Meet the Fab Mentees….Goodness-Mercy Weme’s journey.

I’m Goodness-Mercy Weme, one of the beneficiaries of the just concluded mentoring program on TFS.  I really cannot find the right words to describe my stay at the program. It has been all shades of awesomeness. I’ve been blessed and blessed tremendously. I’ve grown in just this short period of time. Thank you mama E.  […]

Meet The DisciplE’s….Ololade’s Journey so far.

My name is Ololade, I’m actually thinking of where to start writing because my head is bursting with a lot right now, but as they say, ‘start from anywhere’ so here goes: My meeting with CoachE’ was nothing short of a divine orchestration. I didn’t know what God had in his coffers, I just thought […]

Can we all just CHILL with the names?

Best friend Mentor Role Model Armour bearer Soul sister Covenant friend Sister Accountability Partner Purpose partner Lover And the list goes on and on and windingly dizzyingly on… Phew!!! Heyyyyyy yawl, this blog will shake a few tables until it breaks, lands every one on it on the floor and hopefully, you rise with wisdom […]

Meet The Disciples…Bimbo’s Journey so far.

I’m Abimbola Oladeinde. I have always known E’ as an Undergraduate in the University of Ibadan and I tell you, there was certainly something about this bubbly lady. She was just extra. And the fact that she was a Christian was kinda shocking to me. I grew up knowing that as Christians we have to […]

2D and 3D conversations (and why I don’t pick some calls)

Hey guys… Phew. It has been REAL guys. This weekend at Upstream, DDK said something I understood at a level most won’t. she said Prophetic vision is the gift of perspective. What this means is that you understand why God did what He did then, and link it to what He is doing now and […]


Heyyyyy yawl… In my last post, I told you that I had another gist This is not even the another gist but this is something the Lord told me was part of my 2018 tasks but I hadn’t quite gotten clarity and direction but I had been praying and had shared what I knew with […]

#FruitfulAtHome Day 11… Babe,please drink garri tonight.

That was exactly what I told hubby tonight cos the child was tired. What a ridiculously long day. Yikes. Anyways, the husband was like He wants rice and stew and fried plantain. Cos he says he needs energy to clean the home, which is DIRTY!!! Ugh. Just served him. Now in bed. Let’s attempt to […]

#AugustFruitful31.10… Between a FUNK and OCEANS

BETWEEN A FUNK and OCEANS So this evening, I went into a funk. No I didn’t have a meltdown or even a bad day. matter of fact, I had a good day with some good news thrown in, but trust the devil to come in and magnify some stuff. Anyways, this evening, I hit a […]

Lessons from my POWER WALK with Luke!!!

Hey guys Ok happy Monday and err’thang. I hope this week is everything you prayed for, and more. AMEN for me too. I have an exciting week ahead and I am looking forward to it. Ok so I typically LOVE to go jogging or walking on Saturday mornings, especially because everywhere is always so chilled […]


You know, in our FIRST ever Propel meeting, I asked the ladies to share in our Whatsapp group the TOP two things they learned, and almost everyone of them mentioned ‘THE GOAL IS JESUS and so I HAVE TO KEEP RUNNING HARD TOWARDS HIM IN MY OWN LANE!!!’ Such a valid RESOUNDING lesson shared by […]