Day FINALE…30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hey guys Let’s complete this 30 day Blogging challenge. Find 1-20 here and here 21-30??? Bring it on!!! (Haha Tamie) Btw I missed day 3 from the first so here we go My favourite Quote I ran into this recently and because my Pastor just taught a series on GO TO THE ANT, which lifted […]

30 Days Blogging Challenge… Days 11-20

June is flying guys… Eish!!! I feel like there is fire set to my butts!!! Kai!!! But God is faithful sha. He is IN me, WITH me and ON my side. Amen!!! Moving on, swiftly to days 11-20. Find days 1-10 here Day 11. 10 Fave foods Breakfast : Porridge Oats. Oats pancake. Oatmeal smoothie. […]

30 Days Blogging Challenge… Days 1-10

Hey guys, So I caught this on Tamie’s blog and decided to do it. Only I cannot do anything for 30days straight atm. Lailai. I cannot even guarantee a daily bath for 30straight days. Feel free to judge, Darling. Just be sure to come back like Lisa Harper did and apologise to all moms for […]

Before 30.

Yawl watch that program on Ebony life i think? Before 30. I have caught glimpses of it every now and again in the past. Just enough to have an idea (plus i think this Tinsel chick married to the Ghanian dude is a BEAUTY FOR DAYS) but not enough to follow. Tz about 4Chicks with […]

#31F.A.B.Voices…E’ testifying

Happy New year my darlings!!! Now let’s kick this off with me sharing my 2014 plans with you. Some at least. Since we have 31 Favored.And.Blessed Voices testifying, I figured I’ll go first. Not just because it is my blog but I’ll also love to give direction and clarity as to what I meant when […]

#31F.A.B.Voices… Testifying

My secondary school friend and blogger Chioma Chuka is doing this amazing stuff on her blog she calls ‘31days…31writers’ where for the whole of December, she had a guest blogger chronicle the past year and lessons learnt. I have been so blessed just reading each person talk about the lessons the last 12months taught them. […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… V-Log Finale

Hello people… So here is my surprise surprise… My grand final on this #AttitudeO’Gratitude challenge… And I did a double video Actually triple video… Whoop… Disclaimer: I am way prettier than this. I am NOT as fair as this I INISIST… And I speak way better than this too. Looool… I was in a hurry. […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day PAY.IT.FORWARD

Yay!!! So today I am paying it forward… I’ll be thanking Him in advance because my testimonies are sure… Sharing this publicly would also make me accountable to my faith… I must stay in faith till I get my victory and by december 31, I would be right back to testify in appreciation… Deal? Lezzdodis… […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day XAVIER

I sure am having a roll featuring all these super stars on my blog… Today though, as an advocate of gender equality, I welcome my friend and brother Chuka Xavier obi for the second time to my blog. This time though, he is sharing what he is grateful for… I love how he talks a […]

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day BOOSKI

******drumroll necessary******* My Booski is here today as my guest. So you think she is all crazy abi? This post will shock you. You will see another side of dumebi. The side of her that justifies her craziness. Oh but she still added some crazy moments to the post. .. I’ll let you enjoy Dumebi’s […]