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Today’s post is about MENTORING!

I love mentoring and above all being a mentee myself. Having people in my life who hold me accountable and call me out on my crap is such a gift!

If you have such people in your life please thank them lol.

In my recent video HERE I shared 3 wise tips to help you be a better mentee and get the best out of your leaders. This tips will help you enjoy mentoring relationships better, keep entitlement at bay and MUCH MORE.

If being a DREAM MENTEE issa goal for you then watch the entire video here.

Let’s get into a couple of those tips.

1) Update them
Give your mentors regular updates on what’s going on in your life. I don’t subscribe to weekly updates as that maybe too much, except however I asked for it.

Monthly or quarterly feedbacks are just fine. Don’t be that mentee who disappears only to resurface during your mentors birthday with a message. Naahhh that’s not you or me.

2) Don’t wait to get a response (that’s entitlement)

Whoosh! I see this A LOT. My dear fellow mentees you can drop your updates without expecting your leaders to respond. That’s entitlement. Your leaders carry alot and other people are reaching out to them as well. How many persons will they respond to?

We must be comfortable enough to leave them a message without expecting a response. When I receive messages from my mentees what I honestly do is to PRAY. If I need to counsel you I do, or I recommend a book or resource that’ll help.

Don’t expect your leaders to respond to everything you write. Save yourself the frustrations and offense that’s sure to follow.

One sweet hack remains.

Watch the video HERE and get the final tip (I saved the best for last haha) to help you get the best out of your leaders, pastors, mentors and bosses.

I’ll leave you with this scripture from Hebrews 13:17

Obey your spiritual leaders and recognize their authority, for they keep watch over your soul without resting since they will have to give an account to God for their work. So it will benefit you when you make their work a pleasure and not a heavy burden.
Hebrews 13:17 TPT

A pleasure and not a heavy burden. That’s the way to go.

Till next time

Love and Light

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