Happy New year my darlings!!!
Now let’s kick this off with me sharing my 2014 plans with you. Some at least.
Since we have 31 Favored.And.Blessed Voices testifying, I figured I’ll go first.
Not just because it is my blog but I’ll also love to give direction and clarity as to what I meant when I introduced this…
First let me state that this year ehn, I no dey play. Satan, hol ur ear!!! I am still testifying and each testimony will cause the devil to twist in pain. Like my Booski saiud, this year, I am personally burying the devil… I dunno about you. This year, tz FORWARD 2014… Still testifying.
And I don’t wanna testify alone. Mba… I wanna be sharing mine and hearing and sharing yours too. E go sweeter that way. Which is why I wanna share this 31FAB Voices testifying with y’all. WeWontJustStopTestifyingYo!!!
You see this Word… ‘FORWARD 2014…Still testifying’ I will SQUEEZE all the testimonies out of it. Nothing will be left by December 31, 2014. I will go forward. I will testify yet. I will bury the devil. I am loving the year already. Too excited!!! Lemme let you in on some of my plans!!! The direction my life will be taking this year as my Sugar Daddy does His thing!!!
I know I can bank on your prayers…
In the spirit of 2014… Lemme share 14 things with my darling FAB’ers…

The Vision 2014…
The first three would focus on relationships cos I have realized that relationships are EVERYTHING. If you are blessed enough to work the right people into your life, ah!!! No words on the kinda amazing life you would have. There are three kinds/levels of relationships in my life I would love to work on in 2013-Higher, Same level, and Lower. Let’s shed more light on each…
1. Relationship with my mentors!!!
Like I wrote on Chioma’s blog, I truly can afford my mentors. This year, I intend to invest more into being mentored. And while I have my primary mentors in men like Rev, PK, Joyce Meyer and co, there are many others who are success stories in their fields and from whom I can learn to be a better person, both in my walk as a Christian and just a good Citizen of Nigeria and the world. I mean there are many brilliant young persons out there in Nigeria making a big difference. The secret of great men are in their stories and I wanna learn from their stories. Otto Orondaam of Slum2School for example is a major inspiration. Nmachi Jidenma too. TY Bello too. Amazing woman. Okey Ofili. Imperfectly Perfect featured a set of twins on her blog. They abound. Some popular, some not. These people definitely don’t have perfect lives but you can definitely pick the good in their stories. I think the more we read about people better than us, the more we are motivated to do more. Now, some of these people may be older, younger or same age as me but where there is Grace, it aint about age. Sometimes we miss out on important life lessons just because we are thinking ‘…how old is she sef…? Is it not this girl who was very dirty in secondary school? Or is it not so and so who used to borrow money from me then?’ Hmm!!! I will be humble enough to catch what I can from people’s stories. Nigerian Youth are really making a difference ooo. No need feeling like a SuperStar in my small world. I wanna be further inspired to greatness from this set of persons especially the Youth among them. I will not be able to meet them all but thank God for social media especially Twitter and blogs, thank God for books. Oh, this 2014, no time ooo. Na me and my mentors ooo…

2. Relationship with my Peers/Friends
Ah!!! This one na serious matter ooo. If one is not careful, one would just have many friends with no real impact or meaning to the friendship. So this year, deliberately, I would be sure that my relationship with my friends and my besties would be more impactful. We have to share our goals and dreams with each other and be the needed push we would need to achieve them. And if I realize that you are not doing enough to move you from your current level to a higher one, I can harass you to, and vice-versa. If I am aware of your dreams, then when I run into any information or person that can help you, I can hook you up. I want us to be able to share with each other if for example, you feel a dimmer in your prayer or Word life and then we work on rekindling the fire. I want to be able to ask you what, as a believer, you are believing for per time and do what I can to help. Friendships have to come with depth and meaning ooo even with the attendant familiarity that most close friendships have. I am trusting God for this much this year and of course going forward.

3. Relationship with my mentees. I have come to understand that, like it or not, at some point, you become mentors to others and you have to, not just live for yourself, but live to reproduce some good and God in others. So if there are people looking up to me, then there must be something worthy of emulation in me. But because it is just me, only me, I know I can’t reach out effectively to as many young women that want me to mentor them. I get a lot of such mails and as much as I try, I don’t do my follow up well and I’m sure some people get upset 🙁 Tz just me and I can only do so much. Thing is, everybody God brings our way is a precious soul and we should nurture them to some level of maturity at least. So thank God for the healthy relationships I am building from my point 2 (my Peers), I would be happy to say something like for example ‘…hey Valerie, there is this girl who is having issues with her academics and tz affecting her faith, I need you to mentor her for me…’ Or ‘…Booski, this young woman has major relationship issues and she needs a clean break in her life, biko help me guide her through this…’ You know, stuff like that. Just like Jethro counselled his son in law Moses Exodus 18 esp from verse 12. I am totally wowed especially by the teens that mail me and share stuff with me. Sometimes, I do cartwheels literally. That from such a young age, there are girls who wanna do right by God. Incredible!!! I do know that peer pressure is real and it would go a mighty long way to know that someone is checking with you, cheering you on as you live this Christ life on a FAB lane… I would also like to kick off a group online, most likely whatsapp where we can also share stuff with each other occasionally in addition to the one-on-one’s.
That’s all for relationships… Moving forward…
4. Being that my NYSC khaki is giving way to a suit by mid February, I am super excited about my career which will kick off by mid-March. I need the one month to lounge and finally relocate and get settled in Abuja. And then I am trusting God for a 6week training in an African country. The focus of my career is continental, beyond Nigeria and then my Sugar daddy and I are settled about my work conditions and pay. Oh, I am so excited. The work world’s waiting, and I am so discovering it… #ExcitedMuch

5. My hubby and I are in faith that he would be speedily transferred to Abuja, our land of Milk and Money, to join me before the end of the first quarter of 2014 so we don’t run two homes. I don’t know how my Sugar daddy wants to get this done but I trust it would be a seamless transition for us…

6. I do know I have a ministry especially to women. Young women. I spent 2013 getting the mandate, and preparing with retreats both personal and group. I can’t even say I have the big picture yet but I would love to launch out this year with monthly meetings. Yes I would start in online space and it would involve my blog readers too but we would have live meetings once a month. My Rev has prayed with me and keeps counselling me and I am so sure God will do the work He wants to do just as I yield myself a vessel.

I want to inspire more women or even one more woman into greatness. To live right and stand on the Word till results come. Strong women. Balanced women. The Proverbs 31 kinda woman. I know that as a group, we can definitely do more. Now, this is not about titles and all what not, it is about E’ yielding herself to His use and helping one more woman to live a FAB life indeed!!! My God is able jare. I’m done being scared. Like my mama Joyce Meyer would say, feel the fear and do it anyway.

This year, I’m launching out in His might. He called, abi? He is faithful enough to do!!! #Dazall#

7. Attend Joyce Meyer’s conference. Joyce is my momsy in the faith. Totally amazing woman. I have learnt so much from her podcasts and books. I feel like she is my mommy indeed. The only thing missing from this is that I am yet to see her live and where better than the ‘Love Life Women’s conference 2014’

in St. Louis Missouri, USA from Thursday Sept 25 to Sat 27th 2014. See I have that date marked. And I am even trusting God for a photo op with JM herself. Ah!!! I hope I don’t pass out when I finally see her. Loooool. Oh and I am definitely making this US trip with my hubby. Whoop!!!

8. Ok this is the point Lizzie, Sapphire, Booski and Valerie stop reading. Thank you. I am really trusting God for a healthier lifestyle this year… Eating right, less chocolates and sweets and exercising regularly. I want to get used to it so that when my kids start coming, a healthy lifestyle would already have been formed in my family. Plus, all these hot mamas all over the place don’t have two heads abeg!!! #TeamHotBod#

9. Ah, please get in here Water Walker. You inspired this!!! This year, I wanna speak more positively. Everytime I am around Water Walker, I am always blessed as to how she speaks. Even when the situation is bad, she never confesses it… It is not uncommon for her to say ‘…My daughter’s health is PERFECT that’s why I couldn’t come to church…’, ‘…Festac roads are so BLESSED…’ (This one she said of roads that can destroy cars ooo). I mean, WW speaks positive a lot. I so wanna be a lot like that this year and going forward. Say positive and mean it ooo. PK once said something that stuck… I don’t recall the exact terms he used (any DCC person wanna remind me please) but there are two ways to talk about any situation… Explanatory and the Faith way. So if say I have a bloated tummy for example, I say ‘ Though the tummy looks bloated now (explanatory), my health is perfect, my tummy is blessed (Faith)’ So don’t stop at the first one, always speak in faith too. Not just into my life but also to the lives of those around me. I think sometimes as Christians, we wanna be careful to not sound ‘holier than thou’ in the midst of the world meanwhile the world is very brazen when they talk and act. This year, I would speak more like my Sugar daddy expects me to. If I need to pray out (under my breath, yes but loud enough for you to hear) in tongues before I answer you when you come to me for a situation, I will. A lot of times, I am talking to someone and I feel strange tongues well up within me to speak and I hold back because I don’t want it to seem like I am showing off. Not anymore. If I need to counter something you have said with wisdom and the Word, I will do same happily but politely and firmly irrespective of who you are. I wouldn’t just shut up especially when I know I can speak words that can set things right. If I need to explain to you the reason I am turning down a food offer is cos I am fasting, I will. People need to see us Christians live more this life of Christ. Now this is not to say I will be going around with phylacteries and a giant halo with a huge sign of ‘Unbelievers, stay off!!!’ No Sir. I just know that I would be ‘prouder’ about my Jesus and all things Christian. Sad to say, I have held back some in times past just because…………. Sigh. This year 2014, tz all for my Sugar Dadaboooooo. With wisdom of course.

10. Ah!!! Marriages and Births. If I miss your name, feel free to add it in the comments so we pray along but I am trusting God for marriages for my friends Valerie, Tani, Tope, Cheech, ChuChu, Tunde, Ogochukwu, my Sister,Sis-in-laws and brothers, JMAD, SomSom, Berny and so on. And then births- my Booski, Sapphire, Tope and my siblings (yup the same ones getting married this year). Amen.

11. I am trusting my Sugar daddy to be Pregnant by October 2014. Infact, I would love to gift him an ‘I am pregnant’ news for his birthday and gift myself a set of twins/triplets by June 2015. Yup tz no coincidence that our birthdays are exactly nine months apart.

12. A prayer request journal. I realize that a lot of times, people ask me to pray with them for one thing or the other. You know all those ‘I will pray with you or I am with you in prayers…’
Sometimes, it piles and I forget too. #OnlyHumanE’#. So this year, I’ll love to take it more seriously… Have a journal with which I can keep records of not just my prayer points but more that of others. And of course, the testimonies as we start testifying, especially testimonies that have a time span. Standing in the gap for my friends is one mandate from God for me this year… Ah, we must testify ooo. The devil don enter!!!

13. One question hubby kept asking me this season was ‘How can we reach out to people this Christmas?’ I am trusting God that together as a family, we reach out to people in need every month. It would amaze you to know that for some, as little as even 5k can go a really looooooooooooooonnnnnngggg way. Thank God the bible says ‘…He who gives to the Poor lends to His Maker and God will repay him…’ Proverbs 19:17.
Btw, we Christians should be the ones to lead a LOVE REVOLUTION!!! And how can we say we love if we cannot give…

14. Finally, something a bit more fun and less ‘spiritual’ lol.
In the area of fashion, I intend to wear more brights… Orange, royal blues, bright purples, Greens, etc. No to the nudes and beiges anymore. In addition to my white glasses, I intend to rock an Orange one too (Hint hint Belated Christmas present Sapphire). I’m taking off my dreads by this weekend after over 25weeks and will be rocking my natural TWA again (that’s Teeny Weeny Afro) this year and I’m so ready for all the many things I would do with my hair…

Dyes/hair colors, twist outs, baby ‘locks, etc. I will also do more bold ethnic earrings and bangles. Not been a necklace girl and I don’t see that changing. But, this year na new look ooo… Trust me to regal y’all with pictures na…

So that’s it… I just shared 14 of my plans for this ‘FORWARD 2014…Still testifying year’ with y’all…
Do some of them scare me? You best believe that!!! (Funny thing is my hubby still thinks I am not dreaming big enough loooool). I see the devil sneering… ‘Let’s see how she will achieve this…’ But I have a BIG GOD!!! Nsogbu adiro…
Incase you didn’t notice, we dream NO SMALL DREAMS here. If your dreams are not yet scaring you, baby you may need to dream again ooo. I’m not saying you should start building castles in the air, all I am saying is dream like someone who has a Sugar daddy. If you need to watch some Nollywood flicks to know how girls with earthly sugar daddies and Aristos dream, please do. Give your angels assignment this year… You also need to share your dreams with the right set of people. It keeps you accountable. It will be easy to give up when all you have done is dream by yourself in yourself and not involved anyone. But if you have told me, I wanna do this or that, then I can harass you when time is going and you are yet to do. Then be very set to play your own part to help make your dreams come true. No lazy dreamers here. You can also bank on the prayers of the FAB family, E’ inclusive, yeah people?
If you still wanna re-write your article (for those who have sent already), feel free to. And if you haven’t sent, please do already. Space still dey!!!
Remember, we will be back here testifying by the year end and/or as we have the testimonies. Burying the devil, one testimony after another.
Tomorrow I have another big dreamer. Oh how I love this girl. The day she mailed me her entry, I had goosebumps, burst into tongues and tears simultaneously!!! No spoilers dear. Tomorrow…
Happy new year again dawleens…
Love, Peace and Testimonies…
Going Forward… Still Testifying!!!

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  1. Whoooo!!!!! Gobsmacked is the word. I think. Your plans are well articulated and the perfect take-off voice. I can’t wait for the following jawdropping, unbelievable accounts of God’s ability we won’t be able to keep up with..

    …it hasn’t entered into the heart of man what’s being unravelled. Enjoy unprecedented Graces!

    Cheers to a phenomenal 2014!

    1. Aha!!!
      That’s the reaction I was looking for.
      Cos the testimonies gotta drop jaws.
      Yes God has just got started. I don’t envy the devil right now.
      Amen amen amen. Graces indeed. How I love that term.
      Bless you darling. Resplendently too :p

    2. Dear Lizzie pls help me now… ahn ahn everytym i read ur comment on this blog i need to find a dictionary..biko

      1. Lol….i’m sure I cracked a rib when I saw your comment. Lol…..
        you gotta know I don’t intentionally set out to sprain anyone’s ankles in the race to find a dictionary… (now, that’s a very hilarious picture…hehehe)
        Tannie now, for the love you have for me(I hope the plenty english hasn’t reduced it..lol), please cut me a little slack *sniffling*. It can only get w̶o̶r̶s̶e̶ ̶. better
        And yes, i’m with you on No.8 even though she publicly threatened us. Lol

        Happy new year dear *hugs*

  2. madam! haba! how many words? 5000? Ok o. some editing might be appropriate now. u just reminded me of some things dat shud av been inputted sef. going back to it. @ the relationships. I shud mention that. i’ve always wanted a deeper relationship wt my old or New friends, I mean something with spiritual depth not just face level regular friendship. why rant here. lemme jus get to d editing. Happy New year.

    1. Oh I am so happy you got inspired enough to edit. Whoop
      Don’t mind me, tz cos tz my blog na… hehehe. Plus most people can’t write that long.
      Oh yea babes, more than face level ooo. Can’t wait for your edited entry…
      Saving you a cool spot while waiting…
      Btw, did I say Happy New year Bomu?

  3. Hmmmmmmmm……can I post now? Been trying to for months.

    Short of words. This write up is IT!
    I just realised why my prayer journal is never full. Standing in the gap for people! As much as I pray for them I now know I shld write it down.

    I will read again and send a comment…maybe 2

  4. Yaaaaay at the love life conference……. mhen we are attending together o and we will be seat partners by His grace! Cant wait to hear u testify darling! And amen to marriage part.
    This year the devil is in trouble! I am sure this year I will be so awed by my sugar daddy that I will have too many teary moments…
    Finally on no.8 urs truly will be keeping tabs on u. If i hear u say coldstone ehn. I am with u in prayers.

    1. Yesooo babe
      Na you go snap JM and myself. I won’t let her snap with you :p
      I won’t throw away Coldstone totally now haba!!! I said ‘less’ not ‘none’
      That said, don’t u owe me a Coldstone trip?

  5. Superb! May God perfect your plans & grant you ALL the strength & grace needed to achieve it. Amen. (especially eat healthy part….. no more ice cream oooO #ntoi#)…. Or better stil, you can ask coldstone & co. for a special E’ healthy ice cream recipe. Hugss

  6. When I first started to read, I just thought, ok isn’t this a tad too much. But along the line, your faith inspired even me. Then the comparison to aristo babes, soooo true. Like I keep thinking, I’m a daughter of God, my life should show that. I’m sorry for this long story, all I’m trying to say is that you inspired me with this post. What a great way to start my year. Thanks, again.

    1. Lol
      Funny how with each look I give this it seems doable.
      Small do sef
      Thank God you got inspired darling. I pray for grace to achieve your dreams amen

  7. Ah,priveledge treatment yeah? Na u be gm of the blog sha,u are allowed.lol
    Now,this is dreaming big,dreaming large,our God is able!
    I can sooo relate with most of ur dreams,its scary.my 1000 words didn’t let me write it all.
    The standing in the gap thing is one av been on,started asking for prayer points frm peeps around me already,and I devised a when friends tell me u thr probs,instead of talkin about it-aproko like peeps do,I’ll go on my knees and interceed 4 them,I figure dats y dey told me abt it in d ist place,2pray.
    and the ministry to girls too, the giving thing, the investing in better friendships…ur goals just resounds. We will testify! We Will squeeze out the testimonies frm 2014!
    Btw,didn’t get a reply for my entry sent,did you get it?is it ok? Plus did u get d attachment containing the pics?

  8. May our Good Lord grant you the desires of your heart this year. They are very beauriful unselfish goal. Goals bothering on showing love to people just as our Heavenly Father has shown us love. Lemme know where I can help. Happy Testifying 2014. Xoxo xoxo

  9. Big dreams indeed E’ but I trust your sugar daddy to bring all of them and even more to pass. I can’t wait for that news of yours by October. That is my birthday month. ┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥A̶̲̥̅♏ happy for ♈υ̲̣̥ E’. God bless ♈υ̲̣̥ richly. Land of milk and money indeed. ♈υ̲̣̥ are funny. Include my name in your list of those ♈υ̲̣̥ will mentor.

  10. Woah! Woah!! Am seriously inspired, actually stumbled upon your blog thru the JUG’s blog, read through all Mama wrote about you and curiousity got d best of moi, and seriously am not regretting, its been a woah experience reading through ur posts and am inspired. Stil considering if I haf enuf liver to send in my plans for 2014(covering my face). Keeping the flag flying and keep d vision burning E, wil definitely keep coming back for more post. Stay lifted.

    1. Receive grace and liver darling
      Thanks love. I hope you get blessed here.
      Feel free to subscribe too so you get email notifications

  11. Wow!!!!! Forward 2014. Nothing dey happen lol, our sugar daddy is to faithful to fail. Yes o im adding my name for marriage this year.IFUNANYA.

  12. Gbam, gbam, gbam. We are burying the devil this year ooooo. My 2014% fullest support. This na correct testifying forward Ezi nwa mma.
    Jaw dropping testimonies-in-the-making. All is very very possible o jare. God still moves mountains…
    I am already testifying (unbelievable target at work) + many others on the way. Our God is an AWESOME GOD.

    Love you Fab’ers. God bless us all this 2014. Amen..

    On to perfect reports…keep testifying

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