Hellloooo sisters, this is going to be a very short post.

I have some exciting news to share!!!

I have opened up application in the BRAND NEW mentoring academy to SCHOOL WIVES in P.P.D.S PRAYERS in SIX INTENSIVE WEEKS.

This is different from the regular GDQ mentoring as this will focus ONLY on prayers- the P.P.D.S Prayers

So 4 things the Lord has shown me about prayers is 4 parameters to confirm that we are actually praying and they are;

Are your prayers
Are you
3. DISCIPLINED in prayers?
4. STRATEGIC in prayers?

Read more about it here

Dear Wife/Mom, can I HELP you pray? (Time based mentoring academy info)

I honestly am EXCITED I get to do this. I LOVE to pray and the only thing I would LOVE more is to see ALL MY SISTERS, getting dressed for battle and steady making sure satan KNOWS we are NOT THE ONES to mess around with.

Read full post here for details and share with wives and mom around you

Dear Wife/Mom, can I HELP you pray? (Time based mentoring academy info)

The harvest WAS ready like yesterday. Happy to partner with Jesus on this one, and grow my DISCIPLINE, PRAYER and LEADERSHIP muscles.

Come ON!!!

See you soon mama

Love in Loadssssss


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