June is flying guys… Eish!!! I feel like there is fire set to my butts!!! Kai!!!

But God is faithful sha. He is IN me, WITH me and ON my side. Amen!!!

Moving on, swiftly to days 11-20.


Find days 1-10 here

Day 11. 10 Fave foods

Breakfast : Porridge Oats. Oats pancake. Oatmeal smoothie.
Lunch: Noodles and veggies.
Potato porridge. Veggies and fish
Dinner: Salads. Green smoothie

Indulgence: Sharwama.
That’s all haha
You see why i am NEVER going back to this?☝☝☝☝☝☝

Day 12. My Favorite Childhood Book
The Sweet Valley series by Francine Pascal.


Especially Sweet Valley HIGH!!! I must have read it ALL.
Gosh. I was obsessed and would waka round Lagos looking for those dealers in second hand books. I would buy it 50 abi 100 box and charter like 10. That’s where my Twin Girl love came from. I was actually also going to name them Elizabeth and Jessica but nah, not any more. Plus I wanted a family like that too. Big brother and then twin sisters, 2 years apart. 
Day 13: What’s inside my fridge
Tomatoes. Eggs. Golden Melon. Pineapple. Cucumber. Watermelon. Cabbage. Carrot. Water. Lime. Plantain. Tiger nuts

I am pretty much a healthy eater now. Love my fruits and veggies effortlessly, Join my class and let me coach you now oooo.

Side story: Writing this on a Sunday and my hubby is around for the weekend. He opened the fridge just now and said ‘KingDaveed, your mama is enjoying ooo. We too want to start eating healthy. We don’t want to eat eba anymore’

Hahahahaahahahaahahahaha. Hahahahaahahahahaha. This husband of mine!!!

I make my baby eat healthy too.


Day 14: 3 Healthy Habits

Yawl can guess yeah? haha

I workout at least 4 times a week. But mostly I do 6times a week

Some days are tough tho
Some days are tough tho

I drink tons of waters and teas. Healthy and natural teas please
I love my green leafy veggies with a passion!!!
PASSION!!! I cook it just PERFECTLY!!!


Day 15: Where will I be in FIVE YEARS?

Isn’t that a question for God to answer? Let’s just say FOLLOWING JESUS in EVERY AREA of my life even more PASSIONATELY and in the RIGHT company of LIKE MINDED WOMEN!!!


Day 16: Thoughts on Education

Formal education (within the four walls of a school) and Informal Education (On the streets, via Stalking your Teachers, etc) when combined correctly in a person’s life can set you up FOR LIFE!!! You never stop baby. YOU NEVER STOP!!!


Day 17: My Favourite Blogs

I do have quite some blogs I LOVE but for the purpose of this, let me share the blogs that have had the absolute BIGGEST AND DEEPEST impact in my life and walk with God. Gosh, I LOVE THESE WOMEN




Priscilla Shirer’s blog

Heather Lindsey’s blog

Five women who blog about their lives and experiences so lavishly  as they live this Christian life and I am so thankful for them. How is that of all five, I have met JUST ONE!!! I have a personal relationship with THREE though and I am on my way to connecting with Shirer and Heather. No question about that. But really these blogs keep me sane and grounded in my faith walk. I ADORE THEM!!! And I camp out on their blogs reading the archives!!!


Day 18: A photograph of yourself

I decided to share this picture because of the story behind it.
I was SICK!!!
This was some 4weeks ago. On a Sunday night.
I walked round my home praying and anointing it, and just as I was walking out of my prayer room, I felt a rush in my body. It was a familiar yet very distant feeling. I felt like sickness was looming. I finished anointing, anointed myself, took the communion and all the while, my temperature was steady rising. I texted my husband, told him how I felt and went to bed. I woke the next morning SUPER SICK haha. Just me and a baby at home who does NOT care whether mama is sick or nah. my head pounded and KingDaveed didn’t stop jumping on and hitting me. He calls it play. He made me cry so much because it was PAINFUL physically and emotionally because i couldn’t play with him. I did my best to take care of him and did NOTHING to take care of myself. and by that I mean food and bath. I was SUPER WEAK. I didn’t even tell anyone. I dragged myself out, got drugs, and stayed in bed all day. By evening, I was getting a bit stronger but I still stayed in bed mostly. Just as I tucked KingDaveed into bed, I felt his temperature was high!!!


By morning, I didn’t have time to be sick again. I couldn’t even afford to because I was now dealing with a sick baby. My heart shattered!!! His temperature was 39.8 and my bestie who is a Doctor was constantly calling. She too didn’t even know I was sick. Lol.

Mommy life!!! When your baby is SICK, sorry, YOU CANNOT BE SICK!!!

Well, God helped me and blessed the drugs too because he got better in no time. 2 HEART WRENCHING DAYS and nights!!! Sponge bathing, praying, medicating and crying.  I didn’t even know when I got better. Haha

That picture will continue to remind me of how strong a mama can be just for her baby


19: My Favorite movie

Why not movies? Anyways, the Kendrick brothers have won my heart but my all time favourite remains FACING THE GIANTS!!!


I bawl, oh Jesus, I BAWL EVERYTIME I WATCH IT. By the end, I am officially the Chairlady of Nigerian water board. Hahaha. Especially where he says

‘Oh my God, I AM OVERWHELMED!!!’ 

Infact, almost every scene. That message of FAITH is EVERYTHING!!!

Courageous would come a close second.


The Courageous message is SOMETHING ELSE!!!

Being a man is not about having Children. ANY FOOL CAN FATHER A CHILD!!!

I think every man should watch that movie WITH HEADPHONES and a JOURNAL and without INTERRUPTIONS!!! And then take a retreat and just ask God to help them do this BEING A MAN thing right. I speak in tongues as I watch!!! Blows me away!!!

And then WAR ROOM!!! Of course.


By the end when Ms Clara is praying, I am not even sure who I am again!!!


I can’t wait to see MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN though.


Jennifer Garner was almost perfect in that movie. When you play someone’s real life and she gives you an Aplus, you know you did a SPECTACULAR JOB!!!  I have seen LOADS of YouTube clips and interviews and I will just prepare a bucket when I am seeing the full movie. Hmm, a mama nursing a sick baby without (medical) hope is NO JOKE.


#RealTears again

20: What makes me happy

This may sound clichéd but really, walking with God and by Faith, and the CONFIDENCE that comes from both, make me SUPER happy. I have seen my self change and keep changing. I am becoming more like Jesus but without him, I would have been Judas haha.

Then seeing women live FULLY and PASSIONATELY for God and have rich fulfilling lives too make me happy. Happy homes, Ministries that impact lives, amazing books (oh some people write sha) and exciting lives. Cue, Joyce Meyer, Lisa Bevere, Shirer Priscilla, Heather Lindsey, and Christine Caine. These women make me VERY HAPPY and I am so glad they obeyed the Call and didn’t let go of life too.


Ah, how are we at the end?



Enjoying writing this one even through my tears. See you again sooooooooon!!!





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My STAR Student

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22 Responses

  1. Awww I can just pic this scenario vividly, there’s really nothing like having to be strong for someone you love dearly. Just 3 days again I myself I fell ill suddenly, crazy temperature, nausea, headache, eye aching and body pains. My mum who has been ill for quite a while began helter skelter care giving, as I saw her doing all this my hrt just broke into many pieces cus I knew this was taking a toll on her. Before I knew it I found myself putting up a bold face, with all the strength I cld muster I got up despite how horrible I felt and pretended to be fine. Said a lil prayer to God and miraculously in less than 12 hrs God healed with no drugs taken atall (even though mumsy is trying to force me to take some agbo she made at d moment). E’ this your vegetable ehen

    1. awwwwww
      I know just how that feels
      Thank God for NOT giving us more than we can handle and strengthening us even as we go through the FIRE
      Hahahahaha at agbo
      Ntoi!!! Lol
      Oh I put in the veggies to makes yawl salivate

  2. OMG!
    i went for single sisters date @DCC and we went to the movies, i became a bit curious about the the title of the movie we were about to watch because they told us to write down the things we learnt from it, with sweet mouth that the movie is interesting. it was WAR ROOM.
    have never had about it before but after i finished watching that movie eh! i no get myself,i became a different person.as in eh! i even joke down when watching.
    trust me its a must watch for married women.
    as i reach hus i use biro write my own self paste am for wall #lolz# and the battle begins.

    God has answered most of the things i wrote and he is still doing more.
    thank you

  3. 1. I seriously can’t believe your level of crazy.. 3days instead of 30?
    Lol at every man should watch courageous with headphones and a journal.. My thoughts exactly
    Just like every woman should do the same with war room.( it changed my prayer life)
    By the time it ended I was pacing in my room speaking in tongues…
    Can’t wait for days 21-30..
    Ps: I love you for writing

    1. Oh that pacing thing happened to a lot of people
      Or just sitting down on your seat and speaking in tobgues
      The cinema experiences were crazy. Revival literally broke out in many theatres
      What a movie!!!

      Day 21-30 has boring questions, i think lol
      So i will have to merge it with something else

      Thinking sha…

      Love you Darling Sunshine

  4. Lemme just go and watch “facing the giants” again, Any movie by the Kenderick brothers should be watched with a pen and journal while holding the remote cos there are sometimes you need to put it on pause to meditate. The pancake pix made me salivate……O once in a while sha.

    1. You are spot on
      Editing the post and adding that
      I keep rewinding which is why after the cinema viewing, i buy it when it is on sale
      Definitely a resource worth keeping at home

      Lol at O once in a while
      You know, didnt even know this was u cos i spell ur name as ezi so i thot this was another
      till i saw that line

      How u dey boo? We miss you

  5. All this food you are sharing… Hmm

    I love all the movies above especially facing the giants…
    There was this soundtrack by casting crown -voice of truth . Loved Loved it .
    War room is just an amazing movie and courageous too. There are always lessons from their movies.

    1. Oh i downloaded the song oooo
      Not sure which movie it was in sef

      Ok courageous i think
      Or Facing the Giants?

      Plenty lessons
      Def a must have beyond the cinema

  6. 30day challenge in 2days – E’ you’re truly AMAZING!
    I enjoyed reading all your responses and some of them brought #RealTears to my eyes.

    The passion and energy with which you write is really contagious. I have no doubt that God will grant your heart desires as you walk in His will.

    I don’t comment often on your posts but I enjoy reading them – I learn a lot from them and they inspire me to be more, to attain my fullness in Christ on all fronts.

    PS: Please I sent you some emails last month… yet to get your response…

  7. Weldone E, i can imagine what you went through taking care of your self and KingDaveed cos i currently have a cold and my daughter’s started running temperature this morning. Thank God for Grace. #vegetablesonpoint

  8. “When your baby is SICK, sorry, YOU CANNOT BE SICK!!!”.
    So many shades of correctness. Lol. Zoran and me some weeks ago.
    Sorry, I’m just catching up. You know why.?

  9. I have watched miracles of heaven and its great.woodland too is a very good christian movie.thaf oatmeal kwa is it sweet?maybe I should try it.i made wheatmeal pancake once,It tasted ok.

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