Hey guys,

So I caught this on Tamie’s blog and decided to do it. Only I cannot do anything for 30days straight atm. Lailai. I cannot even guarantee a daily bath for 30straight days. Feel free to judge, Darling.

Just be sure to come back like Lisa Harper did and apologise to all moms for thinking they exaggerate this mommyhood thing,


after her adoption pulled through with her delightful Missy. God’s GRACE weakens me, true!!!


(Sorry, find that story on Priscilla’s blog)

And hey, just incase anyone needs a ‘Person of Hope’ on Adoption, especially, but not limited to, older single woman, follow Lisa Harper… #AdoptionRocks

Ok, so I would get this 30 day business done in 3days.

Yawl ok? I am well, thank you too.

So let’s do Day 1-10

Day 1: Your Blog name

Blog started on FACEBOOK as those FB Notes. Chioma the Fairygodsister Chuka actually inspired my starting because I loved the way she wrote and I knew I had a writing gift too so Facebook provided platform.

The blog name was inspired by Kimora Lee Simmons reality TV show.


You see, at the time, I was SPRUNG on Life in the FAB lane. I really really LOVED watching her and just how decadent she lived, plus how she ran her biz Baby phat and Hello kitty and her kids and her relationship with her ex, Russell Simmons, which was surprisingly a lil too chummy.

I had way too much time on my hands, lol. Anyways, my blog name came from a combo of that show and Chioma’s own blog name (Fairy godsister) hence

The F.A.B Sister’s blog…Living the FAB life on a Christ lane.

Of which I recently changed the rider to MAKING JESUS RED CARPET FAMOUS and this was totally inspired by the Holy Spirit.

F.A.B actually means FAVOURED.AND.BLESSED but recently, again HS inspired, I have changed it to FRUITFUL.AND.BLESSED

Day 2: 20 facts about me

    1. I still want to host TV. I pray God has it in my future.
    2. I absolutely adore Lisa Bevere. Yawl have NO IDEA!!!
Hottest Gmama ever…Lisa and her grandkids
    1. I will write a book on Mentoring but I will call it Stalking. Not sure what the Book title will be though.
    2. Recently, I started sleeping at 9pm or 9.30 latest and waking at 2am. I cant even tell you how this has helped me max out my day.
    3. I am currently reading a number of books, Millionaire Messenger, Sisterhood by Bobbi Houston of Hillsong, Overload by Joyce Meyer and more. Ok, Chris Caine’s Unashamed and Unstoppable ( I really wanna review Unstoppable and maybe Undaunted), Intentional Living by JOHN MAXWELL, Fervent by Priscilla Shirer, Good or God by John Bevere, All unfinished and unhurriedly too.
    4. I type VERY VERY FAST AND LOUD. I could win a secretarial competition
    5. I sucked my thumb till maybe Junior secondary school
    6. I actually LOVE housework. I don’t have time or energy to (plus wisdom demands that i do not) do it a lot but when I do, I don’t complain. I enjoy it really. Tz like a time of fellowship with God for me.
    7. I read Proverbs 31 practically daily. Puts me on my feet and makes excuses invalid. Try it…imageI could unpack it in 10 or more posts at least and I pray I can before December 2016 but first I have to see major progress in my life first. No need dishing what I have not eaten.
    8. I am currently praying for a really good accountability partner. Someone with whom I can share what is on my plate atm and vice-versa and we encourage and spur each other on mutually. I can NOT deal with a one-sided relationship atm. I won’t even lie. I need one Chick who will give me as much as I give (which is a lot). One of the Propel Chicks better be that to me. Amen.
    9. The biggest thing I deal with in my life is GUILT. Trust me. I have been FIGHTING this with EVERYTHING ever since the day God showed me that the devil has creeped in and turned what really is the GOOD HEART I have into constant feelings of guilt. These days, I catch my thoughts and then filter through my Spirit and release myself of any guilt
    10. I still have an empty living room space over 6months post moving in.The best part has to be that I do not even think about it because that is where I work out and it is my baby’s play room lol image

Whenever my husband mentions furniture, I always change the topic lol.

  • Matter of fact, only my kitchen is fully functional.image
  • I



13. My number one indulgence is this coconut something. Lol. Dunno the real name but it is basically coconut and sugar. I find it only when i go to the market. The only reason my waist line is not yet 26inches. Sigh!!!

14. I do not like enclosed spaces especially if the space is not really big. So I mostly leave the room doors open even with the AC on and it absolutely ANNOYS husband of mine

15. I would LOVE to hang out with Lisa Bevere for an entire weekend just drinking from her wisdom and gorgeousness!!!

J’adore the Bevere’s… John’s smile z DA BEST

No preaching or meetings ooo. Just all THREE days in her home. I am going to email her and find out the probability of that for at least 3hours if not 3days. Yawl pray for me.

16. In Nigeria, I would LOVE to spend an entire day with TY Bello.

A day packed full of activities. Anybody wanna hook me up with her?

17. I went to THREE primary schools. I would later return to the one I graduated from (Kalac) because Early Life wouldn’t let me take Common entrance from Primary 5. All my siblings went to just ONE and all of them the same which was different from the 3 I went to.

18. I really REALLY REALLY wish I had an AMAZING voice. Those rich deep kind like Timi Dakolo. Maybe God didn’t bless me with it because I just MAY have turned ‘Lucifer-Proud’ haha

I LOVE THE VOICE NIGERIA. TEAM TIMI ALL ZAAAA WAY!!! Rooting for Cornell but i am unemotional. If he loses, no wahala. Rooting that beyond The Voice, he makes it BIG!!!


…………………..My numbering is off but it is really 20…………………………

Day 4: My dream job

Anything that keeps me working online or via social media, travelling and speaking and then hosting TV with very flexible hours so I have time for my family. It has to impact lives and make Jesus famous too, I think I have my dream job already and I am currently hard at work to package it better. Had this question been asked me some years back, I would have said THE UNITED NATIONS but hey, thank God for INTERVENTIONS.

Day 5: My proudest moment

Me before before haha

Eeeek, I have too many and most involve my son

Without sounding clichéd, my proudest moments are in my future. But really though, those times when I KNOW for sure that God told me XX and I see it happen like that, I am TRULY PROUD of my walk with God!!! Truly really proud.


Heights. Rats. Giving stupid excuses. I actually have a real fear of excuses so I am constantly pushing myself. (Sorry Valerie. She indulges all my whining cos some days I feel under productive and I need someone to whinge too. She is not just me BEST friebd but my PERFECT BEST FRIEND!!!)

Day 7: My 5 favorite songs

Well, that would be at the moment because it keeps changing. Too many good GOD songs out there one can’t even keep up…

Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli (Has gotten me through many exhausted nights and days),

Unlimited God by Olumide Iyun (I feel like I am about to rapture once it has played back to back thrice),

The Name of Jesus by Sinach (I can’t imagine getting through life without this song. And Name),

Iyawo mi by Timi Dakolo (would make the cut every time I guess. I am hopelessly in love with this song. Only wish it was sang in the ‘female person’ instead but still, this works perfectly)

Finally, a song from PC’s Album. I am not sure which but I am pretty sure I would have a favorite, or 5, from him. I have a crush on his music ministry!!!image

PC is the Music Minister in my church and

Even though I have always thought his voice and ministry amazing, the day we sat and talked for about an hour, my respect and love for his ministry PEAKED!!! The world is not even ready for PC, Truth!!!

DAY 8: 5 Current goals

Well these are more like immediate goals. If June 29 gets me ticking all these off, bring on 30 mehn!!!image

1. Finish at least 2 of the 500 books I am reading atm.

Most likely Sisterhood because I am almost done. Then Overload. I take my time with books and get too involved when I read and then I write and write and meditate and find practical applications to my life. So I don’t rush books.

2. Do Lisa Bevere the kinda mail that gets replied. That means I have to do some ground work and prayers.

3. Kick off T.F.S and Propel Lagos. image


4. Get a working structure for the next level with SavedFitnFAB

5. Do a PROFESSIONAL photo shoot for FOUR areas of my life (WAITING for my bank account to align)


DAY 9: What is in your bag/wallet?

I typically don’t carry bags anymore aside my baby’s diaper bags so diapers, wipes, extra clothing, changing mat, bibs and small towels, toys, biscuits, etc. LOL!!! Ok I throw in my phone (of which KingDaveed just destroyed the screen of my main line and frankly I haven’t thought about what I wanna do yet just in case you been trying to reach me ), and wifi, atm, token and cash. Every book I am reading is an e-book so I read on the move too.


DAY 10: Best trip of my life?

Definitely in my future. September/October to the US. Highlight? Love life Conference!!!

And then many other side attractions, like meeting Lisa Bevere (I told yawl I am obsessed).

I also can’t wait for someone to have a baby so I can visit Ibadan sooooooooooooooooon


Yaaaaay the end of Part 1. Part 2 in 3 days (or tomorrow)



Me and my god daughter Eziaha






30 Responses


    Anyways, real talk…

    You sure do write well and you sense of humour… then there is a sort of drama while you write..like i can really see what happened that you are trying to explain…

    I read Proverbs 31 practically daily. Puts me on my feet and makes excuses invalid. Try it…(I SHOULD TRY THIS ….OMO….na real challenge be this …as in you mean DAILYYYYYY …. HOLYSPIRIT HELP ME!! )

    The biggest thing I deal with in my life is GUILT (I DEAL WITH HOW WILL THIS PERSON FEEL IF I SAY THIS SOMETIMES… cos sometimes i may talk and it will be like someone is rude ….. and i dnt see it that way …)

    I would LOVE to hang out with E!!! for an entire weekend just drinking from her wisdom and gorgeousness!!!( YES … I MEAN IT *WINKS*)

    I have moods for Ebooks….. i need to LOVEEE IT.. but i love hard copy sha …


    P.S.. with the way you’re going ordination is soon..hehhehe. … Bring it up for Pastor Eziaha fondly called Pastor E!

    Big hug… lemme get back to work….

    1. With how long the comment was, I wonder how you were sure someone would not have beat you to it as your typed
      YESOOOO Proverbes 31 is NO JOKE!!!
      Guilt is a lie from the devil and we RESIST him and his lies. If we make a mistake, we repent and move on. Not sit down and lick our wounds in our pity party

      Just come let’s go and hang out with Lisa and Chris oooo

      Used to LOVE hardcopies and HATE e-copies
      Now tho, some of these books are not available in Naija and no hope sef to ship so e-copies to the rescue ooo
      We have to stay malleable to the times biko so thank God for the e-copy option
      I have even started audio books. Because sometimes I just need it to play at me

      Awwwww bukola you are so generous with words. Thank you Darling. AMEN at strength ooo
      I laughed so hard at Pastor E…
      Oh dear!!! Let’s see what happens before the Rapture


  2. And someone says superwoman doesn’t exist, when I know many of them like E’ in the flesh…. Like seriously who does 10 posts in one day? Whoooossshhhh! Plus when I meet working Mamas- i mean I don’t know how you guys do it, cos I don’t think I have the energy for it. But someone always tells me, Rotanna the you I know is up to it (I still don’t believe her till now).

    Love your energy, humour and passion. We are different with books though; I can never read more than one at a time. I’m kinda intense when reading books, so i could read and read a book until I’m drunk on it. I’m the same way with music – so I guess I’ll never have one favourite music – would most likely be a favourite per time.

    Francesca Battistelli’s If We’re Honest album, yeeessss!!!! Love life, yeesssss yesssssss yeeesssssssss!!! Like can September come already?????? And welcome to Lisa Bevere; and John by the way. My “he” qualities list have been updated because of that guy – ok, I agree, I’m Oliver Twist on that one. BTW, if you love Lisa, you would love Havilah Cunnington too.

    Finally, please let me know when Stalking is published – a lot of young girls should read it. Love ya!

    1. Hahahaha
      This small something… Lol
      Oh you can!!! We are MADE and EQUIPPED for this
      If only we can go somewhere and collect money just for being a MOM, that would be cool sha.
      Oh God loves His children in their many varieties. Life would be boring if we were all alike jor
      Oh Havillah!!! I didn’t even know she had a ministry tooo ooo. I just thought she was too sound as I watched her and Lisa.
      Too sound to just be regular
      And then I encountered her Teaching ministry
      She is good and I am beefing you cos you get to hear her LIVE at PP conference (please don’t try to make me stop)
      John is almost perfect. Do you see how he looks at Lisa when they are being interviewed? HAVE YOU SEEN DUDE GO ALL PDA on her??? I was like YOU TWO JUST STOPPPPPPPP!!!! Eish!!! They are definitely COUPLE GOALS for me and I say it without even mincing words especially because of how they worked through the challenges in their marriages to build what they have now
      Good LORD!!!
      I am AMENING for you ooo to ‘he’ qualities please!!!
      And yes, when the book is released, the blog will help me LOUD IT haha

  3. Too much energy… my head is buzzing.. Those books, I am so going to look up. Did you shift from Chris Caine to Lisa Bevere?? Another Question – so much books, do you use a tablet or your phone to read?

    1. Shift from Chris ke?
      How is that even possible?
      Chris is like EZIAHA so I can’t shift
      My heart just expanded and let Lisa in and because I am sanguine, I literally have to keep tunring things up and around but we never forget those who really matter biko
      I use a Tablet and a phone. Depends on my mood. the apps are on my gadgets

    1. I use Aldiko, Bookshout and Kobo
      depending on the site I buy books from. They usually recommend apps that work for them

  4. Am with you on especially one. Accountability partner. Almost giving up. The one that came close was a guy but naa. Tiz too risky cos of the openess and intimacy it involves. Almost giving up. I just decided to focus on my work first….and by work I mean my assignment. Somehow God will work that out cos God knows I need one plus its getting somehow being the one pushing others and u have no one to push u.

    The books. Lol. I don see person wey pass me. Hubby should see ur list. He’s always asking me how many am reading at a time. I tell him it’s different books aimed at building different areas in my life and reading a book a month in a year that has only 12 months with the life assignment I have…doesn’t cut it. Av got to find a way and I do.

    On Lisa Bevere. Oh Jesus. Lemme tell u the truth. She’s on my strategic relationship list of people am supposed to send mails to (I hope that English is correct). Just to keep in touch and build up relationship slowly. She awes me. Absolutely. Maybe cos I love prayer. She trips me like Cindy trimm. I don’t believe in wimpy women. Not anymore. That’s a subtle excuse that can creep in and make a woman lose focus…

    One day I was on propel women site and it occurred to me that most times when i come across the section that talks about setting up propel women in other locations… For some reason your name keeps coming to mind. So! I wasn’t surprised to know you have that in mind…

    K. Am done. How was your day. Beautiful post deari.

    And yaaayyy thumbs up for 30. Am right behind u in a few months. That post blew my mind. You know when I woke up on January 1st after crossover. I heard The Holy Ghost tell me clearly – This year is TOO serious to joke about. Mehn! I knew I had to sit up. And this year alone…has been phenomenal in finally doing those things am supposed to do. You know The Holy Ghost told me – IJ don’t wake up at 80 and you’re still planning and avnt gone half way. That spanked me up.
    So when I read the 30 year post. I KNEW it had something to do with it. As in my phenomenal journey this year has something to do in a way
    ..if not all…with the fact that am turning 30. It kinda made a whole lotta sense. Cos I asked myself, why this year…not last year or next. Looks like the game just started!

    Well..Am at the end. Some kinda personal stuff I shared. Feel free to edit or post. Or not post at all. Lol.

    Have a wonderful evening dear. Love to KD. Tell him his younger brother by 2weekz says hi BigBro



    1. Gosh I can not even wait to meet you!!!
      You are just AWESOME babe
      Plus you are 30 too. Wow!!!
      We should have a FOR 30’s party here oooooo
      God bless you.
      The age 30 is a BIG deal to me. I KNOW!!!
      Don’t give up on a partner. God can do it and He will. I am still praying too so let’s stay in prayers and be led by god abeg. God knows I need it.
      YES YES YES You get what I SEE abiut Lisa. She LOOKS wimpy but she is a DYNAMITE and yet so gentle. No wimpy woman here please.
      Oh yes I am so doing Propel. I LOVE that God is leading me to do it because frankly, PROPEL IS ME!!! I bless Chris everyday for articulating my heart. I feel she kinda makes my life easier.
      I truly am excited for Propel
      Hugssssssss darling
      Love you plenty and KEEP THE FAITH AND FIRE

  5. Yay! Nice! I love that you are doing this!

    The first time I came on your blog the FAB reminded me of the kimora show, but I dismissed it and felt it was an acronym for something deep. Lol
    Your 20facts! Correct correct things.
    I’m not the only one who love house work! When I have the time I do it and love it! As in I love washing plates sef. Slightyk weird. I know.
    My living room was bare for almost 2 years.
    So sister of those 500 books you’re reading and which are all ebooks , biko which are up for sharing and pls can you share how you buy or download them? Thanks.
    You know eh, I’m looking forward to attending lovelifeconference through your social media platforms. He he he

    10 down, 20 to go..I see you finishing the blog challenge before me sef .
    Well done sis…and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for pointing me to this
      It is fun jare
      Might look for another sef and do after this
      Def finishing before you cos I am done latest Monday

      hahahahaha at something deep. same thing happened to me with one chick in a prayer group I am in. she typed ROOTER instead of ROASTER and because she is a spirikoko, I legit thot it was something DEEEEP maybe like Root of Jesse and stuff
      Plate washing is my favourite
      These days I position Lisa Bevere and Havillah Cunnington’s series MOMS TO MEN by my window so as I watch, I wash
      The books are unsharable. They kinda like LOCK it into your account when you buy so you can’t share
      Sorry boo
      Hahahahahahahaha at through my social media. You know me girl, YOU KNOW ME!!! Yawl are getting LIVE details!!!
      High five to bare living room sisters hahahahaha
      Ok I am high, can you tell?
      High on carrots sha lol
      Your comment is delightful

      1. Rotfl @ Root of Jesse!!
        Okies thanks, I use the aldiko app too and will work around buying them.
        Yes to Live details! I KNOW you will deliver there
        *high five*
        This Carotty highness is contagious.
        Thanks babe!

  6. i love this…
    I have so many books i’ll like to read but sometimes i just get lazy but am trying my best to break out with the help of the holy spirit.am current reading “become a better you by Joel Osteen” and “battle field of the mind by Joyce Meyer” for the past 3 months or more. the one thing am thankful about is that which ever part i read have been practicing it and most times i just go back to where have read before.

  7. Ahannnn how cn you just be posting pics of perfect looking coconut candy no fair o. I really need to add finishing some of the books in my E-Library to my goals. Btw am coming to raid that shelf behind you in your kitchen, am sure you must have a fair idea of things am coming for. King Daveed can smile sha, I love it!

    1. Coconut candy abi?
      Kai Susan, I have even decided to stop going to that market to avoid it
      But I can buy for you sha when I am coming to visist

      Don’t visit. I will visit haha

  8. 1.First of all I am putting you on notice that I have stolen your line: #MakingJesusRedCarpetFamous
    Please don’t sue me…lol
    2. I just ended the last one sided friendship I had. I can’t deal with them either
    3.I love love the voice Nigeria
    4.And Lisa Bevere, needs to get a Restraining order ASAP.. This stalketure is real..
    Loved reading this it was like a hilarious biography!!

      Steal away
      Let’s all make JESUS FAMOUS

      I feel you on ending. Sometimes, friendships need to be defined, redefined and maybe ended. All in love tho…

      Lisa Bevere hahahahahahahahahaha She would LOVE me. We have a connection. A huge one!!!

      TVN is EVERYTHING!!! the bad part is some of the nonsense lyrics enter my head so i have to pray them away
      We need a CHRISTIAN The Voice ooo
      Imagine how absolutely SPIRIT FILLED that atmosphere would be!!!

  9. Nice post,kudos to the books!shey u will deliver me ,the christian books I live are the ones with stories in them.I enjoyed Joyce Meyer’s battlefield of the mind

  10. Was actually smiling when I saw Iyawo mi by Timi Dakolo. l’m just in love with the song. my sister even asked me once why I liked d song cos my favourite music is gospel i rarely do such music.
    So many books on my to-buy-and-read list plus no cash at the moment- student things sha.
    1st timer commenting here, been following for sometime now but phone wahala sha no gree me subscribe and comment but thank God for provision of a tab cos that’s what I really needed as I read online a lot and I can also comment.
    Love what you are doing here, it has really been a blessing to me. keep up the good work. as for d weight loss thing I know it’s real without drugs cos I did it sometime ago during Asuu 6 months strike in my first year, now though I easily lose weight once I add during hols less than one month in school and everything is gone plus my family no gree oh say I look sickly but L know that after this year (final year things) I no send them again oh. let me stop the epistle before it turns to book.
    Thanks anyway for being such a blessing and introducing me to many others. (I sent you a friend request on facebook haven’t seen your reply plus how do you manage the screenlight of your tab for long when reading cod my brightness settings is in the least but still……..).

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