Yawl watch that program on Ebony life i think? Before 30.


I have caught glimpses of it every now and again in the past. Just enough to have an idea (plus i think this Tinsel chick married to the Ghanian dude is a BEAUTY FOR DAYS) but not enough to follow.

Tz about 4Chicks with different love stories and journies but they all wanna get married before 30…

Or so…

So i figured i could steal that name and use for my post. Well mine ain’t a marriage thing but just a  couple of blog posts i would absolutely LOVE to run on my blog before 30, God helping me.

June 29, i will be 30.
How am i 30??? Lol
And frankly, no age has hit me like this one. I literally feel like life of mine is just beginning and frankly, i am sooooooo excited about the ride that i am strapped in and soooo ready to fly. I didnt even have any theology or whatever for it. Just from my place of a personal walk with God and I know 30 for me is super significant and have been EXCITED about it my life and journey.

Then 3days ago, my friend Wale who broadcasts a daily devotional shares something on the age 30 and instantly, i KNEW in my KNOW-ER that the message was profound and personal.


Now i am not saying you shoud slack major and only start living at 3o. Mba. I certainly have not slacked. Not with life.  And certainly NOT in my walk with and for God. I just know we, God and I, are about to speed things up.

This is not even what this post is about. Excitement is doing me.
Btw,is there any Chick here who used to always lie about their age?
Hands up!!!
I used to ooo
When i was younger, i would always pad it up especially as i flagged off early in life, school wise.
As i got older and life began to happen (failures, setbacks and all) that SEEMINGLY seemed to slow me down, especilly when I failed outta Pharmacy and then crossed to The Social Sciences and some of your classmates are legit 3-5years younger, then i began to reduce my age in some settings.
I didn’t even see it as a lie per se until God began to check me. Plus i see a sense of ingratitude which comes from a place of comparison and either will do no one any good.
I got delivered and began to OWN my age, journey, experiences and all. Running my own race and my goodness (this next line will do a deliverance session on some people) KEEPING MY EYES ON JESUS!!!

Now,one of the ways God checked me was in my decision making. Earlier this year, i realised that there were some decisions i was making that were largely influenced by family, some situations and not God and then one day in the middle of my emotions, i heard CLEARLY in my Spirit…

Eziaha, you do realise you are turning 30 this year…

The tone was TOUGH and it literally exploded in my Spirit and i caught the message in every area of my life.

Now ehn, i am led by Jesus. I make my decisions as led by God. I care less what people say. Not saying i do all these perfectly. Nah. But you see, this Chick had a transformation FIRST from within and i have been living it out…

And again, this was not the plan for the post but it is for someone so you can TAKE IT haha…

Bring on 30 baby…
And this jumpsuit too.


Now i am working on a waistline like Bolanle’s.
So help me God…

Hey yawl, how are you doing?
Gosh i missed blogging and everyone and thing that comes with it.
You see, had to make major readjustments in my life as i sent my help away.
The blog had to take a backseat. Recall what i said about BALANCE?
Click hyperlink above☝☝☝

I recall a friend asked me recently the most popular question ever
How are you?
And my answer was

I am EXHAUSTED but in a VERY GOOD PLACE… Plus God is strengthening me.

That answer came from my Spirit walahi.

Anyways, i have a better grip of things now so let’s do a blogging marathon.

I would absolutely LOVE to publish the underlisted posts before June 29. I pray i am able to. If not all but 75percent.

1. Who got you on lockdown? This post scribbles is over 5months old. Gosh

2. Get busy…Get fruitful.

3. Two stuff that have to do with th number 30. Don’t wanna give much away…

4. The FAB Sistership…Warrior Chicks, Loving life and Serving Jesus
(This would make some people very happy). That’s the TFS i have been hinting so keep an eye baby. Not sure my first group of sisters go pass 20/25 so you jump on board quickly as you are led by God.

5. Propel Nigeria (This one i am super duper excited about ).


Would be 20 chicks so also watch out for the post and then read more about Propel so you know if you wanna join or nah.

6. Unpacking the Proverbs 31 woman. This would be a series but i hope the first one is up this month

7. Squad goals!!! This one is giving me serious prayer points lol.

8. Lessons being CoachE’ has taught me.


Plus a promo for 30 people to mark my 30th. Just one month. Not sure how much i would charge (maybe 5k or so) but i am feeling very excited about 30 so my July batch would be a promo batch for 30 chicks or less who wanna lose weight. Pls watch this space ooo. Will open for just a couple of days.

9. MommE’ diaries… Life with a  WARRIOR Toddler. phew. Lol

KingDaveed bobo

10. An e-book on something super duper exciting…Phew

Ok that would be all. Only one is ready.
Trusting God for Grace.

Anytime you feel a need to tweet at me to hurry up and publish the next post, how about you PRAY for me instead…?

Sounds better.

Or go read


Those blogs are A-AWESOME????

Ok lemme go and pray that this blue jumpsuit finds me soon… Wanna do a photo with a 30 balloon and ONLY this jumpsuit will do…

Group hug… and Peace out



I have a Facebook page
Eziaha.com Just search for us and join in…
It would be an extension of my blog. Short posts as God leads me would go on there.
I think the Proverbs 31 series will be there not here

So you may wanna check us out…


The Biggest Chick Party of the year!!! #LoveLife2016

Who else is coming????
I literally can NOT even wait…


Btw wanna know someone else who has shaved some years off her age before? Lol
Yes Joyce.
Like this year ooo.
The story is funny but of course she has repented.
But i almost cried from laughing.
Joyce is just Everything!!!!

Last week, i basically CRIED that i wanted to attend a Sinach LIVE IN CONCERT. I just NEEDED to hear Sinach LIVE.


Look at God!!!
Fountain was my FIRST Church  and it was Pastor bimbo who led me to CHRIST.
Can’t wait to visit come June26, buy some cds of pastor bim, and see some of my people. Thank God physically i have not changed much. Lol


So i would be happy to say ‘YES i got married and have a baby too. Haha’

35 Responses

    1. Oh we are birthday mates.
      My love and regards.

      Party oooo.
      And to think i wanted to have a party for 30 people.

      My bank balance andmore pressing needs don’t agree lol

  1. Nice and inspiring. Pls can I get the full broadcast message your friend sent to you? I know someone turning thirty in a few months and I believe it would speak volumes to his life. Thanks 🙂

  2. Wow….To think that I was about to write a mini post to you for ur protracted absence and how much you have been missed,loool

    So glad you back and am definitely looking forward to the posts..

    might I add you look nothing close to 30..just saying.

  3. It wasn’t an issue of shaving of years for me, I don’t know how to keep up with made up stories very well,so for me I have always given my actual age but peeps just never believed and thought I was lying.
    Would check out the full wale’s post. There really is something about 30..I felt it.
    Sorry about the help. I thought that was going great. Is it okay to ask what happened?

    Looking forward to your posts..at your pace and time. 10 posts! Wow.

    Hugs dear, you’re a blessing.

    1. Awwwww. You awesome Chick…
      Thanks plenty darling. And yes it is ok to ask. Will squeeze it into one of the BEFORE 30 posts.

  4. Finally, she blogs!!!! Welcome bck boo. Took a while to embrace my age especially when I felt I wasn’t in the place/s I wanted to be. However, you know God na, the closer one gets to Him, there are just some things He won’t permit you do. Now am rocking my age and gradually God is helping me attain all the heights I wanna attain.

  5. Glad to read again from you
    May God strengthen you.
    What is it with blue oh?I have blue in mind for July and you are right with the revelation on the new age.
    Hope to see you even if it’s from far on June 25.indeed when I think deeply I really don’t know.

  6. Awesome! I also turned 30 on june 3rd. Coincidently , it dropped in my spirit that Jesus was anointed and began his ministry at 30! Also I heard somewhere that in Israel (probably the ancient times) you could not enlist in the army till you were 30!! Before my birthday ,I also began to check my life and look at areas I need to upgrade! lol.
    Its really a significant year and I believe we are in for the best of times. Like Jesus, may we be released full fledged into our purpose. Happy birthday in advance Sis! Special hugs to you as a June babe.

  7. Welcome back to blogosphere! U were sorely missed. Cant wait to be part of ur ‘going on 30 activities, seeing as I’m goin on 30 myself. Particularly excited for numbers 8 and 9! Watching dis space closely. God bless u E . Hope d lil guy is doin great.

  8. Praise God. I check in here everyday hoping to see I knew post I finally lly saw two .on super excited about no 4 and 5…….I really can’t wait.

    1. Propel is LIVE oooo
      Propel Lagos not Nigeria
      I should have specified. So you have to live in Lagos to join in
      Details in the post sha when I publish

  9. Happy birthday in advance. This post spoke to me as I would be 30 in a few month but all the same there is just something about 30 and I could sent in my spirit since the beginning of the year about that.
    I would have to check on IG to get the full gist but I don’t do IG. I will ask HS the full gist lolz.
    You are an amazing sister and may God continue to increase and strengthen you.


  10. So my Eziaha fan club in Uganda was raving about this post and I told them, that I needed to get my exams out of the way first because when I want to read your blog, it’s all I wanna be doing.
    And I literally couldn’t wait to get done and just sit and drink from this consistent cup of awesomeness a. k. a The F.A.B sister’s blog.
    Anyways can I just say that if your plan was to get me excited about your 30th birthday, well it worked, I may even have a party on your behalf in Uganda on 29th.. Lol
    30 for me may be a way off but when it comes, am glad I have this to look back on, read and get excited..
    BTW I don’t believe that your facebook posts will be shorter but a girl can dream.. ???
    Congratulations sister girl and thank you for sharing..
    Ps: former age liar over here!!

      EX-AGE LIARS unite!!!

      You are too kind Komkom. Thank you

      And yes to partying… TURN IT ALL THE WAY UP!!!

      30 is FAB and i am sure you will continue running with God so by the time it comes, you embrace that season fully and without regrtes. Or maybe as lil as…

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