My secondary school friend and blogger Chioma Chuka is doing this amazing stuff on her blog she calls ‘31days…31writers’ where for the whole of December, she had a guest blogger chronicle the past year and lessons learnt. I have been so blessed just reading each person talk about the lessons the last 12months taught them. I look forward to getting the email notifications of a new Post. So I decided to do something similar which I tagged ‘#31F.A.B.Voices… Testifying’. Btw, CC blogs at www.fairygodsister.wordpress.com and F.A.B stands for Favored And Blessed.

Ok so with 2013 nicely fading away and 2014 coming into the picture, we would be crazy to enter the year casually, no?
‘…Write the Vision and make it plain on blogs in BIG BLOCK LETTERS so that it can be read ON THE RUN…’ Habakkuk 2:2
‘…So Jotham became mighty because he PREPARED his ways before the Lord His God…’ 2nd Chronicles 27:6
I expect that you have been planning the year before now and I am sure we all have really cool dreams. If you haven’t, please do already. 2014 is already here ooo. So I would love to share in and with all the beautiful plans that you have… And then we can pray together that our sugar daddy would ensure that our Angels don’t even blink till we testify… And then where any family member can offer counsel or any other kinda help in making your dreams happen, we won’t turn it down now, will we?
Some of you have already received mails from me requesting you to send me yours.
That’s VIP pass yo!!!
Now this is VVIP pass for the rest of my FAB’ers.
The cool stuff, the fun stuff, the serious stuff, the spiritual stuff, the crazy stuff, stuff on your bucket list (and nope, you are not kicking the bucket this year) and all that… Share with the FAB community. Would you like to become better in anyway? Share with us.
Now here is how we would flow…
You send me your entry with a max of 500 words, send me a picture if you want and your name. If you would love to stay anon, that’s fine too. Just chose a real FAB moniker. Then state your age range (20 and below, 30 and below, above 30) where you live and what you do for a living and you are officially inducted into the FAB HALL OF FAME GUEST WRITERS…
Neat yeah?
You are welcome…
This is open to just 31 FAB’ers and I am thinking 30 if I am tempted to join the party too so holla at me like ASAP. eziaharx@yahoo.com Will put a cap on entries when I hit 31 and it would be first come, first serve…
Lezzdodis darlings… Because by this time 2014, we would come back and read all we have written and we would indeed be TESTIFYING…
Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!
Oh btw, 2013 is not yet over and the year is NOT permitted to end until you yet testify…

Don’t pack up yet…
‘…He crowns the year with His goodness, a bountiful harvest…’ Psalms 65:11a
Hugs. Love. Sunshine Smiles.


Please I need a good graphic logo for this #31F.A.B.Voices…Testifying. If there are any FAB’ers that can help me, I would really be grateful. Nothing complex. Just a banner I can add to my media and to every post. Thanks dawleens…
I am trying real hard to NOT turn my blog to a relationship/marriage blog but most of y’all be arm twisting me to. Being that I talk about my life a lot and I have moved from single to married, I most likely would blog about marriage stuff. But I don’t want it to be… I will answer your questions yup but my blog would still be about the totality of E’ living the Christ life on a FAB lane.

25 Responses

    1. Loooool
      Is this a subtle threat mami?
      No try me ooo
      Aku m is a Lawyer ooo and he doesn’t take threats to me lightly!!!
      And that’s all I will say

    2. This imperfect girl is fineooooo. See close up smile. Ezi, I pray God does not flog u for discrimination. U no get ugly friend chachaaaaa :o. But why?

  1. *clearing throat* I don’t need to send thee any email. Im automatically there. BRETHREN, It’s time to TESTIFY…lets bury the devil

  2. Hmm I love this idea. And what better way to usher in the new year than to dream big and plan ahead!

    Re: the graphics thing
    While you’re expecting others to come through with banners and all (I hope they do) why don’t you check out picmonkey.com? Very easy to use photo editing website where you can overlay images and what not. Try playing with it and see what you come up with. 🙂

  3. Testifiers are Glorifiers and Glorifiers are Gratifiers-in-praise (Giving and Serving GOD in Praise)

    Indeed 2013 is a year I will not forget in a hurry. I saw GOD move in impossible ways to man in my life. Impossible to man but not to GOD.

    Eziaha, biko… Ke du ebe m ga’ebido kene Chukwu na’ihe oma O na eme na ndu’m???

    Love u babe, u are indeed favoured and blessed (F.A.B). I enjoyed talking to you…he he. I look forward to reading and hearing others’ stories as I have already testified once on your blog already.

    Meanwhyl, I saw ur comments on naijahusband.com (the latest post), I wanted to comment but the *thing* no gree. Sure as the sunshine lady, your gift(s) to Akugi must have blown him away… Now u know that he would be searching the high heavens for a gift to match yours…lol.

    But keep an open mind darl, at least be rest assured it won’t be wrapped in newspaper….he he he he (insert naijawife’s rolling eyes).

    Remain peaceable and loveable nne,

    1. Nne eh, this is me thanking God on your behalf too…
      Yesooo. He is still racking his head after my own… I am behd like that!!! If tz a ticket to dubai eh, even if z wrapped in black nylon and newspaper at the same time. Just bring it.
      Love you right back darling and I absolutely loved talking to you and ur baby…
      And yup I am definitely looking forward to the testifying FAB voices

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