So today I am paying it forward…
I’ll be thanking Him in advance because my testimonies are sure…
Sharing this publicly would also make me accountable to my faith… I must stay in faith till I get my victory and by december 31, I would be right back to testify in appreciation…
1. My wedding…
To the love of my life and the life of my love…
My David… The man after my heart. wpid-NEy.jpg
By the end of the year (actually way before the end of the year), the powers that be would have settled all their drama and E’ would happily exchange Ajaero for Olojo…
*insert 3 halo signs*

2. My Carpicmix-2642013-5589
Dear Kia Picanto, I am absolutely in love with you. Looks like the entire Lagos has this ride. Except me. E remain small make dem arrest me with the way I start every time I see especially a metallic colored one or a blue one. I always say ‘See my car…’
Le Boo (and most people) think the car is too small for me, but E’ likey, E’ wantey in Orangey.
Dear Jesus, thank you
*insert seven halo signs*

3. My Dubai trip…
Ah, I really can’t wait ooo.2013-08-31-18-30-48-255787672 And it is a double ooo. Two couples doubling up to Dubai later this year. Most likely during the christmas holidays.
Dear God, thank you for this. I truly have plans to get my customized E’ wedding band (to replace the ones we have already) while there. And oh my!!! Shopping!!! And I’ll be shopping with my fave girl.15402596-happy-friends-shopping-in-mallYou know who na 😉
Dear Jesus, thank you
*insert 15 halo signs*

4. Completing or at least getting to some place reasonable in my french lessons. And hopefully take an exam (or be so close to). images(2)I truly really absolutely need to brush up on and further on my french knowledge ooo. And get certified too.
Dear Jesus, AMEN…

5. Finding and furnishing (to a large extent) a house in Abuja. Abuja is OUR land of Milk and Money, our Promised Land… That is where I would be moving to post NYSC and starting a home. We are trusting God for divine direction and provision to the very best of accomodation there…
Dear Jehovah, AMEN…
*insert 50 halo signs*

6. Progressing at an even faster rate on my iSeeGreen Project.
Especially the arm directed to ‘pre-university people’.
Lemme explain some…
I had a most amazing University experience. I went through it all… Failures, disappointments, Politics, betrayals, and so on but most importantly, God turned all that around and I graduated very well!!! 13778410-graduate-girl-cartoon
I know a lot of people say the educational system/sector in Nigeria is terrible. But E’ made it through and came out GOLD… I think I qualify… His Grace qualifies me and I wanna share too… I failed. Then I succeeded.. (_)4EvA_3Adorable;;)There is plenty GREEN in school and I hope to inspire many young’uns out there to have a most amazing, rounded and fabulous University/Polytechnic experience, and graduate as better people who are not just graduates on paper but graduates indeed… Ready to contribute their own quota to Nigeria… Not join the sad and sorry statistics of ‘unemployable graduates…’
So help me God…
*insert 100 halo signs here*

Well, that’s not all but these are the few I wanna share here.
I’m trusting God that as I thank in faith, I will thank in appreciation with all my requests met…

Oh lemme add a few more gadgets I am looking at acquiring and thank Him in advance too PicStory-2013-08-31-07-33
– A BB Q10
– An iPad
– A MacBook (if it has a mini) or a really good mini laptop
– A really really really baddddd camera. A portable one with pre-filters and stuff so I don’t waste time editing.
I know they all seem like luxuries but trust me, they are necessities.
Oh my, I really need a laptop fast… Mine is in a critical state. I’m using my niece’s laptop for now. My seed is in the ground sha. My harvest is guaranteed.
I need an iPad because… Well I need it
A Q10 because well I wanna sow the torch 2 I use now.
And a camera because…. Seriously, do I need to explain to you why? You should know why if you are a regular FAB’er…

If the Lord leads you, don’t harden your heart…
*serious face*

But really though, I’m paying it forward and 2013, iMustTestify…

Don’t miss our celebration service tomorrow morning and relationship service in the evening at my dearly beloved DCC.
See details here

And feel free to pay it forward too

Share with me in the comments section.

Shout out to my partners – in – gratitude Lizzie and Giantsparkle.

We don did it


Tomorrow (or Monday latest) is my finale and my surprise too.


9 Responses

  1. So proud of you E’dearieee,you made it….i join my faith with you concerning your expectations..I’m personally happy about your (i see green project) because it concerns students like me..God bless

  2. Thank God for your life.
    Your Testimony is Sure In Jesus’ Name.
    I always learn something new every time I visit your blog. Thank you for the insights.
    Just learned to Pay it forward!
    Have a Fab month!

  3. Thank God for your life E.
    Your Testimonies are sure in Jesus’ name.
    You are such a blessing to this generation.
    I always learn something new every time I visit your blog.
    I’ve learnt to pay it forward today. Thanks for the insights.
    Have a fab month!

    1. Thanks darling
      God bless
      Missed you in the unit today
      Hope you good?
      I pray you get your testimonies even as you pay it forward
      Thanks love

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