So this evening, I went into a funk. No I didn’t have a meltdown or even a bad day. matter of fact, I had a good day with some good news thrown in, but trust the devil to come in and magnify some stuff. Anyways, this evening, I hit a funk and just as I was about to share with my hubby how I felt, he had to go off for something (LDM issues). I had two options of who to call, and yes I know you are probably thinking I ought to have gone to pray about it, yup, I know, but I needed perspective before jumping into the place of prayer. So I rang Aijay my accountability partner, shared and she did give me perspective truly. I love how she kept on calling the devil a bastard and how I had to be very intentional about counting my blessings. By the time she was done, I took myself to the living room and put on my playlist. You see, I started the year singing Oceans by Hillsong DAILY and every time I repeated SPIRIT LEAD ME WHERE MY TRUST IS WITHOUT BORDERS, LET ME WALK UPON THE WATERS, WHEREVER YOU WOULD CALL ME. TAKE ME DEEPER THAN MY FEET COULD EVER WONDER, AND MY FAITH WILL BE MADE STRONGER, IN THE PRESENCE OF MY SAVIOR… I would always feel like BABE, YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP WITH THAT SONG OOO haha.
I tell you, OCEANS is a set-up!!! DO NOT SING IT ANYHOW lol.
And even though I was aware, I sang it DAILY and with A DEEP SENSE OF UNDERSTANDING.
Today though as I watched Taya sing it at Passions, I realized in a very personal way just how much of a set-up I had got myself into. I had to laugh. What funk? I signed up for my life and asked Him to take me deeper. Did I think I was gonna go deeper by eating coldstone icecream? Did I think my faith was gonna grow stronger without being tested!!!??? And I do mean tested like CRAZY!!! My good Lord, I laughed. And as I laughed and worshipped, this time sitting down jejely biko, He gave me a WORD and then clarified something else to me. That Word gave me PEACE!!! I am saying it totally put everything into perspective further. What funk again? Lol.
Then I skipped every other video and jumped right to Bethel’s YOU MAKE ME BRAVE as that is my ‘antidote’ for OCEANS haha.
I mean, if I am going to be playing with OCEANS, I better get my BRAVE ON!!!
After my worship, this time right from my sofa because I am exhausted in my body to be jumping upandan, I got up, got a half Apple from my fridge and came right to typing this.
Once I hit publish, I would go get my confessions and prayer journal and praaaaay like someone on a mission, and then if I am not too tired, get some work done and ten go to bed HAPPY AND VICTORIOUS.
I don’t have time for satan. He is sooo under my feet and I refuse to receive his funk!!!
Oh btw, saw my Consultant today and I TRULY cannot wait to give birth. God is so faithful. So much peace and excitement about this baby. Not to talk of how much blessings HE has already been from the womb. Can’t wait to share His name and the Scripture behind it, but yes, like I told my guests at the shower, we are having a Prophet this time. Their guesses were the craziest (Tani said Prophet Jeremiah haha) and no one even came close. And no, you won’t either.
God’s Warrior (KingDaveed) and God’s Prophet (XXXXXX) all from my womb? Hallelujah somebody!!!
Good night yawl. It is 11pm and I need to whoop some devil butt!!!

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  1. Oceans… loathed it last year when God sent me to EKITI with NO PLAN.
    Loathed and loved it because it was one time when I just FREE FALLED into God’s arms. The blessings and next deeper level He took me into are still being reaped today..


    1. Oh wow!!! Like i always say Girl, God’s hand on your life ehn, when it starts to manifest, let nobody be hating oooo haha
      You kinda remind me of Nathaniel and I am so glad you stay FAITHFUL to your path and calling
      Trust me, you inspire me

      God bless you darling

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