My name is Ololade, I’m actually thinking of where to start writing because my head is bursting with a lot right now, but as they say, ‘start from anywhere’ so here goes:

My meeting with CoachE’ was nothing short of a divine orchestration. I didn’t know what God had in his coffers, I just thought it was gonna be a business as usual meeting, little did I know there was more than met the eye.

It is not enough to make mental notes, make written notes too: I used to pride myself in the fact that anytime I put anything to heart, I’d always remember. However, When CoachE’ mentioned  the above and I started to imbibe it, I realized it made a huge difference, I didn’t need to struggle to remember anything, my days became more organized and I realized I actually do not remember everything I put to heart. This brings to mind the saying ‘the faintest pen is sharper than the sharpest brain’

Daily Musts: When CoachE’ introduced Daily Musts to the group, I was eager to see how that will pan out and was it worth it? Absolutely! My day became super productive, time management became top notch, there was a conscious effort to meet up with the activities on my daily musts and it helped me to see from a wide spectrum how I manage my 24 hours.

Quarterly Goals: Ahhhh, this has to be the icing on the cake for me. I have quarterly goals for work, but for the life of me, I didn’t think of setting quarterly goals for other areas of my life. As soon as CoachE’ introduced this to the group, my productivity experienced a 1000% increase, my mind was opened, I began to see things that were hitherto insurmountable or difficult as very easy to achieve, my general outlook to life changed, I experienced a total revamp of the mind, because I made the vision plain and ran with it daily.

Weekly Reviews: CoachE’ didn’t stop at just making us write these tasks and reviews, she followed up with it by making sure we come together at the beginning of the week to give a report of how we fared the past week in relation to our goals, Daily Musts and tasks we set for ourselves. That in itself became a spur for me to take seriously my daily tasks. 

At the end of Q1, when we did an overall review of our Q1 goals, I was amazed at how I fared. 

Just an addition, I’ve not been so good with people relations, but as with any virtual group CoachE’ leads, you cannot stay silent, you just gotta come out of your shell and relate. That has given a great boost to my people relations and beyond the group, it has rubbed off on my general relationships with people. 

In all, I’m super grateful to be doing 2019 with this super amazing Coach and my wonderful sisters-in-discipleship.

I’ll sign out with this “2019 WAS an epic year!!!

Till I come your way again, it’s bye for now.



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