******drumroll necessary*******
My Booski is here today as my guest.
So you think she is all crazy abi? This post will shock you.
You will see another side of dumebi.
The side of her that justifies her craziness.
Oh but she still added some crazy moments to the post. ..
I’ll let you enjoy Dumebi’s 15 minutes of fame on my fabulous blog…


My life is constantly changing.   Some days everything seems to be going my way:  I get all the lucky breaks, find money in my jeans pocket, get surprise gifts from my parents, or get a bank credit alert 🙂 .  Other days, not so much:  someone annoys with me, we lose our money, get into arguments, break my favorite gadget. But since I started keeping a gratitude journal, my attitude towards life has totally changed. Thanks E!


So today,
I am grateful for the gifts of gratitude, which are: increased self-esteem, happiness, enthusiasm, peace, and joy. I have them all in healthy doses :d

I’m also grateful for a family that drives me crazy…
from Father to last born. Yes I love my family dearly. I love them so much because they have developed a unique talent that only those closest to my heart possess:  the ability to get under my skin & annoy me in ways that drives me to near homicidal states of frustration and irritation.  I know it can seem impossible at times to give thanks when you’re on the verge of a family-induced breakdown but it isn’t a pipe dream. Despite my brother’s incessant mean-spirited teasing or my grandmother’s endless nagging about my future and why I’m still single (which thankfully has ended)
, I always smile when I think about them. They do colour my world 🙂

I’m so thankful for the fact that I am continually surrounded by people who love me and encourage me.  I cannot even imagine my life without my friends.
Laughter, stories, text messages, and loving me when I do weird stuff makes me love them even more. They are always there when I need someone to talk to and make me not feel so gosh darn crazy for being me. They’re just there, and most of the time, that’s all I need them to be.
I am so overly thankful for food. So many people go without and this is something I never ever have to worry about. Another thing I’m so very thankful for is clean water, whenever and where ever I want it. It’s amazing how many things we ‘have’ that we take for granted.

I’m thankful for push-up bras. Got a shirt from an aunt last week, and I wasn’t impressed when I tried it on. I decided to check it out again before I got naked nd jumped in d bath tub, nd it fitted real good. Push-up bra made d difference. Eseooo Baba!

I’m thankful for a good book

this may sound extremely “nerdish” to some people, but a good book can change you.  It has the ability to take you places you’ve only ever dreamed of and to think of things in a way you never had before. 

There is immeasurable power in that.  A good book can make you laugh out loud or cry uncontrollably.  Even if the read is for entertainment purposes only, we have to be grateful for anything that can take our mind off of this crazy thing called life for a few hours.

I’m thankful for faith.


Faith is what gets me through when some of the others on this list can’t.  Even in its abstractness, its power grounds me.  It is often times the very last and only thing left to hang onto.   How quickly our hands would slip down the rope without the knot of faith to catch us.  

I’m very thankful for my kids. I couldn’t imagine a world without children
They are a constant reminder of what is beautiful about the world.  There have been days that my family, my friends, and even my faith couldn’t sustain me, but a smile, a laugh, a hug, or an “I love you Miss Dum-Dum” from a child in my class was able to. 

Children see the world without distorted lenses and their glasses are always half full.  We should all make time to spend time with children in some capacity; they are our greatest natural resource. I love my babies.
(E’s side note: Dumebi is a librarian in an amazing secondary school and all the kids love her crazy. I can testify. It is so beautiful how they do. And she is crazy about them tooo. She throws her life into her job and it is VERY sweet to see her so that.)

I’m thankful for Today. Today is never guaranteed to us, so if we get it, we should be appreciative of it.  Everyday, people young and old are not granted this gift.  Those of us who are lucky enough to, should treat it as such.

Finally, I’m thankful for Mistakes.


They suck to make, but are necessary to growth.  There are not many other things in life that have the ability to change us the way a mistake does.  I’m a better, stronger person because of the mistakes I’ve made.  I don’t like to make mistakes, but I have to acknowledge that they have led me to this path just as much as my successes.  For that, I am thankful.
So, if there are mistakes in this post, forgive me and be happy for me, for I am growing and will be better (if Lady E gives me another wonderful opportunity to be a wanna-be ‘blogger’)  :). 🙂

*****curtain call*****
Dumebi my love. My booski of life and afterlife


Thank you…
Btw people did that line on mistakes jump at you as it did me?
“… They suck to make, but are necessary to growth.  There are not many other things in life that have the ability to change us the way a mistake does….”
Ok people share your gratitude with us in the comments section.

I thought I’ll add this gorgeous pix of dumebi and I and her momma


Peek our closeup smiles

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  1. looool @ thankful for pushup bras…. I am thankful for my menstrual cycle too o.. I had the most annoying cramps this past days and was almost grumbling when God reminded me about how some people don’t have a cycle hence infertility. Also thankful for this PIZZA that EZIAHA owes me and has refused to give me.. Shout out to Dumebi! marital blessings love.
    p.s also thankful for safe bike rides.

    1. Chai
      Tannie this pizza that you promised urself on my behalf and I accepted oo.
      E don turn to fight and yabis
      Ok ooo
      I think they even have pizza somewhere in amuwo cos eky came back with pizza today.
      Or did she get it from the island?
      Sha you will get your pizza abeg. Stop crying ha ahn.
      Ego na u cause am ooo. For buying me pizza that day oooo
      Now tani insists I should have brought home for her…
      I don enter…
      Ntoi at the cramps you had.
      And why would someone have a car and be taking okada please? Tannie sha… rme

      1. Looool…..na serious promise myself on ur behalf..
        Me Ntoi? Eziaha wwJd?
        the reason people take okada is because of bad roads like ur own *tongueout*
        P.s u dont have to reply this one nne… I am sleep!

  2. Lol@Eziaha…biko share in Tani’s gratitude and stop ntoing@her…

    Amazing post@Dumebi…Thankful for your life sha…lol @finding money in your jeans pocket…lol@push up bras…who says that?!

    It was good to see the serious profound side of you like ‘E said…Enjoyed it…

    I’m thankful for comfort and daily benefits.

    1. Oh lizzie absolutely
      She has a serious side
      And I am happy she brought it to bear here today…
      Pls stay out of tannie and I’s pizzagate… :p
      And yup Dumebi alone says that!!! Tho that money in jean pocket is welcome anyday

    1. I agree with ur mom oooo…
      Since we cdont have enough guts for breast enlargement surgery, let’s use what we have 😉

  3. Warmest hugs to Cathie, Lizzie nd Tanni. Thank u for likin my post. I now d greatest respect for those of u who blog sensibly. E no easy. I discovered dt yesterday. Wet choco milky kisses to Lady E! I got a behind d scene taste of ur blog world. Thank u for space to enjoy d lime-light on ur blog. I be a star, yeah? (Even if its for 15mins). Some peeps wil NEVER hv d chance. For that, I’m thankful.

    1. Loooooool
      Blog sensibly indeed
      Now you can stop haranguing me when my posts are late…
      Now lemme give my own comment to your post

  4. You know, monday I had zero naira and I had to get to the bank…So le boo told me to start checking all my pockets…whosai!!! I didn’t see. Lemme just say I am thankful for the aboki opposite my house that gave me hundred box… 🙂
    Oh alertz!!! I love the credit:) I hate the debits!!! 🙁
    I abs agree… One you start keeping a gratitude journal consciously, life changes for you…
    Dumebi does your fam drive you crazy or you drive them crazy??? I’ll take the latter!!! Except ur grandma sha hehehehe
    Friends, good friends are priceless. That’s why I don’t understand people who are suspicious of the whole world!!! May God in His infinite mercies send them good friendships like we enjoy, amen…
    Aha!!! Push ups, Padded, wonder bras!!! God bless the makers!!! Since we can’t a̶f̶f̶o̶r̶d̶ take the risk of breast enhancement surgeries, we let those bras do the magic!!!
    Oh books!!! I like to say they need to fast replace diamonds as a girl’s best friend. Cos empty headed FAKE diamond wearing girls are a No No. Oh people, dumebi reads eh!!! Still saw a pile load of books in her room in Asaba and she has many more in Ibadan… Tick tick tick baby…
    The line that killed for me is the ‘…even in its abstractness, the power grinds me…’ Very true. These days tho, I’m learning to have faith author and finish all I do rather than bringing it in as a last resort. On our own, we can afterall do less than nothing.
    Oh and your kids!!! I love the way you love them. May I famz at this point that once Dumebi came with ’em to UI for a debate and when they saw me, they tripped and loved me too. Hehehe
    I can’t imagine how hard it will be to leave when you have to… Kids are indeed adorable.
    Yup today is a PRESENT for which we must be thankful…
    And finally, mistakes. That was my deepest line. No need regretting or beating yourself up… Learn and move on!!!
    Amazing post sweetie. I’m proud you rocked your 15mins wella…

    1. My Darling E! My Sweetest Sister…words can’t describe how much I love u, u know? I was honored to be a guest ‘blogger’. Smoochy hugs nd glossy kisses, Darling!

  5. congratz to E’s B.
    What am I grateful for?
    1. Restoration of health- its been two weeks in and out of illness and now i’m back
    2. Cash- While I paid for all my drugs and supplements effortlessly, on a daily basis I have patients who can’t even afford a drug of #100
    3. Beauty- Yeah! Thankful that i’m a natural beauty in and out. For most of my teenage years pimples made me think I was ugly. But now with a very healthy self esteem, I look in d mirror and i’m awe struck
    4. The will to eat- even though its been little. I used to love to eat until July dis year. My weight has been 5kg down and i’ve been trying so hard to bring it back to 50kg. But then i’m grateful that I av food and I can eat some. (God, is someone giving me d perfect birthday dress gift that I need to fit into at 45kg?)
    5. Lastly i’m grateful for the friends and family I av around now

    1. Oh sweetie
      I am so thankful for your restored health.
      I thot you had abandoned me again for no just reason
      Pele love
      Hahahaha. Love the beauty part… Yesoooo. Once your self esteem is in tact, everything else falls in place. Like PK says, there is NO ugly woman
      Hahahahhaa at 45kg birthday dress???
      Nne the person should please make it 50kg please. Thank you.
      Generally thankful for you love
      And welcome back

  6. I love my Dumebi, yes I do. I love that you can send me a message and I can read it in my head with your voice and all your naughty chuckles in between.

    Ahhh…about gratitude, I’ve been busy these days asking my Daddy for mercy and thanking Him for the not throwing me away despite my stubbornness!

    Majorly grateful for teaching me a lesson (which after several warnings I had refused to heed) that I am a royal priesthood and thus will be held to more stringent expectations. *sigh*

    Thankful for favour, undeservedly so, despite previously mentioned stubbornness. Thankful for providing scripture so adequately suited to my despairing spirit. Thankful for opened eyes and new visions. Thankful for the strength to trust him. Thankful for my earth-shaking, ground-trembling, stratosphere-exploding miracle which is just ’round the corner *dancing a jig :D*

    Not even nearly done but i’ll stop here…

    1. Looooooool at throwing you away
      Then that ‘ asking my Daddy. ..’ line reminds me so much of Baba adeboye.
      I love how he says it…
      Reminds us that yes God is that close… close and familiar enough to be called Daddy

  7. How sweet! Dumebi, you have such a young beautiful mum. The last pic of you, your mum and Eziaha is truly fab!!
    I totally agree with you about children being our greatest natural resource. In spending time with children, we get to learn from them even when they say random stuff! I am eternally grateful to God for the years I served in church teaching kids about God and about faith (sunday school); truly priceless..
    Congratulations once again on your wedding, God bless ++

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