laissez-faire attitude in all you do. Bring your A-game all the time and be consistent.

7. Above all, be obedient to God.

I had so many takeaways. But these two stand out for me at the moment.

The first is a call to responsibility. Responsibility is not just in showing up, it is showing up even when it is hard and taking consistent actions to move me forward.

The second but most powerful takeaway from the mentoring academy is that I’d have to do the hard work, train my brain, build mental capacity and graduate to the hard stuff. I must expand to take what God wants me to because the woman who receives a vision is different from the one who will execute it. I’ve got to STRRRRETCH!

Thank you Mrs Eziaha for the mentoring Academy, God bless you immensely!


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  1. I’m on the journey of self Discovery. CoachE thanks for yielding. God bless you mama. You are the best and I love you

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